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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's constantly updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Apr 7, 2020
Today's guest is two years into his journey of building multiple income streams. Formerly he worked long, hard hours at a restaurant, but he decided one day that he was ready to start building his OWN dreams instead of the dreams of owner of the restaurant where he worked. He used JUST ONE module of our course to launch his incredible multiple income stream business - and today you'll hear him talk about just how different and beautiful his life is now with his wife and daughter enjoying having him HOME! Guest Robert Schroth - get all links and resources at
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Watch this episode on our YouTube channel here: The module inside the course that teaches you to fully take advantage of Amazon's paid ads to FIND great niche opportunities as well as maximize your marketing dollars Learn to help the millions of businesses and products that either aren't on Amazon yet, or are performing poorly on Amazon. Robert used this content to build his business. This course can be bought on its own, or can be purchased as juts one of the many modules inside the course. - our comprehensive Amazon selling course that just gets better and better over time! Currently you get complete full, unlimited access for only $29 per month. If you sign up for access, you can also GIFT full access to ANYONE you'd like!
Apr 6, 2020
I recorded this episode on the say I had my most recent call with the office of a VP at Amazon to discuss GOUGING & FAIR PRICING issues. Also, our virtual live event on Tuesday next week (Apr7th) is FREE if you are a coaching student! It's HEAVILY discounted if you are a student - join us!! Details here: Get your discount code by emailing All sessions will be recorded for easy access after the event if you miss sessions. Also, we are setting sales records and need more "essentials" if you have them! We are selling these on our own websites. If you have BULK access to fast moving essentials - contact us! Show notes at
Discuss this episode here (it's a facebook post as well):
Our virtual event starts Tuesday the 7th!
Our REPLENS course is producing incredible results - get the massive discount here:
Apr 2, 2020
We are seeing day after day of new records and success stories! Two semi trucks FULL of product per week hitting our warehouse - and that's just ONE of our products. Many BRAND NEW sellers are getting started and posting excited success stories too! Even our kids are "in the biz" too - we are thriving through this corona situation and we want that for you as well. There are so many incredible success stories in our community right now- are in you the game?! Show notes at - our replens course is 90% off! this course INCLUDES the replens course and dozens of other incredible modules to ensure you build incredible multiple streams of income on Amazon! Snag it now during our LOWEST PRICE EVER of just $29 per month. You get instant full access and can cancel anytime.
My Silent Team Facebook group - our list of prep centers to help you ship your products!
Mar 28, 2020
Even in this challenging time, so many incredible people from our rapidly growing community are finding creative ways to SERVE and thrive unlike ever before! Be encouraged! There are many ways to serve well and grow during this time and we are here to help you overcome your challenges - so many great options are available to you.
Join the discussion of this episode here (you'll be prompted to join our FREE Facebook group):
Amazon recent FBA changes (they aren't taking some items temporarily). We have several solutions! Here's the discussion: : Find a prep or fulfillment partner to prep and or ship your sold items to your customers for you!
Gouging discussion on Amazon - what we are doing about it:
Scroll through 500+ recent success stories for encouragement! (also check out the " Success" topic tag in our Facebook group!
The massive ASD trade show in Las Vegas was canceled - but we are still getting together virtually! Get updates here:
and here: is now $29/month (includes all Amazon seller training modules including REPLENS, WHOLESALE, PRIVATE LABEL, ProvenProductPartnering - all of it!)
Bonus - if you know someone who could use a hand generating income online, you can give them free six month access if you are a student if you take advantage of this new monthly pay opportunity! : Here's a great testimonial from just today for our coaching program->
More updates soon!
Mar 25, 2020
Once again we demonstrate that online business opportunity is alive and well! Even in uncertain times such as the current virus scare, you can build an incredible business as my incredible guest proves today! Today you'll meet a single mom who is successful, confident and positive! Single mom Honey Woods homeschools her six kids aged 3-11 and is quite simply an amazing mom and business leader as you'll soon see. What's her source of confidence and strength? She shares it openly today along with powerful business lessons!  Youtube - to hear all other episodes
LINKS: : Our July 2020 conference in Florida
Mar 18, 2020
Today I get to interview my son Trey. He's 20 and he's built an incredible business applying the same principles we teach in our community. He's debt free, lives on his own in a great apartment and his business goal for 2020 is a $100K sales month (very high margins!) And get this - even though his dad (me) runs the number one Amazon seller training team in the world, Trey's business has literally NOTHING to do with seeing physical products online! All links available at
We are also excited to announce the launch our group as well in this episode. If you are looking to spend time with business building warriors who are making things happen, you should consider joining this virtual mastermind group! The website has details. 
Youtube episode view here:
The last time Trey was on the show was episode #212 at
A link to the discussion about this episode on Facebook : Our July 2020 event in Florida - the book that introduces the three biz models we teach the new mastermind concept we are launching soon! Sing up for notifications and details on that page!
Mar 13, 2020
He served his country and now faces down PTSD while building an incredible business. Today you'll meet Karl Jacobi. He has an inspirational story to share about his journey the past four years on his way to building an incredible business selling on Amazon. All show notes at
Replens Training: The course is found here:
In this course you'll learn to find replenishable (easy repeat sales) products all around you - without ever scanning a barcode! This course (in full) is included in the course along with dozens of other powerful modules for new sellers and experienced sellers alike. (The Proven Amazon Course is also called "PAC")
The Replen Tracking software Karl mentions:
On Location Replens Training: - we will come to your hometown and step you through the process of getting your business set up, finding 100's of profitable items unique to you, and ensuring you can do it all yourself before we leave! Check it out!
Replens podcast episodes: Hear past podcast episodes about "replens" in show #242 & #259
CamelCamelCamel & Keepa : tools used by many sellers to track pricing changes on Amazon products to help ensure only profitable inventory is purchased. Learn to use tools like these in our course or Replens course.
CES aka event : Our big annual event was called CES for the first several years, now it's called "The Proven Conference" - we hope to see you in Florida in July 2020 at our next event! Visit the site for details! Our guest Karl will be there along with hundreds of listeners to this show!
Prep Center: Karl and dozens of others in our community own "prep centers". This means you can have your inventory shipped to them and they can "prep" it for Amazon for you! This is especially useful for those who want to sell on Amazon US from outside of the US. Get details on our prep center network here: : our "fourth quarter" groups where we help sellers take full advantage of the busiest selling season of the year each year. All the training from these groups goes into the course at the conclusion of the training. Members typically pay $400 to participate and it's very popular each Fall.
Private Label : the training we have in our course that teaches you to find and source your own products you can sell under your own brand on Amazon.
Legends: Visit for details on membership and benefits
PPP or : Helping brands you don't own navigate the Amazon marketplace is VERY lucrative - and it costs you nothing with zero risk to get into this model! This full course is included inside the course as yet another incredible module!
Mar 9, 2020
The only income our family of seven has had for over 17 years is our online selling income. This episode is for the skeptic. If you are new around here, you'll want to hear this episode. For those listeners who have been around awhile and have already started your path towards building an amazing business, please share this episode with a friend who could use a boost of confidence about using the internet creatively to launch or grow multiple income streams. They will thank you for it!  This is a short episode that introduces the listener to the opportunities that are right under our nose as we plow into 2020! 
Our free 55,000 member Facebook group with loads of success stories and free resources: - the $5 book that started it all. Read by over a million business building warriors around the world with 1000s of success stories to its credit. - the best selling step-by-step course that has helped 1000s around the world launch incredible businesses on Amazon
Our support team address:
Mar 5, 2020
Because I've had a virtual front row seat to watch 1000s of successful business building warriors build great businesses over the years, I've had a chance to learn some incredibly valuable lessons about what makes some fail and others succeed. One of those lessons is that it's just not that complicated to learn one or both of the basic skills that ensure your long term success and income stability. I'm confident that these two skills represent the most secure and stable income situation you could possibly have in business! That's a big statement, but the facts back me up on this one! Show notes - the best selling course in the world with more testimonials by far than any other Amazon seller course. For newbies and million dollar sellers alike! - the $5 book that started it all
My Silent Team Facebook group - Get support with lots of other sellers - our July 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida
Mar 2, 2020
We last met today's guest a couple of years ago back in episode #90 of the Silent Sales Machine Radio show (
Back then he was establishing himself as a success story in our community and he had quite a story to share! Today Abe Ortolani is an established leader and coach on our team with hundreds of students in the program as well as numerous clients with brands he's helped launch. His advice to newbies? Get started and learn as you go - the opportunity is real!  It's worth going back to hear episode #90 (Abe's first appearance on this show) once you hear today's update! Watch this episode on YouTube here:
LINKS: - our July 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida (contains the PPP module and the "replens" training)
PPP sold separate here:
Replens training sold here:
Meet Abe and much of our coaching/branding team at ASD in March in Las Vegas! Details here:
Feb 26, 2020
If you sell on Amazon using various retail, online or wholesale sourcing strategies it's probably only a matter of time before you get an IP complaint or "cease and desist" complaint regarding one of the products you are selling. Should you panic? Should you ignore it? How can you know if it's legit? Today's show will teach you all you need to know about this topic! The bottom line is, the rules, laws and tide is on our side as sellers and we can help you move ahead with confidence! Today's guest is Greg Purdy.
Links: - now you can know BEFORE you buy a product if you are likely to get IP complaints or not! - the best selling course in the world with more testimonials by far than any other Amazon seller course. For newbies and million dollar sellers alike!
Watch this episode on youtube here
Feb 21, 2020
Imagine living behind your mom's garage at the age of thirty and trying to save a struggling business. Imagine a few short years later you have the #4 best selling grocery product (among millions) on and your product is in 10,000 retail stores. That's Mike's story - you'll love this episode. Be sure to join Mike, his team from Death Wish Coffee and hundreds of your fellow listeners to this podcast in Boca Raton Florida in July 2020 at event!
See this episode on YouTube here:
The first time Mike was on our show was episode #9 of this podcast. Go back and listen to it for the incredible back story to Mike's journey. - the book Mike referenced and thanked when asked what he credits for helping him build his business : Today's guest Mike Brown is going to be joining us in the soon to launch mastermind along with my partner Brett, my son Trey and the director of our coaching program, Nathan Bailey! : Our July 2020 event in Florida. Mike will be there with his team! Join us!
Feb 19, 2020
Are you ignoring the lowest hanging fruit strategies for short term and long term success on Amazon and online in general? In this episode I share some clues to look for that help you know that you might be listening to some of the wrong voices when it comes to finding success online. We have 1000s of success stories to back up our approach, and we have a far higher success rate than those teaching outdated strategies. Today I'll explain the difference between going "EAST" on your journey into Amazon success and going "WEST". Also discussed - our "mattress" opportunity and an update on our concept. Show links are at
The Facebook post that prompted today's episode: : The service we are offering to help you sell your products to our massive buyer list
Recent webinar Brett and I did with updates on ProvenPromoList and our Mattress opportunities:
The upcoming mattress live event/webinar details:
Past episodes of this podcast about PPI: 2,16,31,32,40 - the ONLY course you'll ever need to stay on the cutting edge of Amazon selling (free lifetime updates and new modules) - can we come to your hometown and teach you to find dozens of profitable items daily without scanning any barcodes?
Our Free 55K member facebook group: : Our July 2020 event in Florida - the $5 book that started it all
Feb 17, 2020
There will be times where you struggle to get motivated. How do you overcome that? Also - a short audio clip from our special needs son that will hopefully make you smile and fire you up - and finally, a special announcement about a big date and big opportunity that's coming your way (see links in show notes for details as well)
The webinar about our new local retail "mattress" opportunity is discussed in our Facebook group here:
The event on Feb 20th to get more details about the mattress opportunity:
Have any questions? Contact our support team: the $5 book that started it all - the best selling "how to sell on Amazon" course in the world!
Feb 13, 2020
We have been offering a training program for a few weeks now where we FLY TO YOUR HOMETOWN and step you through setting up your Amazon business and finding virtually unlimited, incredibly profitable repeat sale products right on the shelves of any/all local retailers! We've found nearly 1,000 different products so far with the first 10 students without ANY barcode scanning! Today we check in with the leader of this new program to hear how it's going! All links at
YouTube: : The "fly to your town" program we discuss on today's show :  The stand alone course that teaches you to find replens - the comprehensive course that includes the replens training along with thousands of dollars of other training modules at a tiny fraction of the combined valued! (plus, all students of the PAC get FREE lifetime updates as we add new modules!)
The last time Jimmy was on our podcast was episode #242. Listen to that show to learn more about highly profitable "replens"
If you can't quite afford the $7000+ to have us come to your hometown? How about an online live one-on-one coach instead! Call us at
Feb 12, 2020
Today's guest has been a successful entrepreneur for a few decades. He's launched several successful businesses without one of them failing! What's his secret? He swears by the power of masterminds! You'll enjoy hearing how Aaron and Jim have both benefited from surrounding themselves with creative, like minded co-travelers as they've journeyed through the challenges and triumphs of business and life. See this episode on youtube (link in show notes). Get all links and resources at
YouTube: - Aaron's "how to launch a mastermind" course - My (Jim Cockrum's) mastermind that's launching in 2020 - our July 2020 conference in Florida
Aaron's book: View From The Top (find it on
Feb 10, 2020
Today we meet a mom who has been selling online for a few years, and who now uses Amazon as the exclusive income source for her family.  She started out trying to replace her 20 hour per week hourly income working in retail, and has now gone full time! She went from making her first inventory purchase at Walmart in the discount aisle, to launching her own brand and learning some tough lessons along the way. You'll be inspired by her journey! Guest Cindy Jones. Get all show notes and all other episodes of our show at - Also look for this episode on youtube using the link below
Watch this episode YouTube video
Feb 5, 2020
What's it like to have your mom as your office manager? That's who runs things around here, and she has some great advice about Amazon, Internet business, blending family with business and much more. Mom has been working with me for eight years now, so enjoy this peek behind the curtain with this invaluable leader in our community! All episodes are available at, but this episode along with some others are also available on youtube! Link below.
Links Find a prep center or join our mastermind of prep centers - our July 2020 Florida event for this community
Check out this episode on youtube here:
The Gathering Storm : a great
video series by Daniel Lapin about where family fits into your life and business
Feb 3, 2020
Over the past 20 years I've seen it all. I've seen the most unsuspecting people thrive and build incredibly profitable and fulfilling businesses, and I've watched the most capable give up because of one of the pitfalls that I list in today's episode. Observing literally 1,000's of businesses has given me an advantage. Over time I've detected obvious patterns and I have some insights to share on these timeless, crucial lessons. Avoid the list of pitfalls that I share in this episode, and you'll stay on the road to financial success as a business building warrior! These are timeless lessons and strategies that will serve us all well if we embrace each concept. : Our July 2020 event in Florida with nearly 1,000 listeners to this show attending
The best selling course in the world about Amazon selling success with more success stories than any other and free updates for life!
the $5 book that started it all
PPP module inside the course is also found separately at
Send your friends to hear our free podcast at
Jan 30, 2020
Isolation is quite possibly the biggest ENEMY of success that you'll face when building your online business. You simply can not do this alone. event is here to save the day! Our community becomes like a year round virtual family to so many who get plugged in to our events. Each year for the past seven years we've sold out our event and this year looks to be yet another huge success. In today's episode I share WHO should attend live events, what types of events you should attend and then I share what makes our "Proven Conference" one of (if not THE) top event in the world for Internet based business building warriors - especially those who are using Amazon as part of their business strategy! Newbies and experienced sellers alike consider our conference (formerly called the CES conference) the MUST ATTEND "multiple income streams" event of the year. In this episode I'll share why. This event is NOT a "pitch fest" like so many other Internet business events. Instead, it's a content packed, relationship building, business boosting event that will change your life forever. Show notes at
We will see you in Florida July 21-23 2020 at event! HURRY - temporary "fast action" discount prices are now in effect! - Our July 21-23 2020 event and livestream details (livestream details will be posted closer to the time of the event) - the $5 book that started it all
Recent episodes of our podcast that showcase sessions from our most recent 2019 "" event -
episodes  #243, 234 & 219 at You can also SEE a video of episode #234 on YouTube here:
Get details on our "Proven Promo List
" project here:
Facebook group for the event (anyone attending or CONSIDERING attending event can join this free facebook group!):
Jan 28, 2020
In today's episode I go over some of the new opportunities we are working on for 2020, a few business growth lessons we've learned and I talk about the timeless lessons I've learned about going FAST and ALONE vs. going STRONG/SECURE with a team when building your business online. Show notes are at
My Silent Team Facebook group
Proben Amazon Course
Silent Sales - discount tickets on sale currently
Jan 23, 2020
Lisa Larson is now a leader in our community but she started with just $200 a few years ago. She has now built several successful income streams using Amazon. Her knowledge of bundling, online sourcing and many other strategies makes her an invaluable resource in our community. You'll love this encouraging episode! All notes at
Lisa's Amazon listing optimization process: 
Our bundling course: This module is included in the course and is sold separately
Our Coaching Program can be found here:
KDP course: : Create low content books rapidly! This course has recently been added to the course, but it's also for sale separately. : Our July 21-23 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida
Get notification of our live shows on Facebook here:
This episode is on youtube!
Jan 21, 2020
With thousands of successful business building warriors in our community, I have some observations to make. There are three things that virtually every one of the most successful members of our community have in common! In this short episode I explain each of the three, and there's a BIG announcement as well about the pending price increase of the course, which makes NOW the best opportunity you'll ever have to grab it! Sow notes at
LINKS: contains all the below modules!
- Proven Private Label 3.0
- Proven Bundling Course 2.0
- Trade Show No Show
- Proven Product Partnering 2.0
- - our July 21-23 2020 conference
- The Proven Conference UK 2019 videos
- Proven Shopify Course 1.0
- KDP Course - see our most recent facebook success stories - our world class coaching team ready to offer you one-on-one assistance
Jan 16, 2020
Imagine building a great team and a big number business online only to lose it all fairly quickly, and then rebuilding it all again better than ever! That's the story of today's guest. Fred McKinnon has seen it all over 20 years of online selling, and you'll be inspired and learn some incredible diversification strategies that can help any business building warrior build a more sustainable income.  If you are looking for stability and long term success in your business and life, you'll love this episode! Show notes are at (this course is included in full inside the or sold separate on that page) - the best selling course in the world about Amazon selling success with more success stories than any other and free updates for life!
The drop ship episode that Fred and Jim talk about can be found here: episode #161
The "super power" episode that Jim talks about towards the end of this show can be found here: episode #236 - Join us in July 2020 in Boca Raton Florida! Listeners to this show from around the world are heading to Florida!
Fred's song that he wrote just for our community - the $5 book recently voted the all-time best book for beginner online sales! 
Jan 13, 2020
What are those things you wish you'd learned sooner regarding running an Amazon selling business? Today we discuss many of those core lessons!  Too often, it's human nature to learn only by making mistakes, but if we are wise, we take time to learn from the missteps of others and save ourselves some heartache, lost time and lost money!  Today's episode is inspired by a popular recent discussion that happened in our free, private Facebook group.  Several basic lessons are unveiled in this episode. All told, this episode could easily put $1,000s in your pocket very quickly! As always, all links can be found at - also, contact our support team at
LINKS: - the only Amazon selling course you'll ever need (no upsells!) - our massive buyer list. Watch the webinar on this website for info! - a podcast episode and training about tracking your numbers
Episode about shopping ONLY at Target: episode #201 - our replens training course
The post that started this discussion in our free Facebook group:
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