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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's recently updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Mar 27, 2017

We've sold millions of dollars of products in the past few months alone using some very simple strategies that we are going to tell you all about in this episode.  We've looked high and low and no one else is teaching anything remotely like this - probably because it's just not all that complicated!  Today we'll show you how short, simple, unedited videos that are created using any smartphone can lead you to the greatest asset you'll ever have - an audience who wants more!  Once you realize that there's no investment required - the opportunities are endless. Show notes are at

Text the word "jim" to 313131 to stay up to date on the PAF course and learn what we are learning on our projects! No more than two texts per month - opt out anytime.



Mar 22, 2017

Once you know how to identify what shoppers are looking for on Amazon, you'll have a much easier time getting into hot niche markets as a seller!  Today we talk with a guy who helped us build our 8 figure online selling empire! Billy Monnier is a coach with and one of our research experts who has uncovered multiple hot niche markets using our PPI ( system. 

As always, show notes can be found at!

Our PPP course

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


Mar 16, 2017

Today Jim conducted a POWERFUL coaching call and with permission he recorded it for us!   This recording contains everything from specific strategies for Amazon success to email marketing strategies and even an emotionally inspirational success story!  This episode has everything! Inspiration, instruction and a success story that you'll be sharing with your friends later because it's so powerful! For show notes go to 

Raul Jr's book Amazon link

YouTube Video for book promo: YouTube video

The course Raul Jr. took to learn to publish kid's books

The publishing service Jim owns

Proven Private Inventory course

Our email list building course


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Mar 14, 2017
"Hey Jim, Where should I start?!"  There are a lot of scams out there, and we get a lot of burned out and confused biz warriors who stumble into our community with that question on their mind.  In this super short episode Jim responds to the most common question we get in our community.  This isn't complicated - get started now and join the thousands of us in our free Facebook community who are building incredible businesses online - typically starting with Amazon!" As always, get all show notes at
Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Jim's best selling book Silent Sales Machine

Mar 8, 2017

Today Jim spoke with Nathan Hirsch who provides reliable eCommerce workers to hundreds of clients around the world. The topic is finding and hiring great outsource workers to help you grow your business and free up your time!Here are the websites mentioned in today's show:

Nathan's website

Episode 29 Team Building with Brett

Mar 2, 2017

If you've had ANY success in life (or failures!), if you have a story to tell, or if you've overcome any challenges, then you have a book in you!  The greatest business card you can ever have is a book! Today we talk about how easy self publishing has become because of the great tools we now have freely available to us.  There are also some great tips in this episode about growing your following, growing an email list, and marketing virtually any product, course or book the RIGHT way.  As always, show notes are at Guest: Greg Perry of

Show Notes
Grow a mailing list using eBay:
You Tube Video
Greg on CSPAN denouncing the American's with Disabilities Act: CSPAN Video

Feb 27, 2017

Our community has been exploding for the past decade, but we remain very "newbie" friendly. That means we welcome in those who are just getting started building their businesses online!

Today's show is for those who want an overview of what all we have to offer around here in the "Silent Sales Machine" community.

If you only want the free stuff, Jim tells you all about it!
If you are ready to spend a few dollars and check us out, we have a $5 option. If you are ready to go "all in" and become a coaching student with us, we'll talk about that too - and everything in between! Here are the websites mentioned in today's show:

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Jim's best selling book


Proven Private Label course

Also mentioned:

Episode #7 The three models we teach - an overview

Episode #19 If you are starting with no money and need help


Feb 23, 2017

You'll love this short story about giving away a million dollars! Plenty of great lessons in this short, but to the point episode! As always, get all show notes at

Proven Amazon Course

The book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


Feb 21, 2017

Getting started making money selling physical products is easy. Building a sustainable model however requires a roadmap. Today's show is that roadmap based on the experiences we've had coaching literally thousands of online sellers to success.  You'll start out "an inch deep and a mile wide", and if you choose to grow, you'll wind up "specializing" with multiple income streams to show for it! This episode really ties together several lessons from earlier shows - we hope you love it! As always, get all show notes at

30 sources of inventory to sell online (many free!) YouTube video​

Multiple income stream discussions
​Episode #4 Building Multiple Income Streams Online
Episode #7 Only Three Ways
Episode #8 From Losing Their Home to a Multiple Online Stream Income Empire

PPI (keyword research) discussions
Episode #2 How Brett Turned $400 into an 8 Figure Amazon Business
Episode #16 Spend $10 and Uncover Gold Mines
Episode #31 Unless You've Sold Tens of Millions on Amazon in Private Label Listen Up
Episode #32 Everything You Need to Know about Sourcing Wholesale to Sell Online

Episode #6 Making Your First $100 Online
Episode #28 Imagine High Profit Products Flying into Your Life on Autopilot
Episode #5 Is This the Lowest Hanging Fruit Model for Amazon Success?

Silent Sales Machine Book

Sourcing profitable products online

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Show Notes

Feb 15, 2017

It really can be amazingly simple to launch your own branded products (Private Label) on! We've sold a few hundred million dollars of private-label products on Amazon and have also successfully taught many others to do the same. In this show we "tell all!" We've also recently updated our system to cover the whole process. We can say now more than ever (with extreme confidence) that your success in private label doesn't have to be complicated! If you've been listening to the way PL has been taught by most "experts," you've probably overspent, overeducated yourself and gave up frustrated or worse yet lost a pile of cash! End the madness! Today we'll pull back the curtain and expose the simplicity of the PL model - and you'll be kicking yourself for ever thinking it was complex or expensive! As always, get all show notes at

The book Ryan bought for $1500

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Show Notes

Feb 13, 2017

Imagine having product after product on Amazon selling steadily at great profits WITHOUT competitors swooping in to crash the pricing!  On today's show Jim invited Teresa Rose, one of the best coaches to the studio to teach us all how to use simple Amazon searches to uncover countless hidden gold mines of opportunity!  We are taking all the guess work and mystery out of sourcing on today's show and we have hundreds of success stories and loads of examples to prove it!  You'll love this one!  As always, get all show notes at

Brett and I talking wholesale PPI episode 32

My Silent Team Facebook group

Merchant Words

The Wholesale Strategy videos from Teresa are in this course!
Proven Amazon Course

Our episode Step Away from the Keyboard SSMR episode 11

Feb 9, 2017

When it comes to the topic of getting suspended on Amazon as a seller, there are a lot of rumors, half-truths and legitimate precautions to consider.

If you'd like to learn how to avoid suspension, how to navigate a suspension if it ever happens, and how to improve your odds of reinstatement, we highly recommend Cynthia's book "Suspension Prevention". You can get a full free copy of the book inside the course, or grab it on Amazon by title.

In this episode we also talk about the new income replacement insurance that we are very excited to introduce to you. Get details here:

As always, get all show notes at

Get the 'Suspension Prevention' book free inside the - our private label course

Get a sample of Cynthia's 'Suspension Prevention' book here:

Feb 8, 2017

Have you ever been worried about your account getting suspended? Stop the worry! You can now insure yourself against income loss if you sell on Amazon (or eBay, Jet, etc.). Today we are talking about a brand new policy for online sellers that is a total NO BRAINER! The price is right, it ends any worry you might have about account loss, and it's easy to apply and get covered fast! Get full details on the policy at As always, show notes at

Join the Facebook discussion about account insurance Members: FREE Suspension Prevention eBook (full version)

FREE Suspension Prevention eBook for everyone (summary version):

Come hang out with Ashlin and Jim sometime if you live near Indianapolis! We have occasional live meetups!
Connect in the Local Facebook Group here.

Feb 6, 2017

Today Jim wants to talk about the most stable business you can possibly have online and he tells you exactly where to start based on having seen thousands of success stories in our community! You can get all show notes at is where you can see the video on how to subscribe

MySilentTeam Facebook Group Jim's $5 book "Silent Sales Machine"

Feb 3, 2017

The world of e-commerce is rapidly changing with opportunity everywhere! Let's hang out today with someone who has traveled the world getting to know Amazon executives and Amazon sellers in a way that gives him a very unique perspective on the future of ecommerce, private label, the impact of China & a whole lot more. We give away some great freebies on this episode today as well with special guest Mr. Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs - enjoy!

– Get Jeff's Free Book Here

Jeff's CES IV Presentation
Traits of a Successful Amazon Seller

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Feb 1, 2017

If you don't truly believe in the work you are doing you aren't alone. 80% of us don't find our work meaningful! Today we show you how to join the 20%! Today we had guest Dan Miller on the line. He's been a big influence on Jim and has helped him make several key decisions. He has also been a keynote speaker at our CES events ( We talk about how to discover your true calling, how to know when you've found it and several other exciting topics that will propel your business forward! One key tip about meaningfully befriending millionaires and working with them is HUGE! Look for it.

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Jan 30, 2017

There's no such thing as a business that is riding along safely at the same level long term. Growth is a vital part of ANY business effort. In this episode Jim dives into 10 of the most exciting things we have planned for you in 2017 to help you grow your online business and add more income streams! Topics discussed include more updates and additions to our best selling course and details about our Sept 2017 live event (Tickets will go on sale in Spring 2017 - Get details at

OfflineBiz Facebook Group

How to join our Affiliate Program

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Jan 26, 2017

We've sold tens of millions of dollars in wholesale goods across numerous product categories on Amazon and eBay. We've also taught thousands how to do it themselves...and it's NOT complicated. Sourcing wholesale is a topic of confusion for many people, but not for those who have our course! In this one episode Brett and Jim take on the challenge of sharing EVERYTHING they know on the topic of wholesale sourcing in a single episode. If that sounds a little far fetched, it means you really need to hear what they have to say!

If you are stuck in "product sourcing mode" or if you think that success on Amazon is all about the constant search for profitable products, think again. It's way easier than that and we have plenty of proof!

As always - show notes are at

Facebook conversation for this episode

Episode 2: How Brett turned $400 into an 8-figure Amazon business

Episode 16: Spend $10 & uncover gold mines. A chat with my 8 figure selling partner Brett Bartlett

Episode 31: Unless you've sold tens of millions in private label on Amazon listen up!


Jan 25, 2017

Have you sold tens of millions of private label products in multiple niche markets on Amazon yet? We have - and it's not complicated. Two of the hottest topics in the online selling world right now are "Private Label" products & the fear of account suspension. Today we put both those issues into perspective. We are so excited about the launch of an insurance policy that provides replacement insurance for any Amazon or online sellers who face a suspension issue! As always - get show notes and other details here:

Account Suspension Insurance Inquiry

Facebook post on Amazon Account Suspension Insurance

Episode #2: How Brett Turned $00 Into An 8-Figure Amazon Business

Episode #16: Spend $10 & Uncover Gold Mines

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Jan 23, 2017

If you know how to sell stuff on Amazon or eBay - or if you have some basic internet business skills, then you are sitting on a gold mine that you probably don't even recognize is there! You see, 98% of the population has no clue about how online business works, but everyone around you KNOWS that online business is the future of commerce. Without building a website, without learning any new "techie" skills and without even getting a business card for yourself you could quickly have paying clients using ONLY the strategies that we teach in this episode. Today Jim invites a friend of his who started on eBay and now has hundreds of paying clients around the world! This is an episode that we probably could have charged a lot of money for! You are going to love it! Special guest: Mike LeMoine - aka Fireman Mike.

Free access to the OfflineBiz Facebook Group – Membership website for marketers to help small businesses

Mike LeMoine's Maverick Web Marketing

Mike's CES IV PresentationHow Local Marketers Hurt Themselves – the book that gets you Jim's $97 email marketing course for free

Jan 20, 2017

If you want a business that is bigger than you are, you are going to need a team. Any business that is a "one man show" is severely limited and easily crushed without notice. Do you have a team yet? Do you know where to start? Do you need help managing your team? This episode is for you. Jim and Brett talk about their 8 figure online business and share what they've learned about building virtual teams in this episode.

It's never too early to start thinking intentionally about your team growth, and it's not expensive at al because the right people make you money - they don't cost you money! The courses & training we talk about in the Silent Sales Machine Radio can easily be passed to qualified partners who do the work for you. You could find yourself growing very rapidly as a result using proven ideas!

PPI LA Workshop

MySilentTeam Facebook Group (Deep discount: Only $7)

Jan 18, 2017

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to have high profit products flowing into your Amazon/eBay or online selling business using an automated system?  Today's show guest is my partner Brett Bartlett & we talk about how one of the most reliably high profit margin strategies can be fully automated and exactly what types of items you can be looking for - that are right under your nose!  We are always building better systems around here, so if you like automating your income stick around to the end of this one for some incredible ideas!

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Amazon is shutting down RA & OA! Is it time to panic?

Is this the end of retail arbitrage?

Silent Sales Machine book

Jan 16, 2017

Do you ever feel like there are more opportunities and good business ideas out there than you even have time to investigate? I can help! After helping thousands of entrepreneurs and online business building warriors like you since 2002 we've detected some patterns on how and why many of us wind up on dead ends. Many of us leap before we ask the most important basic questions about all those "good ideas" we run into. Today I have seven basic questions for you - ask them all before you leap!

As always - show notes are at

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

  1. Is this a good fit for your current budget, schedule, talents, experience and connections?
  2. Will you be creatively serving others if you pursue this model? Is it something you’ll be proud to associate with?
  3. Does my spouse or the people who know me best think it’s a good fit for me?
  4. Are there others doing well with this model that I can follow? What’s their success rate? Are they available to answer questions and help me?
  5. Are there major trends or outside forces that make this a good/bad idea?
  6. Can it be expanded, automated or lead to other bigger and better income streams as it grows?
  7. Is the opportunity cost unrealistic? In other words, What do I have to give up to pursue this?
Jan 12, 2017

This episode is a short discussion of 16 of the top moments from our Facebook group in 2016! A link to each of the 16 topics is below for your easy reference (you'll need to join our free facebook group in order to access these links - click any link below to request free access to the group!)

The below notes each have a link to the corresponding discussion mentioned in today's show. Join the discussion on any topic!

1) She announced in 2015 that she would build her Amazon biz and get her first home in 2016- and did it…after being homeless!

2) Our own Michael Brown of Death Wish coffee won a paid in full SUPER BOWL AD yesterday thanks in no small part to the votes of the MySilentTeam Facebook community! Full story at

3) If a disabled single mom with $200 and some junk in the garage can do this, so can you!! Lisa has kept us up to date this year on “her story” It’s worth the read….all 5 “Chapters”

part 1 – Jan 2016

part 2 – March 2016

part 3 – August 2016

part 4 – September 2016

Part 5 – December 2016

4) A friend in the UK shares how he finds stuff to sell online for nice profits:

5) A member thanks the MST community and shares what they were able to do for Christmas because of the biz strategies they learned here:

6) He is my heart, my purpose, my motivation, 16 years old, autistic, non verbal. I need to leave him a large trust fund.”

7) How I do my wholesale planning – Everything I plan to buy from a supplier I map it out into a spreadsheet like this so I know what to expect after the product has been ordered.

8) I just bought $500+ worth of stuff that will easily flip to $1000 net within a couple months. This happened about an hour ago. For those who say RA is hard, I gotta ask… Compared to what?

9)This simple report can be pulled down in a matter of seconds from Amazon and you can know what the “MOST VIEWED” items are among the hundreds or even thousands of items you’ve sold on Amazon.

10) Silent Sales Machine Radio podcast launched in 2016! Jim was asked to be the first ever keynote speaker at ASD in 2016. We recorded it and made it the opening episode of our new podcast at The show passed the 100K download mark in just over 6 weeks!

11) Would you like to be set for life with a business model that will ALWAYS be vital, scalable and profitable? It’s this simple: Find products that become more valuable by merely moving them from a place of slow movement and low value to a different location where they are more highly valued and/or moving more quickly.

12) Popular discussion about opening a wholesale account:

13) The best 15 second “Amazon private label” advice ANYONE has EVER given you in three steps:

14) A discussion about our coaching program. “I am considering using Jim Cockrum’s coaching program. If anyone has or is using this program, would you tell me of your experience with it?”
(also listen to podcast episode #13 to help decide if you need coaching)

15) The best advice I would give to someone starting to explore earning income online is (great community participation on this one!):

16) An email we received after one member noticed another member in need of a boost:
“I am not rolling in cash but I feel moved to offer to buy the PAC for ***** please – and my only request is that they Pay it forward sometime in the future – i do not want them to know who I am.”

UPDATE: The “stranger/student” WENT TO WORK and then WENT PUBLIC as he posted his results! He’s doing great (proof below) & we invited the “giver” to attend our live 2016 CES event free. She came! All the way from Ireland!

Jan 10, 2017

What are the key traits we've observed over and over again among those who continue to grow their online businesses consistently to new levels? Is there any such thing as "enough success" in an online business where you can simply coast and relax? What does each stage look like as your business grows and what does it take to get to each new level?

Jim talks about all that and more in this episode!

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Amazon is shutting down RA & OA! Is it time to panic?

Is this the end of retail arbitrage?

OfflineBiz Facebook Group

CES V Conference – Orlando 2017

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