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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's constantly updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Jun 3, 2020

Those who are building great businesses on Amazon right now all have something in common. In this short episode I help you figure out if you've got "IT". Can you solve this related brain teaser? There are two identical buckets sitting level in an open field positioned next to each other. Both are open to the sky with no obstructions nearby. It's been raining hard for hours, and while one bucket is full and overflowing with rain water, the other identical bucket is only partially full. How is this possible? The simple answer is a lesson in Amazon and online business success! Get all links and show notes at


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May 28, 2020

A recent post in our free facebook group (we just passed 57,000 members!) was talking about mindset and it prompted me to record this. If you are struggling with having a business building mindset, you should try out the simple strategy I reveal in this episode. It's based on TIMELESS strategies that have worked for millions of successful business builders over thousands of years! It's not "wisdom from Jim" - it's "wisdom from the best selling book in world history"! Get all the links at

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LINKS to resources mentioned in the podcast: 

Episode #213 - poverty vs. abundance

Book: Thou Shall Prosper - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Book: Real Artists Don't Starve (Jim's thought on this title: If you make stuff that people want, you won't starve as an artist!)

Episode #50 - The things you'll have to unlearn before you'll succeed with a business - best selling Amazon seller training course in the world!

May 20, 2020

Our approach to helping you launch your own product with predictable success is unique in the industry. We suggest a "test small, fail small" strategy rather than the "go all in and go big" strategy. Today I explain why ESPECIALLY during the virus chaos, this is a far superior strategy that puts money in the bank faster, and protects you from losses. All links are at course - the only course you'll ever need. - our industry leading coaching program

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This course teaches you how to find hidden winners among your top selling "retail flips".

(PPI) - (this full course is a module inside the collection of modules!) (this full course is a module inside the collection of modules!). Learn to launch your own brand!

May 18, 2020

Are you new to this podcast? You need this episode. Even if you've been around awhile, you need to pay attention for some great updates! We have many great FREE resources available to you to help you launch and grow multiple income streams with a focus on Amazon selling growth! Odds are you aren't aware of the free ways we can help.  You'll also hear about some exciting upcoming projects such as our new platform for sellers, our mask site and updates on our next live event. Get access to all links mentioned on this podcast at

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May 12, 2020
Imagine traveling full-time without a true "home base" and building multiple income streams online while you do so! Today we meet two of our coaching students who have been married 38 years and they are doing EXACTLY that - traveling full-time! Thanks to their online business they are mobile as they go where they must in order to help out sick family and their aging parents and visit the areas they want to see! They now have their own brands that sell well online, and they also do retail sourcing (also called RA or Retail Arbitrage). They are using our "Replens" strategies as well (our sourcing strategy that involves NO scanning of barcodes!) Enjoy hearing about their strategies, successes and failures along the way and how they continue to thrive even during the uncertainties of the virus challenges.
Guests: Gary and Gaye Moseley
Watch on YouTube: You Tube:
LINKS: : The "Replens" course that was used to help Gary and Gaye launch their RA (retails arbitrage) income : the course that includes dozens of training modules including including the Replens training : find a partner to help you "prep" your inventory to sell on Amazon
May 8, 2020
Possibly the biggest challenge Amazon sellers are facing during this time of unprecedented opportunity is Amazon's confusing algorithms regarding "fair pricing".  Bottom line: Being informed is being well armed for the battle! There are huge possibilities for "multiple streams of income" right now! We have options for you and some specific advice on today's episode. Hang tough - things will return to normal soon, but in the meantime here's how you weather the storm! All show notes at
Should we launch our own seller platform for some qualified sellers? Let's chat about it!
Gouging discussion - how to send us your example: - look for the link to our affiliate program and sewing program if you want to get paid to be part of this biz model!
Discussion about our plan to launch our own platform for home essentials:
May 5, 2020
If you want to be positioned very well for any challenge or opportunity that comes your way, there are two questions that will serve you very well! Today I tell you those two "magic questions" and reveal why they work so well. Our business is ramping up rapidly on the foundation that we've built on these two simple questions! All links are found at
Daniel Lapin Keynote from Proven Conference 2019:
Business Secrets From the Bible book:
ASD Videos from our recent "virtual event"
May 1, 2020
The world has changed quite a bit recently, but with that change has come some incredible opportunities for online business building warriors. Business, and the landscape of online business has NEVER BEEN BRIGHTER. If you are up for it,  let's sit down with a cup of coffee and discuss what's really working well RIGHT NOW and where things are heading in my opinion. Regardless of if you are brand new to online selling, or if you've been around awhile, I have some exciting news for you today!
All notes and links at
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Proven Amazon Course
Our comprehensive Amazon selling course
Our course teaching you how to find inventory that sells over and over
Apr 24, 2020
In the face of global change, there's massive opportunity! We are still seeing high six and even seven figure days in our business! How can you identify the hotspots of opportunity? How do you keep a proper mindset that can identify opportunity? How can you partner up with us? Do you know someone who needs a $20 per hour job? We are hiring hundreds of people right now! Share this episode with those who need it! 
Family Face Mask Affiliate Link - Facebook post with instructions in how to get your link
Family Face Mask Sewing Link  
Proven Amazon Course - PAC is only $29!
Apr 15, 2020
Yes, we are seeing SEVEN FIGURE SALES DAYS right now! In the past week, we had THREE OF THEM. Better yet, this is just one of several opportunities and a whole stack of good news I have for you on today's show.  Business Building Warriors like you simply cannot afford to miss this episode.  Also, our is seeing record setting success stories - and we've dropped the price so you get full access for $29 temporarily! Get all the show notes at Use this link to get your 30% discount on, and get info on how to get paid just for sharing that website! Our best price ever - go see the temporary $29 deal as our "let's fight corona together special"! - come see all our recent success stories!
What categories are HOT right now - and NOT so hot: - our coaching program is exploding with success stories!
Apr 13, 2020
Come celebrate a recent $2500 sales day with Sheryl! This is a powerful episode with an infectiously encouraging business building warrior! As a child Sheryl Marcinek worked in her parent's small store helping build the family business in the Philippines.  Challenges ended her college education journey, so she pursued the same entrepreneurial path that her parents had been on,  but Sheryl's efforts were ONLINE. She is now grateful to have built an incredible online business while living in Canada. You'll love the story of her journey. - the only course you'll ever need in order to thrive on Amazon!
Watch this episode on youtube
Watching on youtube? You aren't getting all our episodes! Visit to see HUNDREDS of great interviews with successful business building warriors from around the world!
Apr 7, 2020
Today's guest is two years into his journey of building multiple income streams. Formerly he worked long, hard hours at a restaurant, but he decided one day that he was ready to start building his OWN dreams instead of the dreams of owner of the restaurant where he worked. He used JUST ONE module of our course to launch his incredible multiple income stream business - and today you'll hear him talk about just how different and beautiful his life is now with his wife and daughter enjoying having him HOME! Guest Robert Schroth - get all links and resources at
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Apr 6, 2020
I recorded this episode on the say I had my most recent call with the office of a VP at Amazon to discuss GOUGING & FAIR PRICING issues. Also, our virtual live event on Tuesday next week (Apr7th) is FREE if you are a coaching student! It's HEAVILY discounted if you are a student - join us!! Details here: Get your discount code by emailing All sessions will be recorded for easy access after the event if you miss sessions. Also, we are setting sales records and need more "essentials" if you have them! We are selling these on our own websites. If you have BULK access to fast moving essentials - contact us! Show notes at
Discuss this episode here (it's a facebook post as well):
Our virtual event starts Tuesday the 7th!
Our REPLENS course is producing incredible results - get the massive discount here:
Apr 2, 2020
We are seeing day after day of new records and success stories! Two semi trucks FULL of product per week hitting our warehouse - and that's just ONE of our products. Many BRAND NEW sellers are getting started and posting excited success stories too! Even our kids are "in the biz" too - we are thriving through this corona situation and we want that for you as well. There are so many incredible success stories in our community right now- are in you the game?! Show notes at - our replens course is 90% off! this course INCLUDES the replens course and dozens of other incredible modules to ensure you build incredible multiple streams of income on Amazon! Snag it now during our LOWEST PRICE EVER of just $29 per month. You get instant full access and can cancel anytime.
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Mar 28, 2020
Even in this challenging time, so many incredible people from our rapidly growing community are finding creative ways to SERVE and thrive unlike ever before! Be encouraged! There are many ways to serve well and grow during this time and we are here to help you overcome your challenges - so many great options are available to you.
Join the discussion of this episode here (you'll be prompted to join our FREE Facebook group):
Amazon recent FBA changes (they aren't taking some items temporarily). We have several solutions! Here's the discussion: : Find a prep or fulfillment partner to prep and or ship your sold items to your customers for you!
Gouging discussion on Amazon - what we are doing about it:
Scroll through 500+ recent success stories for encouragement! (also check out the " Success" topic tag in our Facebook group!
The massive ASD trade show in Las Vegas was canceled - but we are still getting together virtually! Get updates here:
and here: is now $29/month (includes all Amazon seller training modules including REPLENS, WHOLESALE, PRIVATE LABEL, ProvenProductPartnering - all of it!)
Bonus - if you know someone who could use a hand generating income online, you can give them free six month access if you are a student if you take advantage of this new monthly pay opportunity! : Here's a great testimonial from just today for our coaching program->
More updates soon!
Mar 25, 2020
Once again we demonstrate that online business opportunity is alive and well! Even in uncertain times such as the current virus scare, you can build an incredible business as my incredible guest proves today! Today you'll meet a single mom who is successful, confident and positive! Single mom Honey Woods homeschools her six kids aged 3-11 and is quite simply an amazing mom and business leader as you'll soon see. What's her source of confidence and strength? She shares it openly today along with powerful business lessons!  Youtube - to hear all other episodes
LINKS: : Our July 2020 conference in Florida
Mar 18, 2020
Today I get to interview my son Trey. He's 20 and he's built an incredible business applying the same principles we teach in our community. He's debt free, lives on his own in a great apartment and his business goal for 2020 is a $100K sales month (very high margins!) And get this - even though his dad (me) runs the number one Amazon seller training team in the world, Trey's business has literally NOTHING to do with seeing physical products online! All links available at
We are also excited to announce the launch our group as well in this episode. If you are looking to spend time with business building warriors who are making things happen, you should consider joining this virtual mastermind group! The website has details. 
Youtube episode view here:
The last time Trey was on the show was episode #212 at
A link to the discussion about this episode on Facebook : Our July 2020 event in Florida - the book that introduces the three biz models we teach the new mastermind concept we are launching soon! Sing up for notifications and details on that page!
Mar 13, 2020
He served his country and now faces down PTSD while building an incredible business. Today you'll meet Karl Jacobi. He has an inspirational story to share about his journey the past four years on his way to building an incredible business selling on Amazon. All show notes at
Replens Training: The course is found here:
In this course you'll learn to find replenishable (easy repeat sales) products all around you - without ever scanning a barcode! This course (in full) is included in the course along with dozens of other powerful modules for new sellers and experienced sellers alike. (The Proven Amazon Course is also called "PAC")
The Replen Tracking software Karl mentions:
On Location Replens Training: - we will come to your hometown and step you through the process of getting your business set up, finding 100's of profitable items unique to you, and ensuring you can do it all yourself before we leave! Check it out!
Replens podcast episodes: Hear past podcast episodes about "replens" in show #242 & #259
CamelCamelCamel & Keepa : tools used by many sellers to track pricing changes on Amazon products to help ensure only profitable inventory is purchased. Learn to use tools like these in our course or Replens course.
CES aka event : Our big annual event was called CES for the first several years, now it's called "The Proven Conference" - we hope to see you in Florida in July 2020 at our next event! Visit the site for details! Our guest Karl will be there along with hundreds of listeners to this show!
Prep Center: Karl and dozens of others in our community own "prep centers". This means you can have your inventory shipped to them and they can "prep" it for Amazon for you! This is especially useful for those who want to sell on Amazon US from outside of the US. Get details on our prep center network here: : our "fourth quarter" groups where we help sellers take full advantage of the busiest selling season of the year each year. All the training from these groups goes into the course at the conclusion of the training. Members typically pay $400 to participate and it's very popular each Fall.
Private Label : the training we have in our course that teaches you to find and source your own products you can sell under your own brand on Amazon.
Legends: Visit for details on membership and benefits
PPP or : Helping brands you don't own navigate the Amazon marketplace is VERY lucrative - and it costs you nothing with zero risk to get into this model! This full course is included inside the course as yet another incredible module!
Mar 9, 2020
The only income our family of seven has had for over 17 years is our online selling income. This episode is for the skeptic. If you are new around here, you'll want to hear this episode. For those listeners who have been around awhile and have already started your path towards building an amazing business, please share this episode with a friend who could use a boost of confidence about using the internet creatively to launch or grow multiple income streams. They will thank you for it!  This is a short episode that introduces the listener to the opportunities that are right under our nose as we plow into 2020! 
Our free 55,000 member Facebook group with loads of success stories and free resources: - the $5 book that started it all. Read by over a million business building warriors around the world with 1000s of success stories to its credit. - the best selling step-by-step course that has helped 1000s around the world launch incredible businesses on Amazon
Our support team address:
Mar 5, 2020
Because I've had a virtual front row seat to watch 1000s of successful business building warriors build great businesses over the years, I've had a chance to learn some incredibly valuable lessons about what makes some fail and others succeed. One of those lessons is that it's just not that complicated to learn one or both of the basic skills that ensure your long term success and income stability. I'm confident that these two skills represent the most secure and stable income situation you could possibly have in business! That's a big statement, but the facts back me up on this one! Show notes - the best selling course in the world with more testimonials by far than any other Amazon seller course. For newbies and million dollar sellers alike! - the $5 book that started it all
My Silent Team Facebook group - Get support with lots of other sellers - our July 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida
Mar 2, 2020
We last met today's guest a couple of years ago back in episode #90 of the Silent Sales Machine Radio show (
Back then he was establishing himself as a success story in our community and he had quite a story to share! Today Abe Ortolani is an established leader and coach on our team with hundreds of students in the program as well as numerous clients with brands he's helped launch. His advice to newbies? Get started and learn as you go - the opportunity is real!  It's worth going back to hear episode #90 (Abe's first appearance on this show) once you hear today's update! Watch this episode on YouTube here:
LINKS: - our July 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida (contains the PPP module and the "replens" training)
PPP sold separate here:
Replens training sold here:
Meet Abe and much of our coaching/branding team at ASD in March in Las Vegas! Details here:
Feb 26, 2020
If you sell on Amazon using various retail, online or wholesale sourcing strategies it's probably only a matter of time before you get an IP complaint or "cease and desist" complaint regarding one of the products you are selling. Should you panic? Should you ignore it? How can you know if it's legit? Today's show will teach you all you need to know about this topic! The bottom line is, the rules, laws and tide is on our side as sellers and we can help you move ahead with confidence! Today's guest is Greg Purdy.
Links: - now you can know BEFORE you buy a product if you are likely to get IP complaints or not! - the best selling course in the world with more testimonials by far than any other Amazon seller course. For newbies and million dollar sellers alike!
Watch this episode on youtube here
Feb 21, 2020
Imagine living behind your mom's garage at the age of thirty and trying to save a struggling business. Imagine a few short years later you have the #4 best selling grocery product (among millions) on and your product is in 10,000 retail stores. That's Mike's story - you'll love this episode. Be sure to join Mike, his team from Death Wish Coffee and hundreds of your fellow listeners to this podcast in Boca Raton Florida in July 2020 at event!
See this episode on YouTube here:
The first time Mike was on our show was episode #9 of this podcast. Go back and listen to it for the incredible back story to Mike's journey. - the book Mike referenced and thanked when asked what he credits for helping him build his business : Today's guest Mike Brown is going to be joining us in the soon to launch mastermind along with my partner Brett, my son Trey and the director of our coaching program, Nathan Bailey! : Our July 2020 event in Florida. Mike will be there with his team! Join us!
Feb 19, 2020
Are you ignoring the lowest hanging fruit strategies for short term and long term success on Amazon and online in general? In this episode I share some clues to look for that help you know that you might be listening to some of the wrong voices when it comes to finding success online. We have 1000s of success stories to back up our approach, and we have a far higher success rate than those teaching outdated strategies. Today I'll explain the difference between going "EAST" on your journey into Amazon success and going "WEST". Also discussed - our "mattress" opportunity and an update on our concept. Show links are at
The Facebook post that prompted today's episode: : The service we are offering to help you sell your products to our massive buyer list
Recent webinar Brett and I did with updates on ProvenPromoList and our Mattress opportunities:
The upcoming mattress live event/webinar details:
Past episodes of this podcast about PPI: 2,16,31,32,40 - the ONLY course you'll ever need to stay on the cutting edge of Amazon selling (free lifetime updates and new modules) - can we come to your hometown and teach you to find dozens of profitable items daily without scanning any barcodes?
Our Free 55K member facebook group: : Our July 2020 event in Florida - the $5 book that started it all
Feb 17, 2020
There will be times where you struggle to get motivated. How do you overcome that? Also - a short audio clip from our special needs son that will hopefully make you smile and fire you up - and finally, a special announcement about a big date and big opportunity that's coming your way (see links in show notes for details as well)
The webinar about our new local retail "mattress" opportunity is discussed in our Facebook group here:
The event on Feb 20th to get more details about the mattress opportunity:
Have any questions? Contact our support team: the $5 book that started it all - the best selling "how to sell on Amazon" course in the world!
Feb 13, 2020
We have been offering a training program for a few weeks now where we FLY TO YOUR HOMETOWN and step you through setting up your Amazon business and finding virtually unlimited, incredibly profitable repeat sale products right on the shelves of any/all local retailers! We've found nearly 1,000 different products so far with the first 10 students without ANY barcode scanning! Today we check in with the leader of this new program to hear how it's going! All links at
YouTube: : The "fly to your town" program we discuss on today's show :  The stand alone course that teaches you to find replens - the comprehensive course that includes the replens training along with thousands of dollars of other training modules at a tiny fraction of the combined valued! (plus, all students of the PAC get FREE lifetime updates as we add new modules!)
The last time Jimmy was on our podcast was episode #242. Listen to that show to learn more about highly profitable "replens"
If you can't quite afford the $7000+ to have us come to your hometown? How about an online live one-on-one coach instead! Call us at
Feb 12, 2020
Today's guest has been a successful entrepreneur for a few decades. He's launched several successful businesses without one of them failing! What's his secret? He swears by the power of masterminds! You'll enjoy hearing how Aaron and Jim have both benefited from surrounding themselves with creative, like minded co-travelers as they've journeyed through the challenges and triumphs of business and life. See this episode on youtube (link in show notes). Get all links and resources at
YouTube: - Aaron's "how to launch a mastermind" course - My (Jim Cockrum's) mastermind that's launching in 2020 - our July 2020 conference in Florida
Aaron's book: View From The Top (find it on
Feb 10, 2020
Today we meet a mom who has been selling online for a few years, and who now uses Amazon as the exclusive income source for her family.  She started out trying to replace her 20 hour per week hourly income working in retail, and has now gone full time! She went from making her first inventory purchase at Walmart in the discount aisle, to launching her own brand and learning some tough lessons along the way. You'll be inspired by her journey! Guest Cindy Jones. Get all show notes and all other episodes of our show at - Also look for this episode on youtube using the link below
Watch this episode YouTube video
Feb 5, 2020
What's it like to have your mom as your office manager? That's who runs things around here, and she has some great advice about Amazon, Internet business, blending family with business and much more. Mom has been working with me for eight years now, so enjoy this peek behind the curtain with this invaluable leader in our community! All episodes are available at, but this episode along with some others are also available on youtube! Link below.
Links Find a prep center or join our mastermind of prep centers - our July 2020 Florida event for this community
Check out this episode on youtube here:
The Gathering Storm : a great
video series by Daniel Lapin about where family fits into your life and business
Feb 3, 2020
Over the past 20 years I've seen it all. I've seen the most unsuspecting people thrive and build incredibly profitable and fulfilling businesses, and I've watched the most capable give up because of one of the pitfalls that I list in today's episode. Observing literally 1,000's of businesses has given me an advantage. Over time I've detected obvious patterns and I have some insights to share on these timeless, crucial lessons. Avoid the list of pitfalls that I share in this episode, and you'll stay on the road to financial success as a business building warrior! These are timeless lessons and strategies that will serve us all well if we embrace each concept. : Our July 2020 event in Florida with nearly 1,000 listeners to this show attending
The best selling course in the world about Amazon selling success with more success stories than any other and free updates for life!
the $5 book that started it all
PPP module inside the course is also found separately at
Send your friends to hear our free podcast at
Jan 30, 2020
Isolation is quite possibly the biggest ENEMY of success that you'll face when building your online business. You simply can not do this alone. event is here to save the day! Our community becomes like a year round virtual family to so many who get plugged in to our events. Each year for the past seven years we've sold out our event and this year looks to be yet another huge success. In today's episode I share WHO should attend live events, what types of events you should attend and then I share what makes our "Proven Conference" one of (if not THE) top event in the world for Internet based business building warriors - especially those who are using Amazon as part of their business strategy! Newbies and experienced sellers alike consider our conference (formerly called the CES conference) the MUST ATTEND "multiple income streams" event of the year. In this episode I'll share why. This event is NOT a "pitch fest" like so many other Internet business events. Instead, it's a content packed, relationship building, business boosting event that will change your life forever. Show notes at
We will see you in Florida July 21-23 2020 at event! HURRY - temporary "fast action" discount prices are now in effect! - Our July 21-23 2020 event and livestream details (livestream details will be posted closer to the time of the event) - the $5 book that started it all
Recent episodes of our podcast that showcase sessions from our most recent 2019 "" event -
episodes  #243, 234 & 219 at You can also SEE a video of episode #234 on YouTube here:
Get details on our "Proven Promo List
" project here:
Facebook group for the event (anyone attending or CONSIDERING attending event can join this free facebook group!):
Jan 28, 2020
In today's episode I go over some of the new opportunities we are working on for 2020, a few business growth lessons we've learned and I talk about the timeless lessons I've learned about going FAST and ALONE vs. going STRONG/SECURE with a team when building your business online. Show notes are at
My Silent Team Facebook group
Proben Amazon Course
Silent Sales - discount tickets on sale currently
Jan 23, 2020
Lisa Larson is now a leader in our community but she started with just $200 a few years ago. She has now built several successful income streams using Amazon. Her knowledge of bundling, online sourcing and many other strategies makes her an invaluable resource in our community. You'll love this encouraging episode! All notes at
Lisa's Amazon listing optimization process: 
Our bundling course: This module is included in the course and is sold separately
Our Coaching Program can be found here:
KDP course: : Create low content books rapidly! This course has recently been added to the course, but it's also for sale separately. : Our July 21-23 2020 event in Boca Raton Florida
Get notification of our live shows on Facebook here:
This episode is on youtube!
Jan 21, 2020
With thousands of successful business building warriors in our community, I have some observations to make. There are three things that virtually every one of the most successful members of our community have in common! In this short episode I explain each of the three, and there's a BIG announcement as well about the pending price increase of the course, which makes NOW the best opportunity you'll ever have to grab it! Sow notes at
LINKS: contains all the below modules!
- Proven Private Label 3.0
- Proven Bundling Course 2.0
- Trade Show No Show
- Proven Product Partnering 2.0
- - our July 21-23 2020 conference
- The Proven Conference UK 2019 videos
- Proven Shopify Course 1.0
- KDP Course - see our most recent facebook success stories - our world class coaching team ready to offer you one-on-one assistance
Jan 16, 2020
Imagine building a great team and a big number business online only to lose it all fairly quickly, and then rebuilding it all again better than ever! That's the story of today's guest. Fred McKinnon has seen it all over 20 years of online selling, and you'll be inspired and learn some incredible diversification strategies that can help any business building warrior build a more sustainable income.  If you are looking for stability and long term success in your business and life, you'll love this episode! Show notes are at (this course is included in full inside the or sold separate on that page) - the best selling course in the world about Amazon selling success with more success stories than any other and free updates for life!
The drop ship episode that Fred and Jim talk about can be found here: episode #161
The "super power" episode that Jim talks about towards the end of this show can be found here: episode #236 - Join us in July 2020 in Boca Raton Florida! Listeners to this show from around the world are heading to Florida!
Fred's song that he wrote just for our community - the $5 book recently voted the all-time best book for beginner online sales! 
Jan 13, 2020
What are those things you wish you'd learned sooner regarding running an Amazon selling business? Today we discuss many of those core lessons!  Too often, it's human nature to learn only by making mistakes, but if we are wise, we take time to learn from the missteps of others and save ourselves some heartache, lost time and lost money!  Today's episode is inspired by a popular recent discussion that happened in our free, private Facebook group.  Several basic lessons are unveiled in this episode. All told, this episode could easily put $1,000s in your pocket very quickly! As always, all links can be found at - also, contact our support team at
LINKS: - the only Amazon selling course you'll ever need (no upsells!) - our massive buyer list. Watch the webinar on this website for info! - a podcast episode and training about tracking your numbers
Episode about shopping ONLY at Target: episode #201 - our replens training course
The post that started this discussion in our free Facebook group:
Jan 9, 2020
In this episode Jim lists out the many income streams that he has established online over the years. As he comes up on 20 years of earning income online, it's quite a list! For over seventeen years, these income streams have been the only income for the Cockrum family of 7. Show notes
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Jan 3, 2020

It can often feel unstable to have your income coming from online sources, so how can we fix this? Truth be told, there's few income strategies MORE stable than an online business, but for some reason it's still hard to convince ourselves of that sometimes. Today Jim gives several practical steps to take to ensure maximum stability in your online income adventure regardless of how big or small your business is! He also has a big update for us on our nearly 800,000 members strong buyer list and shares several of the ways YOU can make money using our services! Show notes are at - our best selling book recently named the all time best book for beginner online sales advice! - our top selling course for amazon sellers of all levels globally! The only course you'll ever need! - our rapidly growing customer buyer list that you can get paid to be a part of!

Dec 30, 2019
As we roll into 2020, the evidence is clear - building multiple streams of income online is a MASSIVE opportunity! The future has never looked brighter! Let's talk through some of the big trends and news that tells us where things are heading. All show notes at
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Dec 20, 2019
Today you'll meet a dad who is grateful to be home with a thriving online business! His last "real job" was as a delivery driver for FedEx and a Donut business. Brad was working up to 70 hours per week and wearing himself out.  When he first discovered Amazon selling he hastily bought a pricey course and got burned by the terrible advice it contained -  but fortunately for Brad he persisted and a friend told him about our podcast, the course and our community. The rest is history! He's been full-time selling online for several months now and is looking to cap off 2019 selling over $700K on Amazon.  Guest: Brad Pyne - All links and show notes located at
YouTube video of the interview: - the only course you'll ever need to succeed on Amazon! Constantly updated and improved at no additional cost to our students!
The wholesale training Jim and Brad mention in this episode is one of the modules contained in the ProvenAmazonCourse course (look under "Wholesale Training") - Join Brad, other great guests from this show, our leadership team and nearly 1,000 of your fellow listeners in Boca Raton July 2020!
Brad's facebook post that started our conversation:
Dec 17, 2019
What does the future look like based on what we are seeing happening in our community right now? Is now a good time to start? Will 2020 bring growth? What fears should we have if any? What opportunities are expanding? Let's talk about it! Show notes at - our July 2020 conference will be here before you know it - partner with us and get your offers on our list - the only training amazon sellers will ever need.
Dec 11, 2019

In this episode we give you access to a full hour of training that we recently did with the paid attendees at our latest event! We had over thirty sessions, but this one was on the topic of creating unique listings on Amazon called "kits" or "bundles". We explain the difference between the two, explore how to prevent competition and make sure you know what you need to know to start creating unique listings that repel competitors!

LINKS: : A link to the audio from this session - our comprehensive Amazon training course that includes our bundling training - Our most recent bundling training course (the same one that's in the ProvenAmazonCourse) - our upcoming July 2020 conference in Florida
Dec 10, 2019
I'm unaware of anyone else in the online business training world who is so confident in what they have to offer that they are willing to FLY to your hometown, spend 2 days with you and help you find 50 or more profitable products (unique to YOU - not a preset list!) that you can sell over and over again at predictable profits on Amazon...and we'll show you how to find as many more products as you'd like!  This is our "REPLENS" strategy and we are seeing incredible results. In this episode we tell you how replens works, and we show you how to get started!  Guest student and rapidly rising stars Jimmy & Britany Smith
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YouTube: - episode #208 (the last time Jimmy was on our podcast) - the application to inquire about having Jimmy & Brittany come to your town - the basic course that is creating numerous replens success stories
Dec 4, 2019

Today you'll meet student Eric Moy. He randomly ran into a couple great members of our community on different occasions and now he's an up and coming start of online selling!  He has a bright future as a great student studying aerospace engineering, but he's even more excited about his rapidly growing Amazon business! We talk lessons in partnerships, finding great products to sell and scaling in today's episode. Enjoy! All show notes

The post that Eric made in our facebook group that prompted this episode:
Replens course:
Our annual event (July 2020 is the next one):
The course Eric uses - the most CREATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE Amazon selling course in the world - get details here:
Dec 3, 2019
In this episode we go through the various strategies that can be used to build an incredible business on Amazon even if you don't even have an amazon seller account!  These strategies are available to us all, but those who don't yet have an approved amazon seller account will especially love this episode! Notes at
LINKS: (a module that's included in the Proven Amazon Course) - Our support email address
Nov 27, 2019
Today our guest shares some early struggles selling on Amazon that eventually lead to a healthy, profitable business that has him considering going full-time selling online! You'll love meeting Tim! He's recently been married, has a full-time job and he's not afraid to try new ideas online! Show notes
"Business Secrets From the Bible" book discussion group : get details on our upcoming July 2020 event : The course that got Tim on the right track
The "PPP module" mentioned is the module in the Proven Amazon Course. It's included in the course, or available as a stand alone course. (a module inside the course)
The wholesale training Tim mentions is our Wholesale training module that's also found inside the course)
Nov 25, 2019

There's been some news lately from the world's largest selling platform that is making many sellers nervous." That opening sentence has been the topic of about 10,000 articles over the past 20 years. For the longest time it was eBay as the target of concern, and now it's Amazon. Today I address the most recent "scary" article and the concerns being raised there. Better yet, I tell you exactly how to THRIVE in spite of any changes that are coming! Show notes at

Nov 22, 2019
In this short episode Jim celebrates his 18th year of earning 100% of his income from multiple streams of online income. From humble beginnings, hundreds of millions of dollars of products have been sold, 1000s of students have been coached and countless testimonials have emerged. In 2020 the best is yet to come, but be encouraged by today's simple message - if a guy can earn 100% of his income from the Internet for 18 years and take great care of his family of seven, you can do it do! Show notes at
Nov 19, 2019
I recently polled our community in our Facebook group and discovered that the vast majority of them are not doing one simple activity that is GUARANTEED to ignite their business and move it forward at warp speed. Ignore this simple lesson at your own peril.  I'm about to give you (literally SPOON FEED YOU) an awesome SUPER POWER and you'll thank me for it! Expect to see results within days or weeks at the longest - this simple skill requires zero funds and WILL put more money in the bank every time. Show notes at
The poll:
Our free Facebook group (53,000+ members!) - A great video conference tool
Our free "world map":
PPP course (this is a module in the course as well) (our coaching program)
The book that started it all:
Nov 15, 2019
Do you need entertainment in your life? How much screen time do you have each week? Is starting (or launching additional) income streams online a solution for your life? In this short episode I address these questions based on a recent online discussion I was part of. I hope it challenges you! Show notes are at - the $5 book that started it all - the course that will help you launch income online better than any other
Nov 13, 2019

Our culture has a lot to say about "making money" and 99% of it is NEGATIVE! If you aren't fully aware of exactly how VIRTUOUS and HONORABLE it is to serve well in business, then you are likely shooting yourself in the foot without even realizing it! Today's episode is the second session from our recent big event where over 700 of your fellow listeners to this program gathered in central Illinois for event. This episode is the second session from entertaining and always powerful Daniel Lapin. If you missed his first session go back and check out episode #219. This episode is also available as a youtube episode - see the link below or at

You Tube Link


Lapin's Facebook group - link to the video from this late 2019 event - get details on the 2020 Proven Conference

Nov 8, 2019

Two recent popular facebook discussions in our community prompted me to record this short episode today. One of those discussions revolved around the most common fears shared by many new online business builders and that's the COST and RISK of getting started. The other discussion showed us what the reality of day to day work looks like for so many in our community. My goal for this episode is to convince you that you DO have what it takes, the risks are TINY and the cost is MINIMAL. Success is within your grasp! Notes at

Podcast episodes of this show about starting with zero funds:
Episode #19 & #129
Podcast episode about zero to $30K in 90 days
Episode #218
The facebook post I mentioned in today's show (see the offices or other listeners to this show): (the book that started it all)
Nov 6, 2019
Typically, PPC ads (Pay Per Click) is used to sell more of your product, but that's not how we use Amazon's paid ads. Today we'll discuss how to use PPC ads to uncover untapped opportunities in the Amazon marketplace! Guest Rob Chrin
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Private Label Training - (a module inside
Nov 1, 2019
Imagine being the co-author of a best seller, but making one small misstep that turns into your biggest oversight in the end.  Today we meet a guy who co-authored the most successful self-published book EVER. Better still, he's actually joined our team and is creating some incredible opportunities - for all of us! You'll also learn how you can be a part of what we are building! Show notes are at
YouTube link:
Our sponsor:
The King and the Dragon book :
MySilentTeam Facebook page
Oct 30, 2019

There are some very simple strategies you can use to launch your own highly profitable products on Amazon! Today we meet a ProvenAmazonCourse student. You'll enjoy this story of a young married couple who has a business that initially took off slow, but now things are ramping up fast! Jonathan Marks (our guest) also shares his thoughts on the most recent live event that took place in Sept 2019

YouTube link:

Show note links: - our sponsors This course contains ALL our Amazon training modules including all modules discussed on today's show Our next event is July 2020

PPI (Training on finding "golden gaps" on Amazon - also a module in the ProvenAmazonCourse) : (If you buy this course on it's own, use coupon code "balloon" to save big! This course is also a module inside the course)

The original podcast episode that talks about the "Promotional Company Sourcing" concepts: episode #111


Oct 25, 2019
Today we meet a married couple who have replaced their income with multiple internet-based income streams. They are coaches, and they've been full-time online for several years now. Topics covered are: How and when to make the transition, how working from home has impacted their family and marriage, the reality of what life feels like when you are working from home, and some of the ups and downs of the journey. Guests Larry and Sue Pruett
Show notes at
YouTube link:
Health services mentioned:
Oct 22, 2019
Which is better? Traditional investing in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, 401K etc. or building a business on the side? Today I dive into my thoughts on this topic based on having talked to and seen thousands go through this decision process. Show notes are at : Our Replens Course : We come to your hometown and train you - Our comprehensive Amazon training course. All of our training modules wind up in the PAC family of modules eventually!
Oct 16, 2019
Imagine going from knowing NOTHING about selling online to reaching the #1 best selling toy on Amazon twice over the course of a few years. This is the journey of my biz partner Brett Bartlett. This episode is a combination of motivation along with tips for selling during the busiest shopping season of the year (Nov, Dec) as well as a walk down memory lane of the highs and lows of our business partnership. We also explain how we are including our ever expanding community in our explosive success story. Get all links at
Your Tube:
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Proven Amazon Course: the best selling Amazon selling course in the world A step by step course for those new to selling online (become a seller on our site!)
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Oct 14, 2019
We share a lot of "mega success" stories on this show, but not everyone is quite where they want to be just yet. The proper mindset, a solid plan and the right community virtually ensure your success though and today we'll meet a mom from our community who is on that path to greatness! Guest: Milena ViVenzio. View this episode on youtube on our channel as well (see links below). All links posted at
YouTube link for videos and ticket details- -learn to partner with brands and get them on Amazon (this course is also a module inside the course)
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Oct 10, 2019
Jason and his wife have three kids ages 8,6 and 2 and one of them, is autistic. While living in Japan they struggled to find the care they needed so they moved to the US with a dream of getting their son the help he needed while also launching a company with products built to assist families with kids who are facing educational challenges. This year they expect $400,000 in sales, but it's not been an easy road. Today we meet Jason Hsieh from Notes
Watch the amazing moments story at The Proven Conference and the interview on YouTube

The Lakikid story

Jason's Facebook group for families with kids who have special educational needs:

Write N Chill - World's first writable weighted lap blanket our July 2020 live event in Florida
MST Facebook group - the course that's launched thousands of successful sellers on Amazon.
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Oct 7, 2019
How have we consistently generated such incredible success stories and loyalty in our community? Being in a family means being in a community. For a community or family to be healthy there are exactly FIVE timeless truths that must be present, and we've intentionally "baked" all five of them into our community and you may not have even realized it! In this episode I go into each of these characteristics of an effective FAMILY and COMMUNITY (the rules are the SAME).  My goal of this episode is to convince you that you NEED a community if you don't have one yet, and to help you be a better parent if you are one! I'd love to hear your feedback! 
MST Facebook group
Hear Jim discuss Hebrew principles of business growth from his favorite book on this topic in this free Facebook group:
Oct 4, 2019
I've been using the internet creatively as the sole source of income for my family of seven for 17 years, but last week was the BEST WEEK I can recall. The results, momentum, success stories from the community, the live event that surpassed our expectations...and oh yeah - the #1 BEST SELLING TOY ON AMAZON are just the start. We measure our success by YOUR success - come hear how we are winning together with the greatest community of business building warriors in the world! Notes are all at
-Poverty Mentality podcast episode is #213 for details about videos, 2020 tickets and other details
-Link to proof of our #1 toy ranking on Amazon: - the best selling amazon training course in the world - the $5 book that started it all
-Our 53,000 member FREE facebook group:
Sep 30, 2019
Today we hang out with a seven figure Amazon seller who supports his young family with income from his growing business. We recently both returned from event, so we are excited to share some of the highlights of what we learned from that event as well in this episode.
As always, all links can be found at or contact our support team here:

YouTube link to see the video of the interview
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Sep 26, 2019
Having recently left his six figure corporate job to pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle full-time, Richard along with his wife Shelley are very excited about the future. They have built three income streams and today we'll hear about each of them. Their Amazon selling business is currently centered on the wholesale selling strategies taught in the course and they have two other exciting businesses as well that allow them to be home and together a lot with their beautiful family of five! Show notes and links at 
The Facebook post they made that prompted this episode:
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Watch this episode on YouTube:

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Sep 24, 2019
In today's episode we interview success story Michelle Henderson. Her infectious energy and "overcomer" spirit will inspire and encourage you! You'll learn about "replens", "reverse sourcing" and how she's gone from barely selling $1,000 per month online to a healthy business generating $10,000 or more monthly with healthy profit margins!
See the interview on our YouTube channel
(get details on videos from our most recent live event)
Please visit to hear other episodes you've missed!
Sep 19, 2019
Our keynote address on Sept 11, 2019 was delivered in front of nearly 700 attendees at "TheProvenConference" and WOW was it HUGE!  We probably should have reserved this episode ONLY for those who paid to attend, but we just had to share it because we've never seen such incredible feedback.  CAUTION: Listening to this episode may make you KICK YOURSELF for not being there...and it will almost certainly make you block out the dates of July 21-23rd 2020 (our next big event). Get ready to laugh, be challenged and EARN MORE with simple, timeless strategies from my friend Daniel Lapin. All notes are at
Sep 16, 2019
Our most recent interview. Imagine working an intense, full-time job with a wife and three daughters at home - driving 2 hours to work and 2 hours home EVERY DAY and STILL finding a way to build a $30K per month business selling on Amazon within 90 days (in your "spare" time)! That's what Oscar did and in this episode we tell you how!  We've just returned from our annual meet up, and while nearly 700 of your fellow listeners were there, I met the guy you are about to meet. I recorded this episode just before the conference, and this gentleman is everything he seems to be in this great interview. This episode is in our Facebook group and on Youtube as well. Both links below. As always, get all show notes and links at
Our episode on our YouTube channel
Watch this episode on Facebook here: - the program Oscar joined (for videos of 2019 event and details on the 2020 event) (the best selling, newbie friendly and advanced content Amazon "how to" course in the world)
Sep 5, 2019
Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs comes to talk with Jim today! Jeff has been in business only six years and now has 65 employees and thousands of customers. He offers our community support tools that you should check out. Today he is talking with Jim about success mentality and the needed skill set of knowing how to innovate and hurdle failure. Take the action, fail and learn how to roll with it becomes the platform in this really encouraging conversation. Jeff's overcomer's attitude with fear and the needed pivotal change and adaptation is the perfect reminder of how flexible our online businesses really are and the unlimited possibilities we are afforded in our community. You will be refreshed by this interview! Be sure to check out Jeff's resources in our show notes at Seller Lab link
YouTube Video 
Sep 3, 2019
Those who can't attend our live event Sept 11-13 can get live stream access (which includes full video access!) In this episode Jim helps you decide if this offer is for you. Are you new to selling online? You'll love getting full live stream and video access to this powerful three day event! We'll have everything from new students (including everyone from teens to retired) as well as business builders with 8 figure businesses! Get details about live stream and recorded video access at
Event Facebook group (Open until mid Sept 2019)
Video of Jim discussing the speakers and sessions:
Aug 29, 2019
The premiss of this episode is simple. Listen and apply what you learn and starting as soon as tomorrow, you'll never have a "job" again the rest of your life!  Our culture talks about diversified investments, workplaces, education etc., so why not diversified INCOME? Let's get it started NOW. All show notes at
Our facebook group
Aug 26, 2019
Today's episode features a panel discussion with several quick cash ideas for all aspiring entrepreneurs! Those who are new to earning money in their own business will especially enjoy this open conversation! Some of the ideas are funny and unusual and others are super exciting and wide open! You'll hear a host of topics that are sure to get your creative business wheels turning! The four hosts are four of the leaders and content creators in our community. This episode is available in the MySilentTeam facebook group as well as a video so you can interact with or team - to see the video of this episode use the link in the show notes below. Guests include Delia Ursulescu, Eric Land, Jenni Hunt, Ryan Reger
See the video of this episode and join the conversation in our Facebook community:
MST Facebook group
Aug 21, 2019
Mindset matters. Your mindset virtually guarantees your success or failure. A recent discussion popped up in our facebook group on the topic of having a poverty mentality (as opposed to an abundance mentality). Many members of our community chimed in and it turned into a great discussion! In this episode Jim highlights very practical tips to be able to spot the difference internally and how to address any remnants of a poverty mentality. Notes at
The facebook post that started this discussion:
A great first $5 investment if you've never invested in yourself: - the book that started this community and podcast
Aug 19, 2019

We last heard from Trey Cockrum a couple years ago in episode 101, so we thought it was time to get an update on his online business! Listen in on the details of how his business has grown and how he's done it. He has some universally powerful lessons that illustrate just how broad and wide open the opportunity truly is online for any of us. All links found at
YouTube link
Aug 15, 2019
We love Amazon and our product sales business is booming online, but we are equally as excited about our ability to grow a large audience of buyers and sell our products on whatever platform we choose! Better yet, we want YOU to be able to grow your own audience, or USE OUR AUDIENCE to create additional income streams!
We are on top of a huge opportunity and we can't wait to share it with you! In this episode Brett Bartlett joins Jim for an update from "behind the scenes" where we've been seeing some incredible results with Dynasty Toys (our largest brand) and our audience growth strategies. As always, all show notes and links can be found at
ProvenAudienceFormula - the $5 book that started it all
A $5,000 bet with a stranger (How Brett and Jim met):
Aug 13, 2019

Is it really possible to enjoy the security and financial freedom that comes from having several income streams online? How realistic is it? Today Jim's guest is Ryan Reger. Hear how he and his wife have built the lifestyle of their dreams by creating multiple income streams using the strategies taught in our community. Also - be sure to check out Ryan's new book on the same topic! As always the show notes are at

Our YouTube link is

Ryan's book:
Legends group (Our private, smaller group focused on retail sourcing strategies and so much more! It's like family!)
-Proven Private Label 3.0 (Ryan's latest content created for our community)
Note: PPL 2.0 is part of the comprehensive collection of training modules inside the course! PPL 3.0 will be added to the PAC eventually, but is sold separately for now.
-Silent Sales Machine book
-My Silent Team Facebook group
-The extended version of this episode happened when Jim and Ryan went live in our Facebook group 30 minutes before creating this podcast episode. See the first half hour here and join the conversation!
Aug 9, 2019
Today we meet yet another ambitious business building warrior who is making things happen. This isn't one of our "massive success stories" YET though because Jesse it just getting started, but you'll be inspired and motivated by what he's accomplished already and you'll learn a good deal along the way as well in this great conversation. As always show notes are at
YouTube link:
Aug 5, 2019
Today we meet a student who has gone on to become a leader in our community. Jimmy and his wife Brittany have built a robust team and healthy seven figure amazon business using primarily a simple "REPLEN" strategy that Jimmy shares with us in this episode. It's a great story! NOTE: Jimmy will also be at event in Sept 2019 as a presenter! Tell him thanks for this great episode if you make it to our event! All show notes are at SilentJim/com/podcast
You Tube link: - where Jimmy got his start - Jimmy's replen training course. Get on the waiting list! (includes PPI, PPL and other courses discussed in this episode) (our upcoming event)
Jimmy's free webinar mentioned at the end of the episode (learn the basics of Keepa):
Aug 1, 2019
Imagine going from having nothing to thriving as a best selling author and business leader with a flexible lifestyle and a legacy of leadership and success. Today Jim interviews a guy that meets that description. It's someone who has coached more successful business leaders and authors than anyone else he knows - and he has a simple challenge for us all that, if taken, will change your life. Get ready to be inspired and equipped for success in this powerful interview episode with Dan Miller. As always, get all show notes and links at
You Tube video
Proven Amazon Course
Silent Sales Machine book
Jul 30, 2019
In today's short episode I tell a story of success that anyone can replicate. It's the story of how I sent a three sentence email to a local artist and his simple two sentence reply (along with about 10 minutes of work by my Mom) created a new weekly, steady income stream that generated $667 in the first couple of days!
MST Facebook post:
Gary's shirt: (use coupon code "Chris" for 100% free, full access) - all of our Amazon training modules in one place and free lifetime access to all new courses coming in the future! 
Jul 25, 2019
Today we meet a guy who is planning to go full-time with his Amazon business very soon. Eric Moore and his wife Lisa have built an incredible business (approx $600K in sales last year and growing fast!) primarily sourcing through retail store closings. He's not afraid to hustle and has some great stories to share and tips too! This is a can't miss episode! All notes are found at
Jul 22, 2019
Today's guest is a full-time teacher who launched a simple private label product to help kids learn math and it's fun for adults too! Learn about her journey and what hurdles she cleared on the way to building a business that really getting some momentum! She's a student who is on a mission and you'll love her story! As always, all links at
Additionally we have a special guest at the end of this episode who tells us how to get paid DAILY for our Amazon sales instead of once every two weeks! Stick around for that short tip/ segment!
Proven Audience Formula course and book
Proven Amazon Course
Proven Product Partnering course is a module inside the Proven Amazon Course
101 Free Marketing Ideas book
Silent Sales Machine book
Betsy's games on Amazon  & 
Jul 19, 2019
For those who are new and overwhelmed, this episode is for you. Maybe you've been selling online awhile and you are totally reliant on Amazon. This is also for you. How can you build multiple income streams? What are the challenges you'll face along the way? Is there a set of skills I'll need in order to do this? All these questions get answered in this short episode. All links can be found at
Proven Amazon Course
The Proven Conference
Silent Sales Machine book
My Silent Team Facebook group
Jul 16, 2019
Joe was a teacher looking for extra income just a couple short years ago, and now he's running a highly profitable business on Amazon with a twist! He started out as a student, but when he faced a temporary account suspension he decided to make a small shift that has lead to huge opportunities! Today we meet Joe Kovacs. He and his wife are about to have child #4 and they work from how together running a very successful online business! Get the show notes at
You tube: 
Proven Amazon Course
MST Facebook Group
Jul 11, 2019
Today you'll meet one of our coaching students (he's also a student) who, as a former high school teacher decided he wanted more flexibility and income. In this episode you'll hear EXACTLY what he sells, where and HOW he sources it and how you can replicate his success. You'll love his simple, powerful "hacks" that he's discovered while using his free Amazon app! This episode is arguably content that we should be charging money to share! No matter how long you've been selling online, this episode will give you two or three (minimum) new HIGHLY PROFITABLE strategies that you can start using today. All links can be found at - the course that's helped more successful Amazon sellers build a business than any other course in the world! -join JR (today's guest), your host Jim Cockrum and our entire team and hundreds of your fellow listeners in Sept 2019 at our annual conference!
Watch this interview on You tube
Learn more about our Legends sourcing group here:
Our reverse sourcing class:
PPP is our course that shows you how to partner up with brands and sell their products on Amazon (zero risk, zero cost for either party!)  This course teaches you the basics of RA style sourcing. This is what JR's business model is built on.  (note this course is a module in the course)
Are you going to ASD in Las Vegas in summer 2019? Get details on our team's plans here:
Jul 8, 2019
In this short episode Jim shares the most practically useful episodes (in his opinion) from the first 199 episodes of our podcast.  Everything from a simple strategy for searching Amazon without any tools or software to find hidden opportunity, to how to think properly about building an online business. While we know that you'll find great content in all 199 of our previous episodes, we trust that you'll find this episode very useful - especially if you are a new listener to our show! Show notes are at (our upcoming live event) (the best selling course in the world RE: Amazon seller success) (the book that started it all)
The picture of teen volunteers at Jim’s house that he referenced in this episode
Best of the best episodes
Episode 17
Episode 20
Episodes 23,24
Episode 41
Episode 10
Episode 9
Episodes 2,16,31,32,40
Episode 39
Jul 1, 2019
After a particularly eventful day (in a very positive way) where it seemed opportunities and good news were finding me almost effortlessly, I put some thought into why it is that more days than not feel like that recently. Here's my conclusion...investing in the right people and relationships and truly serving well compounds into success more than money ever can. Allow me to explain. 
Silent Sales Machine
MST group
Jun 25, 2019
Jim speaks from the heart about the opportunity landscape regarding college degrees and online business opportunities. It's self education versus formal education in this episode. Where do you stand on the issue? Get all show notes and links at
My Silent Team Facebook group
Jim's book
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Jun 21, 2019
In today's episode Jim goes through several great free resources and zero cost tactics that you should be using in order to either begin seeing results, or dramatically increase your results in your Amazon selling business! As always, get all show notes and links mentioned at
Our support team email:
Our map of Facebook community members:
Jun 17, 2019
From a  Hebrew / Biblical foundation, there are three factors that set you up for success in life. The first two are timeless, the third has an interesting twist in my opinion when you consider the times we live in. In this super short episode I give you all three and tell you why you'd be wise NOT to ignore building your online commerce skills. As always, get all show notes and links at
Silent Sales Machine ebook

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Jun 12, 2019
I spent the day today randomly calling people from our student community and here's a secret I uncovered that I hope challenges you. It's a free resource that's right under your nose and you probably aren't using it anywhere near its potential. As always the show notes are found at
Our Free Affiliate Program:
Jun 10, 2019
Today Jim interviews a guy who has developed a system for finding and building relationships with wholesalers. Along with his partner Eric, Dan (who you'll meet today) has built an incredible business and it's not complex to explain or duplicate. You'll enjoy the highly actionable strategies and tactics from this wholesale sourcing training episode! As always, get all show notes and links at
Watch on YouTube here:
Jun 4, 2019
Jim was recently asked to record a training session on the topic of the power of building relationships for business success. In this training he shares the timeless truths that have served the most successful leaders and business builders of all time. Don't make the mistake of thinking "building relationships" is simply a matter of being kind to strangers and making a few friends along the way (those are good things of course, but there's far more to be learned!) Being intentional, proactive and creative in your relational efforts is vital and your business will flourish if you do it right. This training session gives specifics and plenty of examples.
YouTube Vid 
Book suggestions:
Business Secrets From the Bible by D. Lapin
How to Win Friends and Influence People
May 29, 2019
Today we meet student Jevy Orcullo! She's working full time at a job as is her husband and they have a toddler, but in their spare time they are putting thousands of dollars per month in the bank in profit from their Amazon business. Using primarily OA strategies (Online Arbitrage), she's able to work from home and build a nice income stream for their young family. Hear the story and be inspired! Show notes at - the course that Jevy used to grow her business
The discussion Jevy started in our Facebook group: - our annual live event in Sept 2019
May 23, 2019
Did you know that you ARE allowed to contact customers on Amazon and request a review? What are the creative and ALLOWED ways to connect with your customers and grow your brand(s)? Today's guest is Jeff Cohen with SellerLabs and we review the rules of what is and isn't allowed.
The YouTube version of episode #191
May 20, 2019
There are two types of people who really should attend our upcoming event. Are you asking the right questions about your business? Do you feel isolated while building your business? Let's talk about it! In this short episode we'll discuss the industry impacting benefits of our community event and help you decide if you should attend. As always, show notes at
My Silent Team Facebook group
Best coaching team in the world for serious internet based business building warriors ->
May 17, 2019
Less than two years ago Jim was approached by a young man at his church who was curious about Amazon selling. Jim connected him with the course, and the rest is history! Today you'll meet Morgan Booher. Morgan had no internet business experience prior to listening to this podcast and taking the PAC course, but he has now built a very healthy business using only the basic RA strategies that he shares in this episode. Morgan has gone on to hire his wife and mom as well to help support his exploding business. You'll love this encouraging episode! As always, show notes and links can be found at
Watch and listen on our youtube video
My Silent Team Facebook group
Proven Product Partnering course
May 13, 2019
Local connections and relationships are vital to the stability and long term success of your business as well as your own sanity! Ignore this advice at your own peril! It's quite likely that your biggest opportunities are right under your nose even if you are trying to build an online business! Show notes at
My Silent Team Facebook group
May 6, 2019
Today we meet a full-time college student who is selling a healthy five figures monthly as his side gig while he's taking classes!  He's using the wholesale sourcing strategies taught in the course. And get this - he only started about 10 months ago, but he dove in! Guest Noah Cook. All show notes at
YouTube link
May 2, 2019
Which opportunity should you pursue? The "boring" profits of selling random widgets on Amazon, or that passion project you've always wanted to tackle? Today's episode dives deep and hopefully clarifies the issue for you! Show notes are at
The Facebook post that started this discussion: Our live event Sept 2019 Grow an audience and get more customers with these ideas The book that started this podcast in motion! Learn what "C, E, S" is all about! The best selling 'how to sell on Amazon" course in the world.
Apr 29, 2019

One of the flaws inherent in getting a business education is that we tend to think that the "education" part comes first and then (and only then) are we ready to "launch". That's just not how the world works any longer. Victory goes to those who do it afraid. The winners are those who jump in and learn as they go! Business is about relationships and service - start doing both right now TODAY! Show notes at


SSM Radio podcast episode #50 - All the things I had to unlearn before I could succeed in business
SSM Radio podcast episode #85 - Does profanity belong in business?
A big discussion about profanity in business: - the top selling Amazon selling course in the world with far more success stories than any other! 
Apr 26, 2019
Just a few short years ago, Amazon had a game plan in place to be able to sell just about anything on their site. They are very good at "stocking the shelves", but guess who is even BETTER at it than they are! WE ARE! That's right - the numbers prove it, and this is even more reason that you need to get in the game! Let's talk about it!  As always, show notes and all other episodes are located at
join our free support group with 51,000 members from around the world!
SSM book - a $5 book fall of the best ideas from our exploding community (our Sept 2019 conference)
Apr 22, 2019
Jozef lives in Slovakia and had a great career, but he now supports his wife and child by selling on Amazon U.S. - from Slovokai!  He's living proof that no matter where you live in the world, you can successfully build a business on Amazon!  Meet student Jozef Biz (we call him "Joe Biz"). Just days before this interview he left behind his 50 hour per week corporate career because he now built an incredible Amazon business. He can supports his family with the income and flexibility he's established that far surpasses his previous job. He never touches or ships any of his inventory himself as he sells on in the U.S. Hear his creative strategies and be inspired by our latest success story! All show notes are at (May 2019) (the U.S. event Sept 2019) (the coaching program Jozef used)
View this interview on Youtube here:
Apr 19, 2019
Is fear a choice? Is it an avoidable emotion while building your business and pursuing your dreams, or is it something you need to get comfortable with? What about failure? What role have these two "F" words played in your business? This is my story of how fear and failure have played a big role in my business growth. Notes are at
You Tube video
Apr 17, 2019
If you aren't familiar with the concept of stewardship, after today you'll understand how powerful and freeing it is as a spiritual and business building concept. This single concept is the key to staying healthy and fulfilled regardless of the day to day results you see in your business. Show notes are at
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Apr 11, 2019
Especially if you are new to the idea of having a successful business online, this episode is for you!  Why do we talk about Amazon so much on our podcast? What separates the Amazon business opportunity from every other opportunity in the world in our opinion? Our podcast wasn't created to be all about Amazon selling, but most episodes dive into that very topic - why is that? Show notes at
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Silent Sales Machine book
Apr 5, 2019
Today we meet two guests who are making serious money by simply helping OTHER PEOPLE'S products that aren't yet on Amazon get onto Amazon. This trend is only growing larger as Amazon moves away from buying products directly for their warehouses and relies instead on products owners (and us as third party sellers) to help fill the shelves. If you have even a minimal knowledge of how to sell products on Amazon, this is a mega trend opportunity you can't ignore and it's risk free, with no investment required and no inventory to carry or buy ever.  Our newest course at gives you everything you need to jump in! You can watch this episode on YouTube
Apr 4, 2019
How would you answer this question? What's the most difficult aspect of being a business owner? Prepare for it and guard against it with the tips and strategies from today's episode. Notes at
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Silent Sales Machine book
Apr 1, 2019
Amazon recently made a big change that all students of the course and Amazon sellers will benefit greatly from! While others panic, this change will stuff the wallets of those who understand the opportunity it represents.
MST Facebook group
PPP 2.0 page
Our support email addresses:
Mar 25, 2019
An entire scam industry has popped up that is ripping people off. Anyone who is investigating online business opportunities is a potential target and thousands are being lead down a disastrous path.  One VERY SIMPLE question can help you avoid these scammers. It's time to arm yourself against these con-artists. Jim exposes the scammers in this short episode - this is one you'll want to share with others!
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Mar 19, 2019
Can we pay you to simply share a link to something you love?
As arguably the most exciting podcast with the most success stories in
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Proven Amazon Course -
Mar 15, 2019
She started selling on Amazon a few short months ago and she's slowly building her dreams! Today we meet a single mom of three young kids aged 6,4 & 2 who is in the early stages of building something truly special. If you enjoy being inspired by stories of true fighters doing something truly special, then you'll love meeting today's guest Renee Altizer. Topics: Reverse sourcing, finding the right community to help you build your business, using prep centers, getting the right instructions to build your business.
View this episode on youtube here:
My Silent Team Facebook group - where we all meet and discuss our businesses on Amazon and other platforms - The most comprehensive Amazon selling course in the world
PAC resource page for recommended fulfillment centers (you need to be a MST Facebook member to access the file) - our basic of Amazon selling course - our free Merch course
Podcast episode Dakota Dunn #136
Podcast episodes about Merch - #68 and #102
Know your numbers as an amazon seller:
Mar 8, 2019
There are many "gaps" to be filled on Amazon. These gaps are products that customers want, but they can't yet find them. We propose that there are millions of these gaps. One great way to find them requires no tools, no big risks and no pricey software. The only tool required for this strategy is four simple questions. Notes at
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The discussion in our Facebook group that prompted this episode:
Mar 5, 2019
How can you find the best keywords for your product? How can you find hot niche markets that are underserved on Amazon? Today I show you how to get Amazon to tell you the answer to both questions - and you don't have to rely on a bunch of tools to make it happen! As always, all show notes can be found at
Show note LINKS:
Related episodes: #2, #16, #31
Our full PPI training (aka ProvenPerformanceInventory) is found only inside the course
Mar 1, 2019
If you see any of your income streams as a "side hustle", odds are that income stream will quickly dry up and probably will never become what it could become - and neither will you. Here's some proof. As always, all show notes and links can be accessed from
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Join the discussion:
Our best selling mini-course designed to generate real income from Amazon:
Feb 25, 2019
Today's show is for those desperate for results. Using free tools and easily accessed inventory, you can put cash in the bank fast. ANYONE can do this. Are you ready to do a little work? If so, let's go. All links mentioned are at
Check out episode #6 of this podcast if you liked today's show is our lowest price, fast results course for Amazon selling the $5 book you must check out in order to begin thinking correctly about online opportunities.
Feb 18, 2019
For a decade plus the ProvenAmazonCourse has lead the industry as the most creative, up to date, proven (more success stories) and well supported Amazon seller success training in the world - and we are about to raise the price. Today you'll meet some of the great team that supports this course and we'll share with you the two best times to get started selling on Amazon if you aren't a seller yet.
Feb 11, 2019
Amazon just released the 2018 seller data and it's incredible! Over 50,000 of us are selling more than $500,000 per year in the Amazon marketplace! How are we doing it? Is there a secret that these 50,000 people know?   It's hard to conclude anything other than the obvious after reading Amazon's seller data for 2018 - the Amazon seller opportunity is getting big quickly, and our community of sellers is where you want to be if you are ready to be serious about the future of online business opportunities. Notes are at
Discuss Amazon's latest seller data and see the Amazon report here:
Join us for ASD: : Our comprehensive flagship Amazon seller course : Quickly learn the basics of successfully selling Amazon at an extreme discount
Feb 7, 2019
A young many on our team just uncovered a niche that sold $240K in just a few months at a very nice profit margin using a simple strategy that we teach. How did he do it? Find out in this short episode!  Question: What TOOLS do you need in order to uncover profitable inventory? The answer - only one free tool!  You'll love this one! Show notes
Past "PPI" episodes - Episodes 2, 16, 31 and 32
NOTE: "PPI" or Proven Performance Inventory training is found exclusively inside the ProvenAmazonCourse!
Feb 4, 2019
Married couples face life together, but they don't always agree! What do we say to couples who have a split vision of how they should earn income?  Also- a special message to single parents and ALL business building warriors in any family circumstance!
The Facebook discussion that prompted this episode:
Single parents building great businesses online: Episode: #71, #99, #104, #136
Married couples doing online business together and individually: Episode #58, #62
The course that got them all started:
Brett's story of starting with $400: Episode #2
Jan 30, 2019
A common question Jim gets asked is this, "How do I balance work and family?" Other issues that need "balance" is "cutting costs" vs. investing in growth or even time spent learning new skills vs. time spent applying those skills. Anytime the question of "balance" comes to mind, we have a principle we apply that hopefully helps you as well! Show notes are at
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Jim's best selling book Silent Sales Machine
"Join our free group of over 50,000 members here:"
Jan 28, 2019
We apologize for the inconvenience but we removed this interview. Please click on another episode to get great online business selling content!
Jan 25, 2019

Today's guest is a student who only recently began selling on Amazon. She and her husband have now sold $20,000 in product very quickly and they are super excited about the future prospects of their new business. She discusses the challenges she overcame on her journey and gives fantastic specific advice to others who are in the early stages of their journey. Guest: Brandy Lozosky

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This episode also available on youtube for viewing at this link:

Proven Amazon Course
Facebook Group


Jan 22, 2019

Today we hear from one of our international coaches. He's gone from a prestigious university teaching career to a comfortable 9-5 at a coal mine company to owning a successful business. Discover from Matt Rosinski what mindset changes are needed to transition from working for others to owning your own business. With a relatively new Amazon presence in his country of Australia Matt explains how creativity coupled with opportunity isn't as scary of a risk when you're rooted in a community of like minded entrepreneurs. Jim and Matt talk about outside of the box money making opportunities linked to our community of forward thinkers and how utilizing the tools suggested in this episode will keep you sharp in your entrepreneurship journey. Get the show notes at

Watch this episode on YouTube

Am I Profitable? Facebook training that helps you KNOW
The tool they mention to track your Amazon numbers:
My Silent Team Facebook group - Over 50K business building warriors!
Silent Sales Machine book
Jan 17, 2019
As a rule, we are not fans of dropship business models - and for good reason.  Today Jim dives into why he almost never suggests to new online business builders (or even experienced online business builders) that they should get into dropshipping on Amazon, eBay or other major platforms.  Let's explore the risks and tell the story of a guy who sold nearly $70 million dropshipping and isn't advising anyone to go down that road. We'll tell you what you should be doing instead though! All episodes and show notes are at
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger - just the basics of getting started - step-by-step - our comprehensive Amazon training - the book that started it all
Jan 14, 2019

Jim has new evidence - arguably the strongest evidence we've ever seen that confirms our ongoing confidence in the viability, profitability and long term stability of both the online and retail "Arbitrage" model of selling on Amazon.  The course continues to keep our students on the cutting edge of all profitable strategies for building a business on Amazon, and the latest facts about "RA & OA" give us renewed confidence in this model! Use the link below to watch this episode on youtube if you'd like (be sure to subscribe)! All episodes and show notes are at

View this episode on Youtube here:
Jan 7, 2019
How can I make my online sales business more profitable? In this episode Jim discusses proven concepts of how you can cut costs, improve margins and find the untapped opportunities that are right under your nose  - all in the pursuit of growth and greater profitability in your Amazon business. Show notes are at
Silent Sales Machine book
Numbers training and tool mentioned
Our Facebook group:
Jan 3, 2019

Getting an exclusive deal on Amazon with a great product

Having a hot selling product that ONLY you can sell on Amazon is a dream come true, right? Perhaps the easiest way to make this happen is to build an "exclusive relationship" with a product owner who doesn't really "get" Amazon. The good news is, there are millions of products that fit this description and there are a lot of good reasons for a brand owner to agree to partner up with you! Let's talk about how to lock in these great relationships!
Watch the free training Jim mentioned that helps you understand all Amazon's fees and know if you are profitable:
The tool that helps you know your numbers:
This topic being discussed in our FB group: - The Amazon selling course for any level of experience
Link to get Silent Sales Machine on Amazon:
Dec 21, 2018

Meet Tim Jordan. Tim is a very successful coach on the team who was first introduced to online selling by the Proven Amazon Course.  In this interview, Jim lets the conversation go in a personal direction which ends up loaded with wisdom. Right out the gate, we learn from both guys how personal failure is the perfect way to success. The biggest mistakes Tim has made in business lead to a discussion on simple testing strategies which bring big wins on Amazon. Don't miss this exciting interview highlighting the best strategies in sourcing. Check out the show notes at

Watch us on YouTube

Dec 18, 2018
Today Jim explores a simple question. Your answer could spell either wild success, or abysmal failure for your business.  What if you had the ability to know all marketing strategies and secrets? Would that be enough for you to succeed? Many would say "yes"! Do you agree? What skill (if any) is even more important for sustained victories as a business building warrior? Go to for our show notes.
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Business Secrets From the Bible book by Daniel Lapin:
Dec 11, 2018

Today we meet stay home dad Neil Stevens who, along with his wife Tracy (and 4 biological children) have fostered 34 kids over the years!  They've built an incredible legacy and Neil has been able to be home every step of the way thanks to his online business endeavors.  Our community of business building warriors includes some very special people and each has an amazing story to tell! Neil is no exception. You'll be inspired by his heart and business strategies.  Get the show noes at This episode is also available on youtube - see link below.

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View this episode on YouTube!
MST FB community (free to join!)
Our coaching program
Dec 6, 2018
When Amazon partners up directly with major brand names does that spell bad news for sellers like us? Let's talk about it! As always, get full show notes at Special guest Outlinematic. You can also enjoys todays show in video format on YouTube.
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You Tube link:
Dec 3, 2018
Today we meet Proven Amazon Course student Hasan Hasmani. He started out sourcing products online to flip on Amazon and learned some valuable lessons on his way to building a seven figure business. From there he began making his own product and has now sold 5,000+ units of it as PRE-sale orders!  This means his product isn't even made yet, but his customers are ravenously placing orders! You'll be inspired and encouraged by today's episode! Enjoy!  As always, get all mentioned links at
Note: We held the interview to better suit business building timing so please disregard the dates. 
Hasan's best performing ad on Facebook: (Hasan's website)
Hasan's Facebook group:
My Silent Team Facebook Group
Catch the episode on YouTube:
Nov 29, 2018
In this episode Jim compares the various business models that are taught in the (the PAC) course from the vantage point of which model is the most likely to see rapid profits, which model is the most stable long term, which model is most immune to competition and other ranking factors. Of course all of the models are low risk and low cost as well as highly scalable and flexible, BUT...not all of them have identical stability and profit potential! Let's talk about it!  This episode is designed to help you decide which of the various strategies taught in the "PAC" is the best FIRST or NEXT model for you to pursue! Show notes are at
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The Youtube video that shows detail of the five factors:
Join the Facebook discussion that inspired this episode: The only Amazon training you'll ever need
Nov 9, 2018
As Jim comes up on celebrating sixteen years of being full time online he has valuable lessons for us about the reality of what life looks like when you have an online business. From managing your time to simply feeling like you are doing what you are called to do there is one basic trait that makes it all possible and keeps the adversity at bay. Join Jim today as he reveals the most important business asset that you have inside of YOU. Details at
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger Jim's best selling book
My Silent Team Facebook group
Nov 6, 2018
This episode was recorded live in front of our Facebook community the link below allows you to join the discussion. On this show Jim lists and explains the handful of core strategies that we teach and use on our team to profitably source products to sell.  While not a comprehensive list of all possible strategies, this list is a great summary of the sourcing tactics that we dive deep into inside the course.

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Interact with those who watched this episode live: - our new Co-Op
Nov 3, 2018
A battle tested soldier turned police officer put in his time and then  set his sights on building a business online. Today we meet another one of the coaches from the team with an incredible "come from behind" story. Adrian Friday runs a thriving business on Amazon using creative wholesale strategies and is one of the most driven, knowledgeable and caring members of our team. He shares what it took for him to overcome the many obstacles he faced, as well as the specific strategies he's using right now to thrive in his online six figure business. Don't miss this episode on youtube if you have the chance to see it there as well (link below) Hear all our episodes at
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View this episode on youtube:
Proven Wholesale Course
Silent Sales Machine book on Amazon
My Silent Team Facebook group
Oct 31, 2018

Anyone with any learning style can launch and grow a successful business, but different learning styles each come with unique benefits and weaknesses that you should be aware of. The architects of our educational materials are fully aware of these differences and we accommodate them all!  Learn how to overcome your learning style weaknesses as well as your personality limitations and thrive in online business on today's episode. Today's episode was also recorded as a video. Use the link below to view the episode and check out the bonus vid. Guest: Delia Ursulescu

Get show notes at

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Listen and watch on YouTube at this link. (Note the screen share was off during the presentation but please view the below video to see the material discussed)

BONUS material... Getting Started at PAC 2.0 eLearning Platform video just for you.

Listen and watch on YouTube at this link
Oct 25, 2018
From owning a small struggling furniture business to managing a flexible lifestyle and multiple income streams. Meet Ryan and Melane Reger.  Their online income journey began with simply selling furniture on craigslist, but now they are established leaders in our community and they've got a great story to tell! Ryan is also helping manage our groups for 2018! Hear all past episodes at - this episode also available on youtube. See the link below.
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Oct 22, 2018
Perhaps the all time best selling book about building a creative, sustainable, robust income using the internet is the very book that this podcast is named after! We estimate there have been over 1million readers! Of course it's the "Silent Sales Machine" book.  The good news is, for the next few days ANYONE can grab the book for FREE. Use this link to get access to the downloadable "kindle" version  NOTE: You don't need a kindle to read this free download version! You can read the book on ANY digital device or computer. This promo runs from Tuesday Oct 23 at 4AM ET until Saturday, October 27, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT
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Get the book free for five days here:
Did you miss the promotion? Use the same link - the book will still be marked down to only a few dollars!
Todays episode is also a youtube video!
Oct 19, 2018
In this episode we meet husband, father and entrepreneur JB Brown. He's a member of our free Facebook community (link to join us below) and he's had a wild ride to success. He shares how he was nearly scammed, how he lost all he had in a franchise business adventure and then how he's found new purpose and wild success thanks to the Amazon and ecommerce opportunities that we teach in our community.  You'll hear about importing from China & Guatemala, strategies for building an audience and other great tips for business success in this content packed episode.  As always, get all links to the resources mentioned like and others at
Take a trip to Guatemala for China with Hickory Flats? Details here
Watch this episode on youtube using this link:
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Oct 16, 2018
Dave Ramsey endorsed one of Jim's books a few years ago, and Jim is a big fan of Dave's ministry of helping people get out of debt. In this episode however, Jim has a challenge for Dave's organization based on some advice that Dave is passing out frequently on his call in radio show.  This is as close as you'll probably ever see to a "rant" from Jim - we are eager to hear what you think! As always, get all show notes and links at book - The $5 book that has helped thousands of people launch a business online book - the book of Jim's that Dave endorsed - the best selling course in the world that gets you started selling online
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Oct 12, 2018
Flipping retail store finds for big profits has NEVER been hotter than it is right now. Today we meet our RA (retail arbitrage) team leader Danny Stock. He's heading up our groups and was a huge hit at our recent big event! You'll love his story of going from having so little cash that he used quarters to fill up his gas tank to being a leading voice of Amazon training in our exploding community. Don't miss this episode!  View this episode on youtube as well here:
Show notes at book
MST Facebook group
Link to Danny's book on Amazon:
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Oct 9, 2018
How do you know you are listening to the right "voices" when it comes to online business building strategies? How much do you REALLY know about the people, the ideas and the real story of those you are learning from? Is there a "best practice"? What standards should you have? In this episode Jim discusses what to look for in those you rely on for your ongoing business education. Show notes at
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View this episode on YouTube
My grades in college getting my business degree: - Jim's best selling book
Oct 5, 2018
Jim's biz partner Brett Barlett joins the show for updates on many topics including the latest improvements to the course (the course has just received numerous updates and improvements that took several months and cost tens of thousands of dollars!) as well as updates and examples of the simple viral strategies being used to continue expanding their 8 figure Amazon and online selling business. Show notes at
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View this episode on YouTube - get paid to tell others about our great resources
Oct 1, 2018
If our host Jim Cockrum had only ten minutes to give you advice that would virtually guarantee your success with an online business, this episode is what he would tell you.  We are in a very unique time in human history, and those who recognize it and take advantage have a HUGE advantage in the online marketplace. Literally EVERY successful student of as well as every moderator, coach and leader in our community understands and takes advantage of the simple strategy Jim reveals in this short episode. Notes at SilentJim/com/podcast
Continue the discussion here:
Sep 27, 2018

Today we meet an instructor at Missouri State University, Dana Fredrick who is excitedly introducing concepts from the Proven Amazon Course into the classroom at Missouri State University.  As a fellow business building warrior I thought you'd be interested to hear the perspective of someone from a "traditional" educational institution on how they view Ecommerce opportunities and specifically how they are applying the PAC to their entrepreneurship educational program. We are in talks with a good handful of universities right now and will have more updates for you soon on this rapidly developing story. We were honored when Dana sought us out to talk about the MSU vision for producing successful entrepreneurs using our content.  Increasingly,  PAC is establishing itself as the cutting edge content of choice in the Amazon selling space! Show notes at

Youtube video of the recording
Proven Amazon Course
My Silent Team FB group
Silent Sales Machine "The $5 book that started it all for tens of thousands of successful online entrepreneurs"
Sep 20, 2018

In this episode Jim updates us on the incredible 50,000 member strong community of business building warriors who are raising the bar on the entire "online business" industry one success story at a time.   It's free to join them and check it out - you've never seen anything like it because there's nothing like it in the world!  He also reveals the plans for the new headquarters being built and how you can come see us soon in our new facilities! Show notes are at

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My Silent Team Facebook group
Proven Amazon Course 
Silent Sales Machine book
Sep 7, 2018
Quite possibly the lowest hanging fruit business model that we teach is our RA (aka Retail Arbitrage) strategy of sourcing profitable products either ONLINE or through walk-in retail stores. You've heard from numerous members of our community in past episodes that have talked about their wild success in this arena, and now as we approach "Q4" (the fourth quarter of the year) we are more excited than ever about the sourcing forecast for sellers!  This episode will equip you with strategies and tools to ensure a wildly profitable "Q4". Show notes at
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger - get the best retail and online sourcing strategies in the world
Blog post about the supposed "death of retail arbitrage":
Facebook post about "what to say to store clerks with questions":
Podcast episode about the ethics of "arbitrage" (buy low/sell high): SSMR Episode #21
Sep 5, 2018
Meet Dakota. She's a flourishing student who faced down overwhelming odds, but she overcame them. In just a few short months this young mom went from considering minimum wage jobs as her only viable option to instead choosing to pursue an online business. We think you'll find her spirit of determination inspirational! As always, get all resources at
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Aug 31, 2018
Using only the wholesale training found inside the course Zac has built an incredible business in a very short time. He's just left his full-time career as a professional CPA and he's now able to be home with his wife and 2 year old daughter (with a little boy on the way soon!). He shares exactly how he did it and has plenty of tips for both seasoned and new sellers. As always, get links to everything discussed at
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger (includes the wholesale training and the PPP training that Zac mentions on today's show) (the latest news on how our community is benefiting greatly as we help build the top toy brand online) - using Facebook creatively to grow a massive audience rapidly
Aug 27, 2018

Today we meet new author Carolyn McFall. She's become a true source of inspiration and leadership in our community with a thriving online business, but not all that long ago she was homeless. Today we'll hear her story and hear how she's been able to get out of tens of thousands of dollars of debt and go on to purchase an amazing home for her three kids! This is a heartwarming and inspirational story that you don't want to miss!

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On stage with Jim at CES
Carolyn's book
Carolyn's inspirational mentor from our community, Nancy Alexander
Aug 20, 2018
Jim demonstrates today that 1+1=5 and reveals how this simple fact can put money in your pocket! Also a couple of great letters from listeners who are benefiting in big ways from our community.This episode also includes a segment from our great sponsor Helium 10.
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger live feed - get paid to help local businesses with their internet business strategies - The Dynasty Toys 2018 opportunity explained in detail
Aug 14, 2018
Introducing! If you are a student of using the Internet to build a business - regardless of your success and experience level, then you can be sure that you know far more than virtually all small business owners. The knowledge you have is invaluable to these biz owners and on today's show three awesome guests join Jim to tell you exactly how they do it! Finding a small handful of clients to work with is straight forward, and the income can be fantastic as you help small businesses grow using the skills you already have! (Guests include Mike LeMoine, Chris Leake and Daniel Leake)
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger  episode #30 with Mike LeMoine
Aug 6, 2018
Tim worked for decades as a loyal and very successful retail manager until it all vanished one day. Fortunately, his wife Julie had recently purchased the course, and together they built a seven figure business to replace their income! Hear the full story of how Tim and Julie Simmons built an incredible business form the ground up using "the PAC" and even went on to hire 3 of their children as well who help run the business that continues to grow every month!  Four of them will be joining us at as well!
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Silent Sales Machine book
Proven Amazon Course
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Jul 24, 2018
On today's show Jim explores the landscape of content that's available to online business building warriors and compares our content, training and perks to the other options available in the "online biz" landscape. As usual, all links mentioned can be found at
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Jul 19, 2018
On today's show we'll talk about our "put $100 in the bank" strategies and tell you what ALWAYS comes next once you get rolling!  We hope you are challenged, encouraged and equipped by the simple message!  All links are at as usual! - our best selling course - the book that started it all
Jul 16, 2018
Could you build a thriving online business if you were also struggling daily to find clean water for your family...for months? That's what Bernardo and Floudia have done! In late 2017 a devastating hurricane tore through Puerto Rico and wiped out most utilities for nearly everyone on the island. With spotty cellular service, no electricity for months, and even a struggle to find clean water this family persisted...and grew a thriving online business in the midst of it all. If you love to hear about people overcoming the odds, you'll love today's episode and there are great lessons about finding wholesale product you can flip on Amazon as well! All links mentioned can be found at by referencing today's episode (how Bernardo gets his products ranking so well on Amazon)
Jul 4, 2018

Brett got an email yesterday and Walmart says our toy line is at the top of their wish list for Christmas 2018. In this episode we explain how that benefits YOU as a fan of this community!  Details are at - show notes at 

Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger - our August 2018 live event - details of how you can work directly with us - the best amazon selling course
Jun 22, 2018
What would you do if you were us? We have several top selling niche products and they are selling like CRAZY online (on Amazon and several other platforms). The decision we have to make is this - are we going to continue simply growing our own brands and serving our product buying consumer/customers, OR are we going to partner up with our community (that's YOU) and grow something even bigger?  Listen up - this is the episode you've been waiting for if you want to work with our and help sell our hottest products while growing something truly special with us.
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger Get the details on the wholesale opportunity Our August 2018 live event still has a few general admission tickets Our marketing "secret sauce" the best online biz coaching team in the world!
Jun 5, 2018
In this episode Brett and Jim recap the wildly effective strategy they've been using to grow huge audiences rapidly using Facebook in a fully legitimate and powerful way. If you've been waiting on the low priced, power packed launch of the course you are going to LOVE this episode and you won't believe the price!
If you aren't familiar with PAF yet, prepare to be blown away with the results they discuss in this episode. The PAF is working over and over again for anyone needing the attention of a large targeted list of prospects and customers. THESE are the strategies that keep putting their products on top of the sales charts on Amazon and has a long line of prospects knocking on their door!  As always - links mentioned can be found at
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May 30, 2018

In this episode Jim identifies the factors that go into finding your ideal work. Do you have an ideal work situation? Are you where you want to be in regards to income, situation, location, work fulfillment and doing work that you find meaningful? If not, could building an Internet based business be the solution? 

 This episode was recorded live as a video in our Facebook group. Come hang out with us using the link below and see the video that goes with this episode. See that video of this episode here:

All show notes are listed at 

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May 21, 2018

In this episode Brett Bartlett and Steven Deaton discuss Facebook offer ads. Brett has been using them lately with stunning success. In fact, he's been able to get our products to #1 in Toys and Games on Amazon, which means selling 1,000s of units per day. At one point, we had two products in the top 5 and three in the top 10 and are fairly confident in being able to repeat it. You'll love Brett's take and bits of wisdom about how we are doing it. Show notes at

FB discussion about our #1 spot in Toys & Games

How to Set up Facebook Ads video

Join MST FB group


May 14, 2018

How do you have a conversation with 7 million people and sell out of your products again and again? Facebook + our Proven Audience Formula (PAF) strategies. We continue to see amazing results in our Facebook marketing efforts as we are building massive audiences who are eager to hear from us. Our team is pioneering these strategies and sharing them with you. All show notes are listed at 

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May 7, 2018
You read that right -the #1 best selling toy on is OURS and in this episode we tell you how YOU benefit from the success we are seeing as well as how we did it. Also covered: Who are you listening to for advice about online selling and what standards you should have for deciding where to invest to truly grow your business?
As always - all show notes are listed at 
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Facebook post about #1 top selling toy on Amazon 
Proven Audience book
Proven Amazon Course
May 3, 2018
In this episode Brett reveals how one of his products reached #12 on Amazon through something he calls "compound marketing." The discovery was an accident and teaches a valuable lesson on not falling in love with one platform through which to generate sales. 
As always - all show notes are listed at 
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Apr 30, 2018
In a recent free video webinar thousands of members of our community experienced a jaw dropping moment when we shared a simple strategy that we've been using to get incredible results on Amazon by ranking our products VERY high in the Amazon search results very quickly and inexpensively.  Imagine being able to predictably rank ORGANICALLY for the most coveted keywords on Amazon! This is the same simple strategy that some consultants and trainers charge thousands or more for when they assist their clients. In today's episode we hold nothing back and step you through the process - and it's not complicated. Thank you for helping spread the word about your favorite podcast for business building warriors - of course we are talking about Silent Sales Machine Radio! As always - all show notes are listed at 
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Video where we demonstrate the ranking strategy
Proven Amazon Course
Silent Sales Machine book
Proven Audience Formula book 
Apr 20, 2018
Today we meet Vanessa Wise. She lives with her husband and 4 daughters in Alaska and has built a great business while both she and her husband work full-time in solid corporate jobs. There are plenty of tips of those who are new to selling online in this encouraging episode! Enjoy! As always, get all links mentioned on todays' show at
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Legend's group affiliate link
My Silent Team Facebook group
Apr 13, 2018
We all know that building a business requires discipline, routines and good habits, but in the age of constant change and opportunity, how can we avoid being so "work focused" that we miss out on truly massive windows of possibility that fly right past us almost daily? I reveal a simple strategy that has helped us tremendously with this issue on today's episode. As always, get all show notes and links at
The "ball toss" video: 
Apr 6, 2018
On today's show you'll meet Kate Chattic. She's been selling on Amazon for just three years and started out with no knowledge of Internet business. She used the Proven Amazon Course, and along with her family's help built an inspirational business - with several lessons along the way. As always, you'll find all links mentioned in this episode at
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Apr 2, 2018
Today Jim discusses why it represents very little advantage to have a large pile of cash when starting an online business.  A small budget is all that's required to succeed online even if you have ample funds available to you! As always, visit for show notes.
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SilentSalesMachine Book
Mar 28, 2018
This episode is a follow up to the wildly popular episode #113.

Who wants to work DIRECTLY with our team to sell some of our HUNDREDS of ESTABLISHED and PROVEN products on Amazon? We are talking about products and brands that have already sold successfully to MILLIONS of customers on Amazon! We are talking about UNIQUE products under our established brands that have proven to sell high eight figures last Q4, and the momentum is GROWING!  This is an industry first and we are excited to partner up with the most serious members of our community! Plan to join us in August 2018 at 

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Mar 19, 2018

On today's episode we prove once again that our strategies aren't just something we TEACH, it's something we DO all day every day and we need your help because our business has grown so much!

We need more sellers! 
Brett and I spend time today telling you about our upcoming live event in August 2018 (23-25th) and how you can expect to actually grow your business while you are there with us.
This live event (which will likely sell out quickly once again) will be your chance to come launch or grow your online business using our proven products. As you may already know from past episodes, we have numerous proven products and a proven brand that is literally on fire - beating out major brands like Mattel, Nerf etc. in the "toy" category online (on and off Amazon).
We need members of our community to come grow with us by helping us sell these products on Amazon! This is something we've never seen done before. Listen to the show to see how we are raising the standard on the entire Internet Business industry once again! As always, visit for show notes.
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Mar 10, 2018

Meet Tammie. Not too long ago she was in an abusive relationship that she had long desired to escape.  She summoned up the courage to get away along with her four kids, and now she uses Amazon to pay the bills. You'll be encouraged and inspired by this episode as she shares her journey. As always, find all links referenced at

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Tammie's comments in the group that started it all!

Mar 7, 2018
You've never heard of this idea before!  On today's show Christi Michelle joins Jim to discuss how she uses promotional companies to find virtually unlimited, high-profit private label product opportunities.  Promo companies are the companies that typically supply marketers with things like custom printed mugs or pens, but Christi has tapped into a goldmine of opportunities with very nice profit margins! You'll definitely want to check out her new course at after this episode!  All links are listed at as always
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Feb 24, 2018
Today we meet a married couple (Bob and Kelli) who have six kids and have grown a multi-million dollar business selling primarily retail arbitrage style online!  After a post they made a few weeks ago in our forum exploded with comment, we decided they'd make a great guest on the show!  We share plenty of sourcing tips, and encouragement on this episode - enjoy!​ Notes are at 
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Get paid to tell others about our podcast, our free Facebook group or our other products and courses!
The discussion Kelli started on our Facebook group announcing the million dollar year on Amazon: - the best selling "how to sell on Amazon" course in the world! - Jim's book 
Jan 9, 2018

In this episode Brett joins Jim to discuss how simple ads can be used on Facebook to grow a responsive audience quickly for virtually any product, business, event or just about any other purpose!  Our list of success stories with our "Proven Audience" strategy is expanding rapidly.  Also discussed: The upcoming live event in California Feb 1-2 2018 (details at as well as the results we just saw from our own Amazon and online selling business during the recent Christmas shopping season. As always - show resources at - our Facebook audience building event Feb 1-2 (Livestream, recorded or attend live with us!)
MySilentTeam Facebook Group
The video Brett shot before dinner that now has millions of views: Spider video
Dec 26, 2017
Over the years I've observed many people who have succeeded seemingly easily with an online business, and I've seen many who just can't seem to get going no matter what strategy or technique they deploy.  It's not your intelligence, your tools, your cash, your education or your determination that matters nearly as much as this ONE single factor that I reveal in this simple episode.  Deploy this strategy and you'll be unstoppable. Notes at
Silent Sales Machine book 
Proven Amazon Course 
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Dec 7, 2017
Today Jim tells us his forecast for Amazon and FBA sellers in 2018 - and it's a very bright forecast! He also shares about the dangers of isolation in Internet business as well as several success stories! Next he reminds us to mark August 23-35 2018 on our calendars for CES VI in Indianapolis, IN (Tickets go on sale early Spring 2018). As always, visit for all links and resources mentioned in this episode.
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First 500 day post

Lisa $2,000 day celebration - 430 like clicks etc.

Over $1,000 in sales in first 20 days

Jane "the Overcomer" has a $20k month

Excited about firsts $1,000 day

Hit $1,000 day after starting just a couple months ago

Finally broke $10K in a month

Finally broke $15K in a month

First sale - community celebrates:

First four days as a seller - $1,100

Trevor bought PAC - so many celebrated with him:

Peter goes fulltime and the community celebrates

First $100 day

Big month over 230 responses loving PAC

Goal of $7k hit $10k

Dec 4, 2017

What small changes can you make to your Amazon listings to increase sales? How can you know you are using the right keywords?  Today Karon Thackston joins us to discuss some of the simple strategies we use to ensure that we are attracting as many qualified prospects and buyers as possible to our Amazon listings. As always show notes are at 

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Karon's book:
Save $10 with this code:  jim20aa
Nov 29, 2017
Our team just celebrated the single biggest day of sales EVER at the same time I was celebrating my 15th year of going full time online! We also nearly had the #1 top selling toy on Amazon U.S. one day last week! It's a great story! In today's episode I encourage you to believe that big things are possible because others are already doing it!   If you aren't where you want to be just yet with your online business career, 2018 is the year to make it happen! There's NEVER been a better time to jump in. Be the hero of your story - be a business building warrior - we are here to help make that happen!  All links and resources mentioned can be found at
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My Silent Team Facebook group
15 year anniversary post on Facebook
Facebook post about our recent shot at having the #1 toy on Amazon
Nov 20, 2017
A recent Facebook thread inspired this episode. We also have a link to a mom who went from a battered women's shelter all the way to getting out of tens of thousands of debt...and buying a home for her and her kids. Business building warrior moms amaze me and I tell you about a few of them today. Single moms who build anyway - you inspire us all! Show notes at as always.
​Our My Silent Team Facebook group discussion
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Link to Carolyn Youtube video
Nov 13, 2017
Today we meet Proven Amazon Course student Hector Sosa. He lives in Mexico and and speaks English only as a second language, but he's built an incredible business on Amazon! Today's story of multiple income streams will inspire and motivate you!
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Spanish Speaking Amazon Course:
Hector's blog: - the book Hector read to get a multiple income stream mindset - the course Hector used to get started!
Oct 31, 2017
Today we get some updates on the ever evolving, ever improving t-shirt platform of Amazon called "Merch".  Back in episode #68 we met Chris Green - a leading "Amazon Merch" expert. It was great welcoming him back to the show for more tips and updates!
A short time ago we conducted a three day event with Chris focused ONLY on creative Merch success strategies! People traveled from around the world to attend and paid thousands!   If you are into Merch (or want to be), note that you temporarily get 70% off the price of the full event videos from our three day event by visiting and use the coupon code "shirt" (no quotes). We could pull that promo at any time - don't wait!
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger coupon code "shirt" at check-out gets you 70% off!
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Oct 25, 2017

After watching his Dad for 15 years earn a steady seven figures from multiple online related strategies, Trey (Jim’s son) started diving in to online business a few years ago and at the age of 17 has built an incredible multiple income stream empire all of his own. It's not on Amazon or eBay, but through other creative channels.  On this show Jim and Trey discuss the businesses that Trey is running, what motivates him and the family dynamics of living in an entrepreneurial home. After listening to this show please take our short survey at to help us know what other topics you’d like for us to discuss in regards to digital products, entrepreneurial families & multiple online income streams.

Trey's "Seek The Light Facebook" group for photographers:

The Facebook post where over 1,000 from our 'MySilentTeam' community asked me to interview Trey

Want to hear more from Trey and Jim’s team on digital marketing? Take our survey here:

Oct 23, 2017
It's episode #100! We've made this one special - it's story time! We hope you enjoy the story of how one small decision lead to the foundation that's been used to build thousands of successful online businesses around the world...and we hope you are the next one to benefit from this story!
Also, we've just launched the latest version of the all time best selling book about how to use the internet to build an incredible business.  The first version of the 'Silent Sales Machine' was sold in 2002, and as we approach 2018​ the BRAND NEW 10th edition is our best update ever!  Grab a copy now for only $5 at Notes at
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Oct 16, 2017
Meet Lisa Morrison Larson. She's a coach on the team, a success story, and she hosts a free, live video show every week in our free MySilentTeam Facebook community (we record them too of course!)  You are going to love hearing her story as well as some awesome tips on how she has built an amazing business in spite of serious health challenges that keep her at home most of the time. On top of that, she's a single mom with young kids! This episode is also packed with online sourcing strategies that will help all Amazon FBA, eBay and online sellers find highly profitable items!  The team we've built is incredible - and we love introducing you to each of them! As always -show notes are - please leave us a review on you preferred listening network!
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Lisa's Live Show Notification:
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Oct 14, 2017
This episode is off the typical topics of business building tips, but it's also a topic that comes up quite a bit when our family is around other business building families. At our recent CES live event it seemed like as many people talked to me about my kids and how we are educating and raising them as much as any other topic. In this episode I give a couple of practical tips for parenting your kids in a way that sets them up for success as an employee, or better yet in my humble opinion, as a business building warrior! If you don't have kids, this episode may not be for you, but for those who have been asking me to talk about this a bit, I hope you find these ideas practical and helpful! Show notes at
Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger - we are seeing more and more families at our live events! 
Oct 10, 2017
Once per year for five years now we've sold out a live event for the readers of the "silent sales machine" book and loyal business building warriors from this community. This year was our best event yet! Today's episode is Jim's opening comments at the event.  Nearly 600 attended in person and hundreds watched by live stream. The reviews are incredible!  You'll hear from Jim's wife Andrea with an encouraging messages and then Jim does a walkthrough of the free and paid services we offer our community. We'll soon have full video to share with you at, but for now, here's a taste of what happened in Orlando just a couple short weeks ago. Join us next year! Full show notes at
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Links: Proven Audience Formula Current News:

The BRAND NEW Silent Sales Machine version 10 is ready soon - keep an eye out at

Interested in our high end mastermind? Send an email to to inquire

This video tells you where we'll be in 2018 for our next big "CES" event:  CES announcement
Facebook post picture of the thank you letters from Happy CESV Attendees
Oct 5, 2017
Would you like to know EXACTLY what products we are going to sell 8 figures of in the next 3 months (on and off Amazon)?  Would you like to see PROOF?  Would you like to see the exact SIMPLE ads we are running and how we are building huge audiences over and over again for multiple products, events, services and small businesses? This episode reveals all.  We think this will be a VERY popular episode of Silent Sales Machine Radio as we explain our "PAF" strategy!  (See
Show notes are at

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Our most recent video that got 4 million views in a couple week.
Cambria, Brett and the spider - Our "closing soon" Proven Audience Formula Certification class - buy the CES Orlando event videos on that page soon! - our free Facebook group that just passed 41,000 members!
 - The book that started it all!
Oct 4, 2017

Are you ever a bit lonely in your business? Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off of?  We are NOT designed to tackle business or life alone!  Let's talk about it!  In this episode Jim recaps some of the powerful moments and lessons from our most recent annual live event. CES 2017 was our 5th annual event which took place in Orlando FL.  As the reviews roll in, clearly this was the BEST CES ever!

Notes at
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Videos of the CES event:
Our 40,000+ member FREE Facebook group!
MST FB group world map (
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Watch Jim interrupt Chris Green in front of 600 people!
Free Amazon Merch Training Course (use coupon code "Chris" at check out - no quotation marks!)
Sep 26, 2017

Guess what time it is?! Yes it's Q4! In this super short episode Jim talks about the last three months of the year  - which is when online shoppers go CRAZY and the retail stores begin to feed us as online sellers a never ending wave of profitable inventory!  Online selling warriors need to get ahold of as much valuable, profitable inventory as possible for Q4 - and now is the time to do it! Today Jim explains the mechanics of the strategy.  These are our popular small sourcing groups that we do each year. Remember, timing is everything. You can spend lots of valuable time researching by digging out this information on your own or you could instead serve the market with speed getting items listed and SOLD instead of wasting time researching!  Just one great tip from our Q4 groups and your membership is paid for! We'll be posting a steady stream of deals though - you'll run out of money before you run out of profitable deals! Q4 here we come!

Join us at

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Sep 12, 2017
Today we discuss how you can join us for our annual live big event in Orlando Sept 20-23rd! The event has been sold out for months, but we have decided to set up livestream access!
Even if you can't watch all the sessions live, please note that you get instant access to all recordings indefinitely in our private CES Live Stream Facebook group and you also get our full recordings once the event is over (live steam uses different cameras than our professional recording equipment).
We surveyed our community to see if they were interested, and we heard from hundreds of listeners who said you wanted to join us! See the discussion where this conversation started using the link to the MST community in the show notes below. Show notes
Get the details here:
The Facebook conversation that got us talking about providing live stream (you need to join the group to view the discussion):​​
Our presenting sponsor:
Sep 11, 2017
Today Jim is joined once again by Teresa Rose. She's an incredible coach on our team who quickly became recognized for her wholesale sourcing expertise after her last appearance on the show back in episode #39 (listen to that show if you missed it - she showed us how to use simple Amazon searches to uncover golden opportunities!) Teresa and Jim discuss how simple searches on Linked In can uncover virtual gold mines of opportunity for online sellers - from the comfort of home! Show notes at
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Teresa Rose on Episode #39
Sep 5, 2017

Today you'll meet a kid who started selling on Amazon when he was 18 and has since gone on to build an incredibly profitable and VERY simple business. Listen in as I chat with Levi Pendergrass. I'm positive you'll be inspired by the business building tips we discuss in this episode! As always, get the links from this show at

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My Silent Team Facebook page

Teresa Rose on This simple Amazon search that reveals 1,000's of profitable products! episode #39
Daniel Lapin podcasts on timeless truths episode #23 and episode #24
Aug 29, 2017
Today we are joined by coach Abe Ortolani! Just a few short years ago Abe was full time in the construction industry until he was injured and forced to do something else for a living.  You'll be inspired by this story of how he pushed through the beginner challenges he faced and went on to build an incredible business! Better yet, we have some great strategies for you in the arena of bundling, private label and basic product sourcing! Get ready to be challenged and encouraged towards success in your own online business! Get the notes at
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Ryan Reger episode #40 of podcast: Hear Jim and Ryan talk about how simple Private Label can be on this episode - get Abe as your coach, or use one of our other great coaches!


Aug 25, 2017

We have a problem and we need your help. We are getting literally swamped with queries about our Facebook strategies that are generating success story after success story on Amazon, on Amazon Merch, in Facebook groups and in local small businesses (and more!). On today’s show we go through several success stories with specifics, and then we have an invitation for you.

We are in the process of recruiting a handful of people to join us in learning these strategies so we can properly serve the long line of clients coming at us begging to be let in on our secrets! Show notes are found at

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Listen to this episode, and then visit to find out if we are still recruiting help!

Previous episodes

How Brett Turned $40 into an 8 Figure Business Episode #2

Spend $10 and Uncover Hidden Gold Mines. A Chat with My 8 Figure Selling Partner Brett Bartlett Episode #16

Unless You've Sold Tens of Millions on Amazon Listen Up! Episode #31

Simple Facebook Videos that Attract Prospects of Any Company Episode #60

Aug 21, 2017

On today's show Jim shares some of the most exciting success stories from our community and tells you what made these creative winners so successful!  There are two common elements to virtually every success story, and if you can master these two simple concepts, you'll be unstoppable! As always the show notes are at

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Text "Jim" to 313131 in the U.S. for PAF updates - to get videos episode #68 is all about Merch with Chris Green

PAC = - our comprehensive Amazon selling course

PPP = (a module in the PAC that teaches you to partner with brand owners and help them sell online)

Aug 17, 2017
It truly doesn't matter where you live, or what your background is when it comes to succeeding online with an Amazon or online selling business.  Today I hang out with a couple of great guys who have incredible stories. Our community is FULL of great stories like these, and we hope it encourages you! First up we have Barrington who had lived in Jamaica his whole life. He started out with the course and went on to build an empire online from the tiny island! You can hear the first recording I ever had with him at the top of the Proven Amazon Course website.
Next we talk to Lance Wolfe. He started out selling a few books on Amazon and then really grew from there into a healthy seven figure business through unique partnerships!
There are plenty of great tips and lessons in today's show! Enjoy! 
As always, show notes are at
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Step away from the keyboard to succeed online (episode #11 of SSMR)
Bullard prep center affiliate link
Jim's keynote presentation at ASD in 2016 (link to episode #1)
Vegas ASD Registration Page
Aug 15, 2017

Today we meet Angel Crush. She's a very active moderator in the Facebook community and she's got a heart of gold. She uses a very simple strategy to find profitable items to sell on Amazon and used the funds from her first year of success to take her family of 20 to Disney World!  This episode isn't as much about business as it is about family and what is possible on even the smallest of starting budgets.

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My Silent Team Facebook Group


List of FBA Prep Services


Aug 11, 2017

As always, our show is kid friendly and this episode is no exception. Jim discusses why he and millions of others choose not to consume business training and content from those who regularly use profanity.  What is a "bad" word anyway? Why does it even matter?  Aren't you more "authentic" when you use profanity properly? Can the words you use actually impact your online business? Regardless of your world view or opinions on profanity, you can use these simple concepts to improve your life...and your business! Join us at

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Daniel Lapin "Perils of Profanity - You are what you speak"

Here is the post where this discussion began - you need to be a member to read the thread

Join us 

Aug 7, 2017

Today Jim interviews one of the coaches who was literally bankrupt when he purchased the course not so long ago.  Starting with virtually no resources, Ian went on to build an incredible business - so much so that we asked him to come help coach on our team!  There are multiple tips and creative strategies as well in this episode - enjoy! Check out more epidsodes at

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Camelcamelcamel - free tool for amazon sellers

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The Amazon report that tells you the hottest items you've ever sold Our coaching program

Aug 2, 2017

Today we meet Ashley Kinkead. She started out just two short years ago with a couple dead end jobs, but now she has a seven figure business on Amazon. We'll talk about her journey and the relatively simple strategies she's used to find extreme success! You'll also hear some great conversation about the power having the proper mindset about the word PROFIT and how vital that is when building any business. Check out the podcast at

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"Is it ethical to buy low and sell high?"
SSMR episode 21

My Silent Team Facebook page (home of Ryan Reger's "Private Label The Easy Way" book)

Episode 40 with Ryan Reger about Private Label

How to find THE report on Amazon - the session report post on Facebook

Rabbi Daniel Lapin who teaches to multimillion dollar companies timeless truths of guaranteed business success. His interviews in two parts: episode 23 and episode 24

Aug 1, 2017

Today Jim is joined by his two top partners Nathan Bailey (director of & Brett Bartlett (all time top student) as they discuss the impact that the fourth quarter (aka Q4) will have on their business this year.  The lessons from Amazon's "prime day" are also discussed and parsed. That was the day the team nearly had a $200K sales day. Check out more episodes at

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Our $200,000 Prime Day episode #79

Jim's Facebook post that explains the Amazon sessions report

Keepa the Amazon data tracking program - our $5 book

Jul 29, 2017

Have you been mislead into thinking "passion" comes before "profit"?  Here's a mind hack and a simple tip that will put money in the bank regardless of your current "passions".  It's time to find an eager audience and serve them well! Spend time with your host Jim Cockrum and his 8 figure business building team to gain cutting edge insight from their students and top partners as they talk about online business, Amazon selling, FBA, Facebook marketing, Merch, eBay and several other multiple income stream models.  Great show for those who are new as well as those trying to use the latest marketing strategies to grow!

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Additional listening to find passionate "gaps" on Amazon:

Billy Monnier episode 48
Glyn Kennedy episode 72

Jul 26, 2017

Today's guest was given the Proven Amazon Course a little over a year ago, and WOW did he take the ball and run with it! James found the module inside the PAC course to be the best fit for his business and since then he's had simple conversations with several brand owners and built a steady five figure empire - using multiple Amazon accounts! This was a fun episode with some powerful motivation and simple strategies that ANY business building warrior can use to expand their income streams! Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show 

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My Silent Team Facebook group aka PPP
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Episode #1 of (Jim's keynote address at ASD)

Jul 21, 2017

My partners Nathan, Brett and I almost just nailed a $200K day which set a new record for a non-fourth quarter day! Here's how we did it!  About 70% was physical product sales (Amazon, eBay, Shopify Facebook direct sales), about 26% was our weekly compiled coaching/consulting income, and the rest was course sales & info products.  I was totally wiped out from a long hard day when I recorded this midnight episode, but there are some great announcements and exciting tips I just HAD to share about our big day - come celebrate with me and check it out! Come listen to more episodes at

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LINK TO WED JULY12TH GO LIVE VIDEO - CES tickets (if you are a coaching student or a buyer of please email ​​support to get your discount code!

Jason Miles Podcast Episode 8 Jim's book - price goes up soon!

Jul 17, 2017

This episode has a valuable lesson for all online business builders, but if you've yet to put $1000 in the bank in a single month, this short episode is especially for you. Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show

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Silent Sales - Jim's book

Jul 12, 2017

Our students frequently ask us our opinion on the basic technical skill set they will need in order to succeed with an online business. Fortunately, it's a pretty short skillset and in this episode we review exactly how unskilled you can be and still succeed wildly as an internet business building champion. This mini-episode will encourage you that you do have what it takes and you can build an incredible business online even if you are technically challenged. Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show  

My Silent Team Facebook group -- Jim's book

Jul 5, 2017

Can you build an audience of thousands or tens of thousands in 48 hours starting from scratch while spending less than $20? We can.  Actually, w​​e are doing it OVER and OVER again right now! We are playing with an incredibly predictable strategy for growing an audience for virtually any product, niche, Merch t-shirt design, private label, FBA product, cause or event.  We spill the beans in this episode and the simplicity of it all will astound you.  Nothing is held back in this episode where Jim and Brett talk about the exact steps they took in the past couple days to get incredible results. This is one episode you'll want to share! Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show  

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Jun 30, 2017

Eric recently left a post in the "Silent Sales Machine" radio Facebook group about his Amazon selling experience and after reading it I knew I had to get him on the show. He's working full time at his real job (that he LOVES) while also selling thousands weekly on Amazon. He uses a very simple wholesale sourcing strategy that has worked eleven of the first twelve times that he used it - and you won't believe how easy it is! He's finding new profitable products constantly!  You'll be encouraged by the simplicity of today's show. This episode is for those who are new AND those who have been around awhile, but are looking for a new simple ideas for locating exciting profitable, easily restocked products to sell online. Please get the show notes at

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Eric's original post on Facebook

Teresa Rose episode of podcast (wholesale strategies from the course): episode #39

RevSeller tool - the $5 book that Eric started with

Jun 27, 2017

Do you have a business that can withstand the "crazy stuff" life throws at you? Have you built margin into your business?  Today I'll talk about the loss of our house a few days ago to a lightening strike fire - but my businesses continues to grow because I follow the 'Silent Sales Machine' business strategies!  I'll also go over the specific three step strategy that will ensure that YOU build a sustainable online based income model as well. Please check out the show notes at


See the fire damage and hear Jim's take on it literally minutes after the fire was put out: Facebook video

The book of how Jim built his multiple income streams:

Jun 27, 2017

2 minute summary: Do you have a business that can withstand the "crazy stuff" life throws at you? We just lost our house to a fire, but everyone is safe, and my business is growing! This show explains why.  There's a full episode near this one where I share the exact strategies I've used - this is only a brief overview to help you decide if you'll listen to the full episode (located right next to this recording). Please check out the show notes at

See the fire damage and hear Jim's take on it literally minutes after the fire was put out: Facebook video

The book of how Jim built his multiple income streams:

Jun 22, 2017

Today one of our rock star coaches from joins Jim to talk about finding opportunities on Amazon! Every day Glyn Kennedy is helping run our 8 figure online and Amazon selling business. Her speciality is our PPI "golden gaps" strategy as discussed in episode #2, episode #16, episode #31 and episode #48 of this podcast.  The big question we discuss today is this, "What products should I sell when I'm getting started selling on Amazon using the PPI strategy?"

My Silent Team Facebook

Jun 19, 2017

What can I find locally and sell online for great profits? Meet Jeff Clark of He is a man on a mission. He lost his wife suddenly a few years ago as they were just beginning to grow an online business together, but Jeff pressed on in spite of losing the love of his life. With the support of his incredible seven children, they've gone on to build an amazingly simple, yet highly profitable business. There are plenty of specific sourcing tips in this episode as Jeff tells stories of his adventures buying locally and selling to the world - all from a town of less than 5,000 people! Jeff's course

The Sourcers Apprentice Facebook Group   Jeff's Facebook Support Group

My Silent Team Facebook

Sourcer’s Apprentice II – Sourcing and Selling Vinyl Albums  Jeff's book


Jun 15, 2017

This is a mini episode dedicated to the topic of Amazon Merch. Amazon Merch is the T-shirt selling service that is an easy add-on income stream for all of us. Recently, on episode 68 we talked about this topic for 80 minutes, but many of you said that it was such a long episode that you never got around to listening to it!  In response, we recorded a super-short episode (this one)​ that will help you decide if this is a topic you should dive into. This is a great episode to share with anyone who is looking for a simple add-on income stream that costs them nothing to start.

Episode #68 is all about merch for 80 minutes!

Details about the program at Amazon - get it free with coupon code word "Chris"

Jun 12, 2017

Would you like some one-on-one help with your business ideas? Let's talk!  Since 2002 my team and I have been helping online entrepreneurs like you build incredible businesses. We have stacks of success stories, and we'd love to tell you more about what you can expect when you call us to talk about it.  Today we meet Jim Cooper who is the director of our consultants and coaches for and we share some great ideas that we are excited about as well as some tips for working with a coach.

Amazon's Reimbursement Guide

Cooper's Greenbay Packers Facebook group (Go Pac Go!)

My Silent Team Facebook

Jun 8, 2017

In this extended episode we talk to a Merch expert as well as a coach in our community who are both very knowledgeable about Merch!  Merch is really heating up and it's a pretty simple biz model too. All you have to do is submit simple t-shirt design ideas to Amazon (free) and they wait for sales to be made. You get paid a nice profit for each sale!  While we don't consider Merch a great income model on its own just yet, we do think it's a great add on stream of income for anyone who wants to dive into custom printed shirts on the number one shirt selling website in the U.S. -!

Merch Informer Tool - Chris' Merch Facebook group
Jun 5, 2017

When Silent Sales Machine Radio first launched we had a contest to see who could refer us the most listeners. As it turned out, Stephen Smotherman, Jordan Malik and Karon Thackston were our top three performers and better yet, each of them are Amazon and online selling experts with some golden tips! In this episode we do a brief interview with each of them and pass the best of their best tips on to you along with some resources from each of them. Enjoy this packed episode guaranteed to entertain and educate! We are so appreciative of the huge support we receive for this show and these three partners lead the charge in helping us launch! Get the show notes at

Resources mentioned:
How to be an affiliate of Jim Cockrum also known as PAC - our 2017 CES event

Stephen Smotherman Interview free email marketing course included with purchase Stephen's blog please use coupon code - silentjim
Camel Camel Camel

Jordan Malik Interview

Karon Thackston Interview
Karon's book Review Advantage
Karon's blog

Jun 1, 2017

Business is booming - and it's all thanks to creative partnerships. Our team is now well over 150 people, and we are finding incredible creative ways to make money together serving our delighted customers with numerous strategies! On top of all that 100's of incredible affiliates are promoting our products and services around the world and getting paid well to do so!  This is a great time to be in the business we are in, and we are looking for even more growth!  This episode goes in depth into the opportunities for you to be a coach, or get coaching, create a course with us, or sell your products with us, become a moderator or write a book with our self publishing team.  You'll also get a peek into my "big picture" biz model that I use every day to grow my multiple income streams.  Even if you are brand new to all of this, you'll enjoy seeing what it looks like to pursue multiple streams of online income for a living - while enjoying flexibility and purpose every step of the way! Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show  - Link to become an affiliate - 100's of 5 star reviews on Amazon - step into the "inner circle" of what we have going on around here

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May 30, 2017

 My partners and I have an 8 figure physical product business online. We could live VERY comfortably ONLY selling stuff to random strangers. Why don't we just do it then? Aren't we inviting competitors when we share our ideas and products publicly? One of the questions we get from time to time from new members of our community is this, "If you are so good at selling why do you teach instead of just selling?"  It's a fair question, and on this episode, I answer all those questions! Get the show notes at


Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Jim's best selling book


May 26, 2017

The Amazon opportunity has NEVER been brighter, nor have the opportunities on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and all other online selling platforms. That being said, there are some areas of caution you should be aware of as a seller.  On this episode we talk with Scott Margolius about the latest Amazon suspension issues.  Scott has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers get back their account after a suspension issue. The success rate is well over 90% in fact! (Our CES event in Orlando)

Scott's blog 

Scott's other recommended resource


Our free Facebook group for online business builders like you: My Silent Team Facebook 

May 23, 2017

Selling physical products online from anywhere in the world DOES NOT mean you are in the business of touching boxes all day! Put down your tape gun and listen up online selling warrior! Today Jim talks to his favorite "Prep Partner".  A prep partner is someone who receives your product and either stores it for you, or ships it to Amazon for you.  For many sellers, this is a service that pays for itself almost instantly while freeing up loads of time for you to do what you do best - instead of spending days playing with box tape! Show notes are at

Bullard's prep center

Our full list of known prep centers (endorsed providers are on top of this list) PDF download

More about the opportunity the Bullards offer


May 15, 2017

 In episode #58 you heard Jim's wife Andrea join him as they discussed building a business while balancing business with family and the other more important parts of life. In that show we emphasized that sometimes only ONE of the two spouses works on the biz while the other does not.  On TODAY's show however we dive deep with a married couple where they both work on the business together! There's an entirely different set of opportunities and challenges with this model, and we have plenty of inspiration for you regardless of your family situation because Larry and Sue Pruett are also coaches! Today's show notes are at

Dream Dating: the Art of Dreaming with your Wife
PROMO code for the book : MSTPOD20 (the site Jim launched with Andrew Cavanagh as mentioned by Sue) - The site Jim is launching with Brett

Mike LeMoine Episode #30: A quick mindset shift that will stuff the wallet of any Amazon or eBay seller course (it's included in the

My Silent Team Facebook Group

May 10, 2017

On today's show Jim's daughter Aven joined him in his office and they recorded a VIDEO as they made this episode. You can get a link to watch the full video in the show notes (listed near this description, or at The video was recorded live in the free Facebook group that accompanies this show. Several business lessons are mixed in with object lessons as Jim and Aven discuss some of the items in "dad's office" with the live viewing audience. You'll see Jim's new private label project, some of the big client products that Jim has worked on, and hear them interact with the live comments left by the Facebook community that joined them.

Watch the video uncut the way it happened:Facebook post - Death Wish Coffee story - our self publishing service books listed on the show: the Bible, then Lapin's "Biz Secrets from the Bible", Aaron Walkers "View from the Top", Ramsby's "A fight to Forgive", and Nancy Alexander's "My Journey through Fibromyalgia"

May 8, 2017

In a continuation of the discussion that they last had in episode #49, Brett and Jim talk about more examples of simple Facebook videos that are growing large prospect lists for all manner of products on Amazon or any other selling platform - even Facebook itself! Show notes are at


Bret mentioned the Cat Mask Video on Facebook

CES event podcast episode #49



May 4, 2017

There's one simple principle that just might be one of the best kept secrets of our success around here. You can call it a "mind hack" if you'd like.  We call it our "F.Y.A." principle. Jim will explain it all in this mini episode.  Without "FYA" your odds of success in ANY online venture are slim, however if you implement FYA you'll be virtually assured of having some degree of success and quite possibly WILD success! This principle explains why we are so excited about things like Amazon, Facebook, growing our audience of text opt-in subscribers and email opt-in subscribers etc.  Applying the FYA principle virtually guarantees you'll succeed to some degree with any and all of your next projects online.​ Show notes are at

Jim's book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group Silent Team Facebook Group

Apr 29, 2017

Today, Jim's wife Andrea joins him on the show and they talk about what it's like to balance the most important relationships in your life while launching, growing and thriving in an home-based internet business. They've been doing just that for 15 years with 5 kids - so I think you'll learn a thing or two from this one. Get ready to meet Jim's better half - this is a  fun episode with plenty of actionable advice for anyone with a family or spouse that is more important to them then their business. Please see the show notes at

Andrea on Facebook:

Andrea's art page:

Jim's personal page on Facebook:

Apr 28, 2017

Today Jim talks to an 8 figure Amazon selling pro who goes to China all the time to source highly profitable products he can resell online and on Amazon. Better yet, Jim's China sourcing expert guest takes others with him to help them find opportunity there as well!  Selling online is a global opportunity, and today we take the complexity out of sourcing internationally!   For a few dollars you could be sourcing and testing product after products on Amazon. Going to China isn't only for those ready to pace big orders! For a few hundred dollars you can easily test out anything!  That's what Shawn does - he'll explain it all in this episode! We'll talk about avoiding counterfeit goods, when to use an agent instead of traveling to China, the success rate you can expect when traveling to China to source and how you can prepare for a trip. This is a packed episode! As always get your show notes at

China Sourcing Trip book link - our upcoming live events

Apr 26, 2017

As a successful and growing online selling warrior you'll probably eventually run into big ugly legal words like trademarks, copyrights and patents. There's no need to be intimidated though! We've got your back and we talk through it in depth in this episode packed full of real examples! The laws in the U.S. are specifically set up to protect free trade and sellers like us, however there are a few things to be aware of. On today's show Jim interviews a lawyer who has worked with over 100 amazon sellers as they've faced questions and legal challenges regarding their products. After this show you'll know when to use a lawyer and when to go it alone! Show notes and more at


Contact Jeff Breloski at 678.667.3491
The website

Trademark database:
Copyright database:

Jim's best selling book:

Apr 24, 2017

You can use fear and uncertainty as tools to GROW your online business (or ANY business for that matter)! Change is inevitable, but the uncertainty of change is universal and inescapable, but it never needs to be paralyzing! Learn to leverage fear and change and make your business grow because of it!  On Amazon, eBay and Facebook for example, there's constant change, but in that change lies MASSIVE opportunity for those who know how to face the uncertainty and thrive anyway!​Show notes at

The Facebook discussion about how cowardice and courage are both contagious!

KJ's rapid seven figure success story Silent Sales Machine Radio' episode #51 - Jim's best selling book

Apr 17, 2017

There are literally millions of products that aren't on Amazon yet that should be for sale there. It's a biz model that's wide open! If you start putting some of those products up for sale on Amazon you will eventually find yourself selling a lot of products at great profits, but you could wind up competing with Amazon as well! We love to see sellers like you approach businesses, wholesalers, product owners and manufacturers and begin selling their products on Amazon - but what if Amazon decides to try to cut you out of the picture and buy direct from the source? On today's show Jim tells you how to compete with Amazon and WIN while finding countless low risk products you can profitably sell on Amazon and numerous other online platforms. Sow notes are found at
My Silent Team Facebook Group - Jim's best selling book course (discussed in SSMR episode #16 and SSMR episode #31) course (discussed in SSMR episode #49)

Apr 11, 2017
A five minute hack that changes everything.  There's a short simple standard you can apply to your life. Let's call it a "hack". If you apply this standard you'll never again waste time or money on a scam or unprofessional "expert" who claims they know how to teach Internet business success.  This is a super short episode, but it will save you potentially years of heartache, and it will put you on the incredible path of success that so many others are already on in our community. Leave us feedback at
Our book/course that has over 1,000 testimonials  &
Our free Facebook group: Silent Team Facebook Group
Apr 6, 2017

Jim's short story today reveals a simple way to put money in the bank fast while skipping all the unnecessary steps that most of us try to add to the process of making money online.   This true story illustrates perfectly how you can begin making a profit online with a scalable business a few hours from now if you want to!
Leave us feedback at
Mar 30, 2017

Private Label success does not have to be complicated!   On this episode Jim talks to a guy who went from virtually broke to a massive seven figure private label success story and he tells you exactly how he did asking good questions!  His product has now been featured on numerous mass-media outlets including Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite Things" list! He even sold 24,000 units in an hour at one point!  This one is guaranteed to inspire you! As always get the show notes at <- get started on Amazon, or grow your amazon business!
Mar 28, 2017

Many of the most critical skills required in order to succeed as an online entrepreneur are actually pounded out of us by a traditional education model!  That's right - your supposed "education" could be directly responsible for keeping you from business success!   Today's show is all about the things that Jim had to unlearn before he could succeed in business.  These thoughts are from the notes Jim is using to write an upcoming book, so please be sure to let us know what you think by visiting and sending us a comment  - you could help shape our next book!

Jim's book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group Silent Team Facebook Group

Mar 27, 2017

We've sold millions of dollars of products in the past few months alone using some very simple strategies that we are going to tell you all about in this episode.  We've looked high and low and no one else is teaching anything remotely like this - probably because it's just not all that complicated!  Today we'll show you how short, simple, unedited videos that are created using any smartphone can lead you to the greatest asset you'll ever have - an audience who wants more!  Once you realize that there's no investment required - the opportunities are endless. Show notes are at

Text the word "jim" to 313131 to stay up to date on the PAF course and learn what we are learning on our projects! No more than two texts per month - opt out anytime.



Mar 22, 2017

Once you know how to identify what shoppers are looking for on Amazon, you'll have a much easier time getting into hot niche markets as a seller!  Today we talk with a guy who helped us build our 8 figure online selling empire! Billy Monnier is a coach with and one of our research experts who has uncovered multiple hot niche markets using our PPI ( system. 

As always, show notes can be found at!

Our PPP course

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


Mar 16, 2017

Today Jim conducted a POWERFUL coaching call and with permission he recorded it for us!   This recording contains everything from specific strategies for Amazon success to email marketing strategies and even an emotionally inspirational success story!  This episode has everything! Inspiration, instruction and a success story that you'll be sharing with your friends later because it's so powerful! For show notes go to 

Raul Jr's book Amazon link

YouTube Video for book promo: YouTube video

The course Raul Jr. took to learn to publish kid's books

The publishing service Jim owns

Proven Private Inventory course

Our email list building course


Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook




Mar 14, 2017
"Hey Jim, Where should I start?!"  There are a lot of scams out there, and we get a lot of burned out and confused biz warriors who stumble into our community with that question on their mind.  In this super short episode Jim responds to the most common question we get in our community.  This isn't complicated - get started now and join the thousands of us in our free Facebook community who are building incredible businesses online - typically starting with Amazon!" As always, get all show notes at
Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Jim's best selling book Silent Sales Machine

Mar 8, 2017

Today Jim spoke with Nathan Hirsch who provides reliable eCommerce workers to hundreds of clients around the world. The topic is finding and hiring great outsource workers to help you grow your business and free up your time!Here are the websites mentioned in today's show:

Nathan's website

Episode 29 Team Building with Brett

Mar 2, 2017

If you've had ANY success in life (or failures!), if you have a story to tell, or if you've overcome any challenges, then you have a book in you!  The greatest business card you can ever have is a book! Today we talk about how easy self publishing has become because of the great tools we now have freely available to us.  There are also some great tips in this episode about growing your following, growing an email list, and marketing virtually any product, course or book the RIGHT way.  As always, show notes are at Guest: Greg Perry of

Show Notes
Grow a mailing list using eBay:
You Tube Video
Greg on CSPAN denouncing the American's with Disabilities Act: CSPAN Video

Feb 27, 2017

Our community has been exploding for the past decade, but we remain very "newbie" friendly. That means we welcome in those who are just getting started building their businesses online!

Today's show is for those who want an overview of what all we have to offer around here in the "Silent Sales Machine" community.

If you only want the free stuff, Jim tells you all about it!
If you are ready to spend a few dollars and check us out, we have a $5 option. If you are ready to go "all in" and become a coaching student with us, we'll talk about that too - and everything in between! Here are the websites mentioned in today's show:

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Jim's best selling book


Proven Private Label course

Also mentioned:

Episode #7 The three models we teach - an overview

Episode #19 If you are starting with no money and need help


Feb 23, 2017

You'll love this short story about giving away a million dollars! Plenty of great lessons in this short, but to the point episode! As always, get all show notes at

Proven Amazon Course

The book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


Feb 21, 2017

Getting started making money selling physical products is easy. Building a sustainable model however requires a roadmap. Today's show is that roadmap based on the experiences we've had coaching literally thousands of online sellers to success.  You'll start out "an inch deep and a mile wide", and if you choose to grow, you'll wind up "specializing" with multiple income streams to show for it! This episode really ties together several lessons from earlier shows - we hope you love it! As always, get all show notes at

30 sources of inventory to sell online (many free!) YouTube video​

Multiple income stream discussions
​Episode #4 Building Multiple Income Streams Online
Episode #7 Only Three Ways
Episode #8 From Losing Their Home to a Multiple Online Stream Income Empire

PPI (keyword research) discussions
Episode #2 How Brett Turned $400 into an 8 Figure Amazon Business
Episode #16 Spend $10 and Uncover Gold Mines
Episode #31 Unless You've Sold Tens of Millions on Amazon in Private Label Listen Up
Episode #32 Everything You Need to Know about Sourcing Wholesale to Sell Online

Episode #6 Making Your First $100 Online
Episode #28 Imagine High Profit Products Flying into Your Life on Autopilot
Episode #5 Is This the Lowest Hanging Fruit Model for Amazon Success?

Silent Sales Machine Book

Sourcing profitable products online

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Show Notes

Feb 15, 2017

It really can be amazingly simple to launch your own branded products (Private Label) on! We've sold a few hundred million dollars of private-label products on Amazon and have also successfully taught many others to do the same. In this show we "tell all!" We've also recently updated our system to cover the whole process. We can say now more than ever (with extreme confidence) that your success in private label doesn't have to be complicated! If you've been listening to the way PL has been taught by most "experts," you've probably overspent, overeducated yourself and gave up frustrated or worse yet lost a pile of cash! End the madness! Today we'll pull back the curtain and expose the simplicity of the PL model - and you'll be kicking yourself for ever thinking it was complex or expensive! As always, get all show notes at

The book Ryan bought for $1500

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook

Show Notes

Feb 13, 2017

Imagine having product after product on Amazon selling steadily at great profits WITHOUT competitors swooping in to crash the pricing!  On today's show Jim invited Teresa Rose, one of the best coaches to the studio to teach us all how to use simple Amazon searches to uncover countless hidden gold mines of opportunity!  We are taking all the guess work and mystery out of sourcing on today's show and we have hundreds of success stories and loads of examples to prove it!  You'll love this one!  As always, get all show notes at

Brett and I talking wholesale PPI episode 32

My Silent Team Facebook group

Merchant Words

The Wholesale Strategy videos from Teresa are in this course!
Proven Amazon Course

Our episode Step Away from the Keyboard SSMR episode 11

Feb 9, 2017

When it comes to the topic of getting suspended on Amazon as a seller, there are a lot of rumors, half-truths and legitimate precautions to consider.

If you'd like to learn how to avoid suspension, how to navigate a suspension if it ever happens, and how to improve your odds of reinstatement, we highly recommend Cynthia's book "Suspension Prevention". You can get a full free copy of the book inside the course, or grab it on Amazon by title.

In this episode we also talk about the new income replacement insurance that we are very excited to introduce to you. Get details here:

As always, get all show notes at

Get the 'Suspension Prevention' book free inside the - our private label course

Get a sample of Cynthia's 'Suspension Prevention' book here:

Feb 8, 2017

Have you ever been worried about your account getting suspended? Stop the worry! You can now insure yourself against income loss if you sell on Amazon (or eBay, Jet, etc.). Today we are talking about a brand new policy for online sellers that is a total NO BRAINER! The price is right, it ends any worry you might have about account loss, and it's easy to apply and get covered fast! Get full details on the policy at As always, show notes at

Join the Facebook discussion about account insurance Members: FREE Suspension Prevention eBook (full version)

FREE Suspension Prevention eBook for everyone (summary version):

Come hang out with Ashlin and Jim sometime if you live near Indianapolis! We have occasional live meetups!
Connect in the Local Facebook Group here.

Feb 6, 2017

Today Jim wants to talk about the most stable business you can possibly have online and he tells you exactly where to start based on having seen thousands of success stories in our community! You can get all show notes at is where you can see the video on how to subscribe

MySilentTeam Facebook Group Jim's $5 book "Silent Sales Machine"

Feb 3, 2017

The world of e-commerce is rapidly changing with opportunity everywhere! Let's hang out today with someone who has traveled the world getting to know Amazon executives and Amazon sellers in a way that gives him a very unique perspective on the future of ecommerce, private label, the impact of China & a whole lot more. We give away some great freebies on this episode today as well with special guest Mr. Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs - enjoy!

– Get Jeff's Free Book Here

Jeff's CES IV Presentation
Traits of a Successful Amazon Seller

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Feb 1, 2017

If you don't truly believe in the work you are doing you aren't alone. 80% of us don't find our work meaningful! Today we show you how to join the 20%! Today we had guest Dan Miller on the line. He's been a big influence on Jim and has helped him make several key decisions. He has also been a keynote speaker at our CES events ( We talk about how to discover your true calling, how to know when you've found it and several other exciting topics that will propel your business forward! One key tip about meaningfully befriending millionaires and working with them is HUGE! Look for it.

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Jan 30, 2017

There's no such thing as a business that is riding along safely at the same level long term. Growth is a vital part of ANY business effort. In this episode Jim dives into 10 of the most exciting things we have planned for you in 2017 to help you grow your online business and add more income streams! Topics discussed include more updates and additions to our best selling course and details about our Sept 2017 live event (Tickets will go on sale in Spring 2017 - Get details at

OfflineBiz Facebook Group

How to join our Affiliate Program

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Jan 26, 2017

We've sold tens of millions of dollars in wholesale goods across numerous product categories on Amazon and eBay. We've also taught thousands how to do it themselves...and it's NOT complicated. Sourcing wholesale is a topic of confusion for many people, but not for those who have our course! In this one episode Brett and Jim take on the challenge of sharing EVERYTHING they know on the topic of wholesale sourcing in a single episode. If that sounds a little far fetched, it means you really need to hear what they have to say!

If you are stuck in "product sourcing mode" or if you think that success on Amazon is all about the constant search for profitable products, think again. It's way easier than that and we have plenty of proof!

As always - show notes are at

Facebook conversation for this episode

Episode 2: How Brett turned $400 into an 8-figure Amazon business

Episode 16: Spend $10 & uncover gold mines. A chat with my 8 figure selling partner Brett Bartlett

Episode 31: Unless you've sold tens of millions in private label on Amazon listen up!


Jan 25, 2017

Have you sold tens of millions of private label products in multiple niche markets on Amazon yet? We have - and it's not complicated. Two of the hottest topics in the online selling world right now are "Private Label" products & the fear of account suspension. Today we put both those issues into perspective. We are so excited about the launch of an insurance policy that provides replacement insurance for any Amazon or online sellers who face a suspension issue! As always - get show notes and other details here:

Account Suspension Insurance Inquiry

Facebook post on Amazon Account Suspension Insurance

Episode #2: How Brett Turned $00 Into An 8-Figure Amazon Business

Episode #16: Spend $10 & Uncover Gold Mines

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Jan 23, 2017

If you know how to sell stuff on Amazon or eBay - or if you have some basic internet business skills, then you are sitting on a gold mine that you probably don't even recognize is there! You see, 98% of the population has no clue about how online business works, but everyone around you KNOWS that online business is the future of commerce. Without building a website, without learning any new "techie" skills and without even getting a business card for yourself you could quickly have paying clients using ONLY the strategies that we teach in this episode. Today Jim invites a friend of his who started on eBay and now has hundreds of paying clients around the world! This is an episode that we probably could have charged a lot of money for! You are going to love it! Special guest: Mike LeMoine - aka Fireman Mike.

Free access to the OfflineBiz Facebook Group – Membership website for marketers to help small businesses

Mike LeMoine's Maverick Web Marketing

Mike's CES IV PresentationHow Local Marketers Hurt Themselves – the book that gets you Jim's $97 email marketing course for free

Jan 20, 2017

If you want a business that is bigger than you are, you are going to need a team. Any business that is a "one man show" is severely limited and easily crushed without notice. Do you have a team yet? Do you know where to start? Do you need help managing your team? This episode is for you. Jim and Brett talk about their 8 figure online business and share what they've learned about building virtual teams in this episode.

It's never too early to start thinking intentionally about your team growth, and it's not expensive at al because the right people make you money - they don't cost you money! The courses & training we talk about in the Silent Sales Machine Radio can easily be passed to qualified partners who do the work for you. You could find yourself growing very rapidly as a result using proven ideas!

PPI LA Workshop

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Jan 18, 2017

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to have high profit products flowing into your Amazon/eBay or online selling business using an automated system?  Today's show guest is my partner Brett Bartlett & we talk about how one of the most reliably high profit margin strategies can be fully automated and exactly what types of items you can be looking for - that are right under your nose!  We are always building better systems around here, so if you like automating your income stick around to the end of this one for some incredible ideas!

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Amazon is shutting down RA & OA! Is it time to panic?

Is this the end of retail arbitrage?

Silent Sales Machine book

Jan 16, 2017

Do you ever feel like there are more opportunities and good business ideas out there than you even have time to investigate? I can help! After helping thousands of entrepreneurs and online business building warriors like you since 2002 we've detected some patterns on how and why many of us wind up on dead ends. Many of us leap before we ask the most important basic questions about all those "good ideas" we run into. Today I have seven basic questions for you - ask them all before you leap!

As always - show notes are at

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

  1. Is this a good fit for your current budget, schedule, talents, experience and connections?
  2. Will you be creatively serving others if you pursue this model? Is it something you’ll be proud to associate with?
  3. Does my spouse or the people who know me best think it’s a good fit for me?
  4. Are there others doing well with this model that I can follow? What’s their success rate? Are they available to answer questions and help me?
  5. Are there major trends or outside forces that make this a good/bad idea?
  6. Can it be expanded, automated or lead to other bigger and better income streams as it grows?
  7. Is the opportunity cost unrealistic? In other words, What do I have to give up to pursue this?
Jan 12, 2017

This episode is a short discussion of 16 of the top moments from our Facebook group in 2016! A link to each of the 16 topics is below for your easy reference (you'll need to join our free facebook group in order to access these links - click any link below to request free access to the group!)

The below notes each have a link to the corresponding discussion mentioned in today's show. Join the discussion on any topic!

1) She announced in 2015 that she would build her Amazon biz and get her first home in 2016- and did it…after being homeless!

2) Our own Michael Brown of Death Wish coffee won a paid in full SUPER BOWL AD yesterday thanks in no small part to the votes of the MySilentTeam Facebook community! Full story at

3) If a disabled single mom with $200 and some junk in the garage can do this, so can you!! Lisa has kept us up to date this year on “her story” It’s worth the read….all 5 “Chapters”

part 1 – Jan 2016

part 2 – March 2016

part 3 – August 2016

part 4 – September 2016

Part 5 – December 2016

4) A friend in the UK shares how he finds stuff to sell online for nice profits:

5) A member thanks the MST community and shares what they were able to do for Christmas because of the biz strategies they learned here:

6) He is my heart, my purpose, my motivation, 16 years old, autistic, non verbal. I need to leave him a large trust fund.”

7) How I do my wholesale planning – Everything I plan to buy from a supplier I map it out into a spreadsheet like this so I know what to expect after the product has been ordered.

8) I just bought $500+ worth of stuff that will easily flip to $1000 net within a couple months. This happened about an hour ago. For those who say RA is hard, I gotta ask… Compared to what?

9)This simple report can be pulled down in a matter of seconds from Amazon and you can know what the “MOST VIEWED” items are among the hundreds or even thousands of items you’ve sold on Amazon.

10) Silent Sales Machine Radio podcast launched in 2016! Jim was asked to be the first ever keynote speaker at ASD in 2016. We recorded it and made it the opening episode of our new podcast at The show passed the 100K download mark in just over 6 weeks!

11) Would you like to be set for life with a business model that will ALWAYS be vital, scalable and profitable? It’s this simple: Find products that become more valuable by merely moving them from a place of slow movement and low value to a different location where they are more highly valued and/or moving more quickly.

12) Popular discussion about opening a wholesale account:

13) The best 15 second “Amazon private label” advice ANYONE has EVER given you in three steps:

14) A discussion about our coaching program. “I am considering using Jim Cockrum’s coaching program. If anyone has or is using this program, would you tell me of your experience with it?”
(also listen to podcast episode #13 to help decide if you need coaching)

15) The best advice I would give to someone starting to explore earning income online is (great community participation on this one!):

16) An email we received after one member noticed another member in need of a boost:
“I am not rolling in cash but I feel moved to offer to buy the PAC for ***** please – and my only request is that they Pay it forward sometime in the future – i do not want them to know who I am.”

UPDATE: The “stranger/student” WENT TO WORK and then WENT PUBLIC as he posted his results! He’s doing great (proof below) & we invited the “giver” to attend our live 2016 CES event free. She came! All the way from Ireland!

Jan 10, 2017

What are the key traits we've observed over and over again among those who continue to grow their online businesses consistently to new levels? Is there any such thing as "enough success" in an online business where you can simply coast and relax? What does each stage look like as your business grows and what does it take to get to each new level?

Jim talks about all that and more in this episode!

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Amazon is shutting down RA & OA! Is it time to panic?

Is this the end of retail arbitrage?

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CES V Conference – Orlando 2017

Jan 5, 2017

Jim credits a handful of mentors for his business success. In these two episodes Jim spends time with someone who has arguably shaped his business philosophy more than any other mentor. Today the guest is Jim's favorite living author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Lapin regularly consults with everyone from large multi-million dollar corporations to small businesses who recognize his incredible ability to apply timeless truth to virtually any business or life challenge. Jim's two all time favorite business books are the Bible (the best selling book in world history!), and Lapin's book "Business Secrets From The Bible". Regardless of your worldview, you'll enjoy listening as Rabbi Lapin and Jim dive into topics related to Internet business strategy and how to virtually guarantee success as an entrepreneur in all areas of life.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin's store: – discount code "cockrum" to save 20%

The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show

Optimism episode

Business Secrets From The Bible (Amazon affiliate link)

MySilentTeam world map

Jim's Indianapolis area local meet up group on Facebook

Jan 5, 2017

Jim credits a handful of mentors for his business success. In these two episodes Jim spends time with someone who has arguably shaped his business philosophy more than any other mentor. Today the guest is Jim's favorite living author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Lapin regularly consults with everyone from large multi-million dollar corporations to small businesses who recognize his incredible ability to apply timeless truth to virtually any business or life challenge. Jim's two all time favorite business books are the Bible (the best selling book in world history!), and Lapin's book "Business Secrets From The Bible". Regardless of your worldview, you'll enjoy listening as Rabbi Lapin and Jim dive into topics related to Internet business strategy and how to virtually guarantee success as an entrepreneur in all areas of life.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin's store: – discount code "cockrum" to save 20%

The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show

Optimism episode

Business Secrets From The Bible (Amazon affiliate link)

MySilentTeam world map

Jim's Indianapolis area local meet up group on Facebook

Jan 3, 2017

Email marketing is boring old news to some, but it's the CORE of success for all of my top clients and my own multiple income stream businesses. My partner is growing multiple HUGE mailing lists right now and we've never stopped loving email! One of my clients just had a $1million week and credits email! If you don't have an email list tied to your online business then you have a business that could possibly vanish in an instant. The most valuable asset you can ever have is a list of people who WANT to hear from you and it's not complicated to get started. It's not nearly as much work as you might be thinking either! No matter what business you are in off or online, you need to be thinking about email marketing. Don't be nervous about getting dropped by eBay, Google, Facebook or Amazon. Grow your own audience! Let's talk about it.

Email list growth using eBay
$97 on website, FREE with purchase of Silent Sales Machine (affiliate link)

BONUS INFO: How to start your email list WITHOUT a website (YouTube video).

Jan 2, 2017

Is the act of buying widgets for $10 and selling them for $80 a MORAL and valuable service or not? It's certainly one of the lowest hanging fruit business models of our time and many people in our community are succeeding wildly with this model, but is "buying low and selling high online" a VIRTUOUS business model or is it "price gouging"? Let's talk about it! (for details on this biz model see episode #6)

Is this the end of retail arbitrage?

Amazon is shutting down RA & OA! Is it panic time?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin Podcast

Come discuss this episode with Jim and SSMR community on FB here

Dec 30, 2016

In part one of this topic (episode #17) we talked a lot about how to AVOID buying bad inventory for resell online. In part II we dive deeper into how to MOVE inventory that you purchased and now have a hard time moving.

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Learn to sell on Facebook marketplace – 3-minute video
Facebook discussion on the FB marketplace opportunity.

Connect with Others On The MySilentTeam World Map

Dec 28, 2016

We've all been there at some point. More time than money. Can you still build an internet business if you are broke? Yes you can and Jim has six specific business strategies for you in this one! Even if you have some cash in the bank, you should check this one out! You'll find some very creative investment opportunities in this creativity packed episode! Don't forget - show notes are always at

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Learn to sell on Facebook marketplace – 3-minute video

Learn to sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world – 8-minute video

Dec 26, 2016

How do you ensure that you invest in ONLY the training, experts, events and courses that will take your business in the right direction? There's one simple test you can use that will help you avoid making a series of horrible decisions when it comes to your online business building adventure. In this mini episode Jim explains why just about every hyped up expensive expert course you've ever bought or considered buying was a total waste of money and he reveals how you can EASILY know well in advance who the good guys are and who the money grubbing scammers are. Show notes as always at

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Silent Sales Machine ebook

Dec 23, 2016

What are the tricks for selling a bulk load of inventory that is moving too slowly on Amazon? I get asked this question a lot - and I always give the same answer. It can be painful to hear, but remember - I only say it because I love you!

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3 minute Facebook marketplace video

Amazon report for "sessions":
>Click on Reports
>Business Reports
>"Detail Page Sales and Traffic"
Then sort by sessions to see what's in your inventory.

Discuss this report strategy with others here: (the best keyword training in the world for Amazon is the PPI module in this course) Need help moving your inventory? Need help getting started? We can help!

Dec 21, 2016

In this episode Brett and Jim talk about the simple strategies he's using to grow massive email lists and sell thousands of units of numerous private label products. They've had multiple six figure days this Q4 and the lessons are abundant in this episode. They talk about how specialization leads to multiple income streams, a glimpse of the future of e-commerce, the simplicity of Facebook video, their upcoming live event in LA (, why email marketing still rules, and towards the end of the show some facts that every Amazon/eBay seller needs to know about selling on!

In other words, this episode is packed with great advice!

MySilentTeam Facebook Group book

Dec 19, 2016

In today's show Jim explores the five fundamental concepts that you'll need to grasp in order to build an multiple income streams empire online.  Grasping the power of even one or two of these concepts will help you go further fasters, but if you get all five down pat, you'll be unstoppable. It's not complex, but it is a different way of seeing online opportunities.  Let's explore these five ideas:  "Only do what only you can do", the "Find your audience first" principle, "Finding the right partners", "The power of email marketing" and "The power of simple video."

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Dec 18, 2016

Having investment funds is NOT a requirement of online business success. In fact, many of the most compelling success stories from our community are the stories of those who overcame incredibly difficult financial circumstances in order to succeed and we gave them the SAME advice as we did to our students with ample cash on hand! So what is needed in order to build a great business online? Is it education, experience, gender or something else? Let's talk about it!

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Dec 14, 2016

Today you'll meet the man who has been the director of the coaching program for 14 years - Mr. Nathan Bailey.  Together, Nathan and Jim have coached 1,000's of clients and businesses on strategies for Internet business success.

They'll discuss the future trends that they see coming in the short and long term as well as some of the specific strategies being used NOW by their most successful students.

Your mindset matters in this business, and you should find yourself feeling VERY optimistic after this episode!

Is This The End of Retail Arbitrage? (article)


How To Use Facebook Marketplace in 3 Minutes

US Census Report >9% of retail is online

Dec 12, 2016

This short episode is for the desperate and the doubters. Jim hits you with just the facts and it doesn't take long to make his point.  There is clear and compelling evidence that online Ecommerce is still in its infancy. Those wanting to get in on this mega-trend have never had a better window of opportunity.  The next decade will be the decade of the Ecommerce explosion - the signs are everywhere. It's time to get in on it!

Where should I start post in our free Facebook group:
US Census data proving that online shopping is in its infancy:
The BEST course to get started:
Dec 9, 2016

In this episode Jim talks about specific strategies for moving your business forward fast with the power of intentional relationships. Listen up biz builder - this isn't a fluff episode these are specific, simple strategies that if ignored WILL cost you dearly. I'd estimate that 90% of all online entrepreneurs are doing it wrong when it comes to building the proper relationships with the right people - and Jim wants to help set things straight!

Speed of Relationships Blog post:
- calendar scheduling software

Two Great Questions:
- What are you working on?
- How can I help?

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Dec 8, 2016

Regardless of where you live, your business background or experience you can and should be selling physical product online. It's a virtually risk free model when done correctly, and there are no excuses! Let's talk about it!

Prep Centers
- Prep center inquiry
- Prep-fulfillment Center List

Facebook Group

PPI Podcast episode with Brett Bartlett

Dec 2, 2016

Imagine having your product featured in front of the largest TV audience ever assembled for a single TV show! My mastermind student Mike had that happen to him - and it wasn't an accident! This is the story of Mike Brown of Death Wish Coffee ( - and you'll love the lessons we can pull out of his big adventure that just keeps getting better! – full story of Death Wish Coffee

Super Bowl Commercial on YouTube

Dec 1, 2016

One of the exciting success stories to come out of the 'Silent Sales Machine' community is the story of Jason and Cinnamon Miles. They started out on eBay selling a simple product, and they've now built a virtual online empire. Prepare to be inspired, challenged and equipped for multiple income stream success after hearing this episode!
–CES Conference & other live events website
– $97 course – FREE to those who purchase the Silent Sales Machine book

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Want to hear more from Jason?
Here's his last presentation at our live event in late 2016 – click here.

Nov 25, 2016

I've been teaching online business success strategies since 2000 and I've figured something out. There are only THREE ways to make money online -and there's ONE great way to tell if ANY business idea is potentially a winning idea. Enjoy this "mini" episode that could save you from a lot of trouble, and help you build incredible income streams while leading a better life! buy the Kindle version on Amazon for $5

Nov 22, 2016

If you are new to making money online, or if you've tried and failed so far, this episode is for you. Our goal together is simple. Together we WILL put $100 profit in the bank! If you want more detail on any of this after listening, please email us and we'll get you help!

Part 1: Where NOT to start 0:00

Part 2: Why listen to my team and I? 39:00

Part 3: Let's put some cash in the bank! 45:07

Silent Sales Machine – the book that launched this podcast. It's only $5 on Amazon here

Email marketing - Our email course is FREE if you purchase Jim's "Silent Sales Machine" book! - one of Jim's favorite email marketing tools that he's used for years

Nov 17, 2016

We are excited about a course we created with book selling pro Bryan Young! Bryan's business is so impressive because it's FULLY AUTOMATED - most days his only "work" is that he checks his sales numbers! Listen to this podcast as Bryan inspires and informs you about the huge opportunity of selling books on Amazon.

Nov 12, 2016

In this episode Jim sets the record straight about what it looks like to build multiple income streams online. He also reveals who should be doing it, and the risks involved for those who don't. He also shares several examples of those doing it well.

Talk to us about one-on-one coaching?

Amazon suspension concerns? Check out

Our live events:

Our best selling Amazon course:

Our rapidly growing MySilentTeam Facebook group

Nov 9, 2016

In our opening episode we present Jim's recent keynote address from a 2016 conference. The ASD conference where he spoke is one of the largest U.S. trade shows which attracts tens of thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world, but they had never had a keynote address. Jim was honored to be invited to be the first! These tips and strategies will introduce you a bit to the way Jim's mind works. The audio isn't the best, but we thought you'd enjoy hearing Jim interact with an audience of business owners as our pilot episode. Get the show notes at

Nov 9, 2016

How did Brett go from $400 in "start-up" money to an 8-figure Amazon business in about 4 years? He figured out how to get Amazon to tell him what people were wanting, but could not find - the "golden gap" that Brett fills. He is now teaching others to follow his system with great success. Listen and learn about this amazing strategy.

Chuck bet $5,000 Brett wasn't selling $1,000 per day

MySilentTeam Facebook Group

Nov 9, 2016 - Jim's book with 101 free ways to market any business - the simple strategy Jim's client Mike used to go from "unknown" to "household name" - the book that launched this podcast. It's only $5 on Amazon here

Email marketing - Our email course is FREE if you purchase Jim's "Silent Sales Machine" book! - one of Jim's favorite email marketing tools that he's used for years

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