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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's constantly updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Aug 10, 2020
Michael and Rachel Keesey are Amazon veterans and long time members of our Amazon Legends group.  Rachel was able to quit her nursing job to go full time in their Amazon business.  They drop some incredible wisdom in this episode about their Amazon journey. All resources mentioned on the podcast are at the podcast website
Our YouTube channel interview:
Amazon Legends $1 Trial -
Pre Q4 Amazon Quickstart -
Aug 7, 2020
Frank and Amy implemented what was taught in the Replens and Legends groups, but couldn't get past $45,000 in sales.....until they started outsourcing.  Now they're on pace to hit $100,000 per month by September! All resources mentioned on the podcast are at
Links :
The outsourcing and team building course
Proven Replen Course
Legends Group
Aug 3, 2020
What do a stroller, an eBay box and grace have in common? Come and find out - Today our guest host shares a bit of her story starting 17 years ago when her kids were toddlers. She shares three ways she has learned to include her children in her business. If you have children of any and all ages who are living busy life with you, you’ll want to listen in on strategies to get them involved. All resources mentioned found at
Proven Amazon Course -
KDP Course: Learn Amazon’s print on demand, self-publishing platform at
Jul 29, 2020
Today's guest is Oscar. He returns to update on his journey! Within 90 days he was selling $30K per month on Amazon, and now at the one year mark he's just passed the $500K mark! You'll love the strategies and encouragement that just flows from this guy- it's infectious! If you are looking for practical tips for Amazon selling success mixed in with plenty of motivation and encouragement, this episode is for you! All resources mentioned on the podcast are at
See the interview on our YouTube channel:
$1 Legends trial the coaching used by Oscar when he started. - the only course Oscar has ever used
Episode #218 was Oscar's first appearance on the show
Jul 24, 2020
Today's student has an incredible story. There's no hype, no slick tactics or pricey tools. His strategy is simply this, "learn the basics,  do the work and then build relationships". If that sounds too simple, we are sorry - it's all he's got! When Jeff was laid off from his job he had to scramble to find income as they burned through savings. He got started on Amazon using our PAC course, played around with a couple simple strategies and then quickly built an amazing business that should do $5million this year! You'll love hearing the journey!  Guest: Jeff Self - as always, other shows and all show notes can be found at
Listen on YouTube
This is the only course Jeff used.
The million dollar month post that Jeff shared in our Facebook group:
Jul 22, 2020
Today's guest said, "Four years ago I signed up for Jim Cockrum's coaching program starting from scratch with a $500 credit card." That's a direct quote from Cameron who recently shared in our Facebook group proof that he had built a $7million sales biz on Amazon! Today we will take you through his story of how he started out using his bed as his "prep center" but now has an amazing business story to share with us! Catch the resources
Watch the interview on our YT channel
The ONLY course you'll need to build an Amazon business: (includes ALL our Amazon training modules!)
The post in our Facebook group that lead us to contact Cameron:
Our live annual meet up:
RevSeller: The tool Cameron uses - get the best price at:
Jul 20, 2020
Welcome to all the new folks joining our community!
This is a great time to start a new business, but we know it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. In this episode Ryan chats with Honey Woods, who is a homeschool mom of 6 kids about how she started her business and the various ways there are to begin selling physical products online. Show notes and resource links mentioned are at
YouTube channel link
Proven Amazon Course -
Amazon Legends -
Pyramid of Inventory Sourcing
The outsourcing and team building course mentioned
MySilentTeam Facebook Group -
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episode #169 with Honey
Jul 15, 2020
Today's guests have seen their share of struggle on their way to building an amazing business using the ProvenAmazonCourse. They started out frustrated and unable to find profitable inventory, but now they say they literally "see deals everywhere" because of what they've learned. They even have family members and friends in other parts of the country who are doing the shopping for them and sending in inventory for them as their business soars! You'll learn several sourcing strategies as well as be encouraged by today's interview with Brian and Robin Olson. As always, get all links and show notes at
Check out the YouTube version of this interview at
Resources mentioned in this episode: : Our coaching program
Carolyn McFall (Book title on Amazon is "From Homeless to Homeowner") Episode #134
Oscar Mutumbo interviewed as a guest on this podcast: Episode #218
Payability - get paid faster by Amazon for a small fee (tell them we sent you!)
Legends group -
Prep Center Network - - the app that all replens sellers use
Brian's post in our Facebook Group that prompted this episode:
Jul 13, 2020
Today's guest went through a dark time about 6 years ago with his family struggling through loss. He was a teacher at the time and he became determined to build something positive out of the losses he and his wife had faced. One of the beautiful things that came from that dark time was Tim's ecommerce business including a thriving Amazon business selling his own sporting goods products as well as grocery! His business has expanded to include family on the team, and they are selling in other nations now as well. It's a story of triumph that will inspire you! All links to the show can be found at
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Jul 8, 2020
We talk a lot in this community about finding your audience first.
What if you want to turn something you're interested in or passionate about into income? Where do you find that audience?
In this episode Ryan chats with Jenni Hunt about some unexpected places to find your audience, serve them and engage with them.
Even if you sell physical products online then you'll want to tune in as the strategies discussed will help you find more people to serve with your products.
Don't have a course or a book to promote?  Earn extra money by becoming an affiliate for the Proven Amazon Course and other Silent Sales Machine Products and promote them using the strategy mentioned in this episode
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Jul 2, 2020
Today you'll meet a coaching student who has used the concepts from the ProvenAmazonCourse to build an incredible business that is on track to hit $800K this year.  He shares some powerful sourcing strategies that have never been shared before as well (like how he scouts for products using only!) This young couple started out selling books on Amazon, but they found it to be a grind. They transitioned to our "replens" model and began to build a stable business that has them setting their sites on being full-time working from home by early next year! Guest Brandon MIzell  Listen to all episodes at
What our episode on YouTube
Replens course only: (contains full replens course)
Keepa App
Jim mentioned a list of great selling items during Covid. Here's the list on our MST Facebook group. (You can join for free)
Jun 29, 2020
Today's guest has sold books on Amazon and played with dropshipping on Shopify,  but she didn't quite find the stability and sustainability that she'd been hoping for in those models. Eventually she discovered the course and jumped into our "Replens" module. She applied the simple process we teach and her first full month was a huge success and she quickly opened up her own "prep space" to get her business out of her house! Now she's excited to tell others about her journey. Her 16 year old son is starting to learn the business as well with his mom! Today's guest: Maria Hinton from Canada.
Our YouTube channel has this episode
Replens course (includes the option to join the private Replens Facebook group): (includes the full replens course as well as the option to join the private Replens Facebook group)
Jun 25, 2020

Today's guest has a job she loves and a wonderful family, but she's a serial entrepreneur and she has the Amazon bug! Today we meet JimCockrumCoaching student Leigha Modlin, and she shares her journey from selling products from estate sales, to books, and now on to our very popular "replens" Amazon model. You are going to enjoy hanging out with us today! As always, get all show and subscribe for new episode alerts at

Watch this interview on our YouTube channel

Jun 22, 2020
The right mindset has helped Christie overcome her challenges. Even multiple sclerosis Can't Stop Her from Building a 300k per year Amazon Business! If you're holding on to an excuse as to why you can't build an ecommerce business, then listen to this episode for inspiration.  Show notes are at
This interview can be viewed on our YouTube channel
Amazon Legends - the group that Christie credits for much of her success
$0 to $100K Replen Course - the "replens" strategy that Christie has used to build up her 300k per year business
Reminder: The course contains the full REPLENS course as well if you want all our training modules including our 101 course for newbies!
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Jun 19, 2020
Today we meet student Adam Chontos. His business has taken off as he looks to do $1million in sales in his first full calendar year. He shares the struggles of working full-time while building a business with his wife and other family members helping. It's a great story of determination and showing what's possible. All his strategies are from the course and the great coaches we assigned him. You'll love hearing about Adam and his beautiful family and business story! As always, all links and resources are available at
Our YouTube channel with today's episode
Lapin Keynote on YouTube 
Proven Amazon Course
Jun 17, 2020

"Bringing Dads Home" is a quote you'll hear from time to time around here and in today's episode you'll hear from yet another dad that left his job to pursue his Amazon business full time. Jason talks about the strategy he used to create a stable business that allowed him to make the leap away from his stressful job. Links and full descriptions are at

Jason's interview on our YouTube channel

Amazon Legends - the group that Jason credits for much of his success

$0 to $100K Replen Course - the strategy that Jason used to build a business that allowed him to quit his job

Jun 15, 2020
In this episode we brainstorm through the numerous ways you can grow an incredible business (and multiple income streams) using Amazon WITHOUT needing an Amazon account! It's an interesting challenge to think through, but our course has strategies inside it that require NO AMAZON ACCOUNT of your own! This is useful information for those who want to consider what other income streams they might launch besides selling on one AZ account, as well as for those who are facing an Amazon suspension issue. Suspensions do happen sometimes as discussed in episode #285, but 95% of the time the seller is reinstated. As always, get full show notes from - a module inside the course that teaches you to partner up with brands and products that need help selling on Amazon. Episode #286 featured a couple doing a lot of this (as do several other episodes) - find a partner to help you sell your products for you/with you.
Meet three Amazon suspension experts in podcast episode #285
As mentioned in the show, the Piercy's store in IL was looted but they regrouped fast:
Jun 12, 2020
After buying an expensive Amazon selling course from a company that went out of business, our guests today were a bit frustrated by the experience, but Kip and Wendy quickly found the course and the story changed fast! To make a long story short, they quickly ramped up and expect to see $750K in sales in 2020 after just a couple months of new strategy. You'll love meeting this kind, loving couple and hearing their encouraging story of success - and BIG plans for continued growth! Guests Wendy & Kip Sykes. As always, hear all other episodes at
This episode is on our YouTube channel
My Silent Team Facebook group - free, friendly and tons of great helpful information
Silent Sales Machine book - 10.0 (updated) : The course that teaches you the strategies used by Kip and Wendy in this episode 
Jun 9, 2020

Today's young couple are the latest success story from our coaching program and their only income is from the online strategies they've learned from our training and the course! Income streams include their own coffee brand that's doing well on a shopify site (they learned that from the coffee training module in the PAC), they sell many other RA/OA products on Amazon and have helped other brands and businesses get onto Amazon as well by helping businesses set up accounts and successfully sell online. They've left behind the jobs that weren't fulfilling to them and are on their way to having a $200,000 sales year in 2020 - and the sky is the limit from there! They have plenty of great lessons to share on how they did it! Show notes:

Watch on our YouTube channel: - the course they started with - the coaching program they talked about

My Silent Team Facebook - our free Facebook group

Join our affiliate program and get paid to tell others about us!

Jun 6, 2020
During the virus chaos there have been an unusual number of sellers who have complained about Amazon's fair price warnings and gouging issues. While this is a topic we've already discussed recently in other episodes, today I tracked down three of the top experts who can help us dive a bit deeper on the topic. Each of our guests today provide us with similar, but unique perspectives on the issue because each of them provide sellers with assistance if/when they are suspended or threatened with suspension by Amazon. You'll learn what products to avoid, when we think the chaos will end, and what your odds are of permanent account loss on today's episode. While it may not sound like an encouraging episode from this
description so far, it truly is once you know all the facts. Knowing the "rules of the game" gives you a big advantage!
See the video recording here.

Interview #1 - Lesley Hensell /Riverbend Consulting

Web site:


Phone: 877-289-1017


We have a lot of videos and links to blogs on our facebook page:

Interview #2: Scott Margolius / eCom Seller Tools


Phone number: 855-778-0077


Get  a quick quote:

Interview #3 -  Cynthia Stine / eGrowth Partners

Support Line: US: (972)432-6398

Support Email:


Here's the blog that Cynthia talked about fair pricing. "Federal fair pricing for Covid":

Here's a bunch of links and data Cynthia would like to pass-on: Florida's Price Gouging Statute:

Jun 3, 2020

Those who are building great businesses on Amazon right now all have something in common. In this short episode I help you figure out if you've got "IT". Can you solve this related brain teaser? There are two identical buckets sitting level in an open field positioned next to each other. Both are open to the sky with no obstructions nearby. It's been raining hard for hours, and while one bucket is full and overflowing with rain water, the other identical bucket is only partially full. How is this possible? The simple answer is a lesson in Amazon and online business success! Get all links and show notes at


My Silent Team Facebook group

Best selling course!

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May 28, 2020

A recent post in our free facebook group (we just passed 57,000 members!) was talking about mindset and it prompted me to record this. If you are struggling with having a business building mindset, you should try out the simple strategy I reveal in this episode. It's based on TIMELESS strategies that have worked for millions of successful business builders over thousands of years! It's not "wisdom from Jim" - it's "wisdom from the best selling book in world history"! Get all the links at

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LINKS to resources mentioned in the podcast: 

Episode #213 - poverty vs. abundance

Book: Thou Shall Prosper - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Book: Real Artists Don't Starve (Jim's thought on this title: If you make stuff that people want, you won't starve as an artist!)

Episode #50 - The things you'll have to unlearn before you'll succeed with a business - best selling Amazon seller training course in the world!

May 20, 2020

Our approach to helping you launch your own product with predictable success is unique in the industry. We suggest a "test small, fail small" strategy rather than the "go all in and go big" strategy. Today I explain why ESPECIALLY during the virus chaos, this is a far superior strategy that puts money in the bank faster, and protects you from losses. All links are at course - the only course you'll ever need. - our industry leading coaching program

MySilentTeam FB group just passed 57,000 members - Join us

This course teaches you how to find hidden winners among your top selling "retail flips".

(PPI) - (this full course is a module inside the collection of modules!) (this full course is a module inside the collection of modules!). Learn to launch your own brand!

May 18, 2020

Are you new to this podcast? You need this episode. Even if you've been around awhile, you need to pay attention for some great updates! We have many great FREE resources available to you to help you launch and grow multiple income streams with a focus on Amazon selling growth! Odds are you aren't aware of the free ways we can help.  You'll also hear about some exciting upcoming projects such as our new platform for sellers, our mask site and updates on our next live event. Get access to all links mentioned on this podcast at

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May 12, 2020
Imagine traveling full-time without a true "home base" and building multiple income streams online while you do so! Today we meet two of our coaching students who have been married 38 years and they are doing EXACTLY that - traveling full-time! Thanks to their online business they are mobile as they go where they must in order to help out sick family and their aging parents and visit the areas they want to see! They now have their own brands that sell well online, and they also do retail sourcing (also called RA or Retail Arbitrage). They are using our "Replens" strategies as well (our sourcing strategy that involves NO scanning of barcodes!) Enjoy hearing about their strategies, successes and failures along the way and how they continue to thrive even during the uncertainties of the virus challenges.
Guests: Gary and Gaye Moseley
Watch on YouTube: You Tube:
LINKS: : The "Replens" course that was used to help Gary and Gaye launch their RA (retails arbitrage) income : the course that includes dozens of training modules including including the Replens training : find a partner to help you "prep" your inventory to sell on Amazon
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