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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's recently updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Nov 25, 2016

I've been teaching online business success strategies since 2000 and I've figured something out. There are only THREE ways to make money online -and there's ONE great way to tell if ANY business idea is potentially a winning idea. Enjoy this "mini" episode that could save you from a lot of trouble, and help you build incredible income streams while leading a better life! buy the Kindle version on Amazon for $5

Nov 22, 2016

If you are new to making money online, or if you've tried and failed so far, this episode is for you. Our goal together is simple. Together we WILL put $100 profit in the bank! If you want more detail on any of this after listening, please email us and we'll get you help!

Part 1: Where NOT to start 0:00

Part 2: Why listen to my team and I? 39:00

Part 3: Let's put some cash in the bank! 45:07

Silent Sales Machine – the book that launched this podcast. It's only $5 on Amazon here

Email marketing - Our email course is FREE if you purchase Jim's "Silent Sales Machine" book! - one of Jim's favorite email marketing tools that he's used for years

Nov 17, 2016

We are excited about a course we created with book selling pro Bryan Young! Bryan's business is so impressive because it's FULLY AUTOMATED - most days his only "work" is that he checks his sales numbers! Listen to this podcast as Bryan inspires and informs you about the huge opportunity of selling books on Amazon.