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Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's recently updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched countless success stories. Are you next? This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing. Bio:
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Jun 19, 2017

What can I find locally and sell online for great profits? Meet Jeff Clark of He is a man on a mission. He lost his wife suddenly a few years ago as they were just beginning to grow an online business together, but Jeff pressed on in spite of losing the love of his life. With the support of his incredible seven children, they've gone on to build an amazingly simple, yet highly profitable business. There are plenty of specific sourcing tips in this episode as Jeff tells stories of his adventures buying locally and selling to the world - all from a town of less than 5,000 people! Jeff's course

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Sourcer’s Apprentice II – Sourcing and Selling Vinyl Albums  Jeff's book


Jun 15, 2017

This is a mini episode dedicated to the topic of Amazon Merch. Amazon Merch is the T-shirt selling service that is an easy add-on income stream for all of us. Recently, on episode 68 we talked about this topic for 80 minutes, but many of you said that it was such a long episode that you never got around to listening to it!  In response, we recorded a super-short episode (this one)​ that will help you decide if this is a topic you should dive into. This is a great episode to share with anyone who is looking for a simple add-on income stream that costs them nothing to start.

Episode #68 is all about merch for 80 minutes!

Details about the program at Amazon - get it free with coupon code word "Chris"

Jun 12, 2017

Would you like some one-on-one help with your business ideas? Let's talk!  Since 2002 my team and I have been helping online entrepreneurs like you build incredible businesses. We have stacks of success stories, and we'd love to tell you more about what you can expect when you call us to talk about it.  Today we meet Jim Cooper who is the director of our consultants and coaches for and we share some great ideas that we are excited about as well as some tips for working with a coach.

Amazon's Reimbursement Guide

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Jun 8, 2017

In this extended episode we talk to a Merch expert as well as a coach in our community who are both very knowledgeable about Merch!  Merch is really heating up and it's a pretty simple biz model too. All you have to do is submit simple t-shirt design ideas to Amazon (free) and they wait for sales to be made. You get paid a nice profit for each sale!  While we don't consider Merch a great income model on its own just yet, we do think it's a great add on stream of income for anyone who wants to dive into custom printed shirts on the number one shirt selling website in the U.S. -!

Merch Informer Tool - Chris' Merch Facebook group
Jun 5, 2017

When Silent Sales Machine Radio first launched we had a contest to see who could refer us the most listeners. As it turned out, Stephen Smotherman, Jordan Malik and Karon Thackston were our top three performers and better yet, each of them are Amazon and online selling experts with some golden tips! In this episode we do a brief interview with each of them and pass the best of their best tips on to you along with some resources from each of them. Enjoy this packed episode guaranteed to entertain and educate! We are so appreciative of the huge support we receive for this show and these three partners lead the charge in helping us launch! Get the show notes at

Resources mentioned:
How to be an affiliate of Jim Cockrum also known as PAC - our 2017 CES event

Stephen Smotherman Interview free email marketing course included with purchase Stephen's blog please use coupon code - silentjim
Camel Camel Camel

Jordan Malik Interview

Karon Thackston Interview
Karon's book Review Advantage
Karon's blog

Jun 1, 2017

Business is booming - and it's all thanks to creative partnerships. Our team is now well over 150 people, and we are finding incredible creative ways to make money together serving our delighted customers with numerous strategies! On top of all that 100's of incredible affiliates are promoting our products and services around the world and getting paid well to do so!  This is a great time to be in the business we are in, and we are looking for even more growth!  This episode goes in depth into the opportunities for you to be a coach, or get coaching, create a course with us, or sell your products with us, become a moderator or write a book with our self publishing team.  You'll also get a peek into my "big picture" biz model that I use every day to grow my multiple income streams.  Even if you are brand new to all of this, you'll enjoy seeing what it looks like to pursue multiple streams of online income for a living - while enjoying flexibility and purpose every step of the way! Please visit http://SilentJim/podcast to get the show notes for today's show  - Link to become an affiliate - 100's of 5 star reviews on Amazon - step into the "inner circle" of what we have going on around here

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May 30, 2017

 My partners and I have an 8 figure physical product business online. We could live VERY comfortably ONLY selling stuff to random strangers. Why don't we just do it then? Aren't we inviting competitors when we share our ideas and products publicly? One of the questions we get from time to time from new members of our community is this, "If you are so good at selling why do you teach instead of just selling?"  It's a fair question, and on this episode, I answer all those questions! Get the show notes at


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Jim's best selling book


May 26, 2017

The Amazon opportunity has NEVER been brighter, nor have the opportunities on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and all other online selling platforms. That being said, there are some areas of caution you should be aware of as a seller.  On this episode we talk with Scott Margolius about the latest Amazon suspension issues.  Scott has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers get back their account after a suspension issue. The success rate is well over 90% in fact! (Our CES event in Orlando)

Scott's blog 

Scott's other recommended resource


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May 23, 2017

Selling physical products online from anywhere in the world DOES NOT mean you are in the business of touching boxes all day! Put down your tape gun and listen up online selling warrior! Today Jim talks to his favorite "Prep Partner".  A prep partner is someone who receives your product and either stores it for you, or ships it to Amazon for you.  For many sellers, this is a service that pays for itself almost instantly while freeing up loads of time for you to do what you do best - instead of spending days playing with box tape! Show notes are at

Bullard's prep center

Our full list of known prep centers (endorsed providers are on top of this list) PDF download

More about the opportunity the Bullards offer


May 15, 2017

 In episode #58 you heard Jim's wife Andrea join him as they discussed building a business while balancing business with family and the other more important parts of life. In that show we emphasized that sometimes only ONE of the two spouses works on the biz while the other does not.  On TODAY's show however we dive deep with a married couple where they both work on the business together! There's an entirely different set of opportunities and challenges with this model, and we have plenty of inspiration for you regardless of your family situation because Larry and Sue Pruett are also coaches! Today's show notes are at

Dream Dating: the Art of Dreaming with your Wife
PROMO code for the book : MSTPOD20 (the site Jim launched with Andrew Cavanagh as mentioned by Sue) - The site Jim is launching with Brett

Mike LeMoine Episode #30: A quick mindset shift that will stuff the wallet of any Amazon or eBay seller course (it's included in the

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May 10, 2017

On today's show Jim's daughter Aven joined him in his office and they recorded a VIDEO as they made this episode. You can get a link to watch the full video in the show notes (listed near this description, or at The video was recorded live in the free Facebook group that accompanies this show. Several business lessons are mixed in with object lessons as Jim and Aven discuss some of the items in "dad's office" with the live viewing audience. You'll see Jim's new private label project, some of the big client products that Jim has worked on, and hear them interact with the live comments left by the Facebook community that joined them.

Watch the video uncut the way it happened:Facebook post - Death Wish Coffee story - our self publishing service books listed on the show: the Bible, then Lapin's "Biz Secrets from the Bible", Aaron Walkers "View from the Top", Ramsby's "A fight to Forgive", and Nancy Alexander's "My Journey through Fibromyalgia"

May 8, 2017

In a continuation of the discussion that they last had in episode #49, Brett and Jim talk about more examples of simple Facebook videos that are growing large prospect lists for all manner of products on Amazon or any other selling platform - even Facebook itself! Show notes are at


Bret mentioned the Cat Mask Video on Facebook

CES event podcast episode #49



May 4, 2017

There's one simple principle that just might be one of the best kept secrets of our success around here. You can call it a "mind hack" if you'd like.  We call it our "F.Y.A." principle. Jim will explain it all in this mini episode.  Without "FYA" your odds of success in ANY online venture are slim, however if you implement FYA you'll be virtually assured of having some degree of success and quite possibly WILD success! This principle explains why we are so excited about things like Amazon, Facebook, growing our audience of text opt-in subscribers and email opt-in subscribers etc.  Applying the FYA principle virtually guarantees you'll succeed to some degree with any and all of your next projects online.​ Show notes are at

Jim's book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group Silent Team Facebook Group

Apr 29, 2017

Today, Jim's wife Andrea joins him on the show and they talk about what it's like to balance the most important relationships in your life while launching, growing and thriving in an home-based internet business. They've been doing just that for 15 years with 5 kids - so I think you'll learn a thing or two from this one. Get ready to meet Jim's better half - this is a  fun episode with plenty of actionable advice for anyone with a family or spouse that is more important to them then their business. Please see the show notes at

Andrea on Facebook:

Andrea's art page:

Jim's personal page on Facebook:

Apr 28, 2017

Today Jim talks to an 8 figure Amazon selling pro who goes to China all the time to source highly profitable products he can resell online and on Amazon. Better yet, Jim's China sourcing expert guest takes others with him to help them find opportunity there as well!  Selling online is a global opportunity, and today we take the complexity out of sourcing internationally!   For a few dollars you could be sourcing and testing product after products on Amazon. Going to China isn't only for those ready to pace big orders! For a few hundred dollars you can easily test out anything!  That's what Shawn does - he'll explain it all in this episode! We'll talk about avoiding counterfeit goods, when to use an agent instead of traveling to China, the success rate you can expect when traveling to China to source and how you can prepare for a trip. This is a packed episode! As always get your show notes at

China Sourcing Trip book link - our upcoming live events

Apr 26, 2017

As a successful and growing online selling warrior you'll probably eventually run into big ugly legal words like trademarks, copyrights and patents. There's no need to be intimidated though! We've got your back and we talk through it in depth in this episode packed full of real examples! The laws in the U.S. are specifically set up to protect free trade and sellers like us, however there are a few things to be aware of. On today's show Jim interviews a lawyer who has worked with over 100 amazon sellers as they've faced questions and legal challenges regarding their products. After this show you'll know when to use a lawyer and when to go it alone! Show notes and more at


Contact Jeff Breloski at 678.667.3491
The website

Trademark database:
Copyright database:

Jim's best selling book:

Apr 24, 2017

You can use fear and uncertainty as tools to GROW your online business (or ANY business for that matter)! Change is inevitable, but the uncertainty of change is universal and inescapable, but it never needs to be paralyzing! Learn to leverage fear and change and make your business grow because of it!  On Amazon, eBay and Facebook for example, there's constant change, but in that change lies MASSIVE opportunity for those who know how to face the uncertainty and thrive anyway!​Show notes at

The Facebook discussion about how cowardice and courage are both contagious!

KJ's rapid seven figure success story Silent Sales Machine Radio' episode #51 - Jim's best selling book

Apr 17, 2017

There are literally millions of products that aren't on Amazon yet that should be for sale there. It's a biz model that's wide open! If you start putting some of those products up for sale on Amazon you will eventually find yourself selling a lot of products at great profits, but you could wind up competing with Amazon as well! We love to see sellers like you approach businesses, wholesalers, product owners and manufacturers and begin selling their products on Amazon - but what if Amazon decides to try to cut you out of the picture and buy direct from the source? On today's show Jim tells you how to compete with Amazon and WIN while finding countless low risk products you can profitably sell on Amazon and numerous other online platforms. Sow notes are found at
My Silent Team Facebook Group - Jim's best selling book course (discussed in SSMR episode #16 and SSMR episode #31) course (discussed in SSMR episode #49)

Apr 11, 2017
A five minute hack that changes everything.  There's a short simple standard you can apply to your life. Let's call it a "hack". If you apply this standard you'll never again waste time or money on a scam or unprofessional "expert" who claims they know how to teach Internet business success.  This is a super short episode, but it will save you potentially years of heartache, and it will put you on the incredible path of success that so many others are already on in our community. Leave us feedback at
Our book/course that has over 1,000 testimonials  &
Our free Facebook group: Silent Team Facebook Group
Apr 6, 2017

Jim's short story today reveals a simple way to put money in the bank fast while skipping all the unnecessary steps that most of us try to add to the process of making money online.   This true story illustrates perfectly how you can begin making a profit online with a scalable business a few hours from now if you want to!
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Mar 30, 2017

Private Label success does not have to be complicated!   On this episode Jim talks to a guy who went from virtually broke to a massive seven figure private label success story and he tells you exactly how he did asking good questions!  His product has now been featured on numerous mass-media outlets including Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite Things" list! He even sold 24,000 units in an hour at one point!  This one is guaranteed to inspire you! As always get the show notes at <- get started on Amazon, or grow your amazon business!
Mar 28, 2017

Many of the most critical skills required in order to succeed as an online entrepreneur are actually pounded out of us by a traditional education model!  That's right - your supposed "education" could be directly responsible for keeping you from business success!   Today's show is all about the things that Jim had to unlearn before he could succeed in business.  These thoughts are from the notes Jim is using to write an upcoming book, so please be sure to let us know what you think by visiting and sending us a comment  - you could help shape our next book!

Jim's book Silent Sales Machine

Our free Facebook group Silent Team Facebook Group

Mar 27, 2017

We've sold millions of dollars of products in the past few months alone using some very simple strategies that we are going to tell you all about in this episode.  We've looked high and low and no one else is teaching anything remotely like this - probably because it's just not all that complicated!  Today we'll show you how short, simple, unedited videos that are created using any smartphone can lead you to the greatest asset you'll ever have - an audience who wants more!  Once you realize that there's no investment required - the opportunities are endless. Show notes are at

Text the word "jim" to 313131 to stay up to date on the PAF course and learn what we are learning on our projects! No more than two texts per month - opt out anytime.



Mar 22, 2017

Once you know how to identify what shoppers are looking for on Amazon, you'll have a much easier time getting into hot niche markets as a seller!  Today we talk with a guy who helped us build our 8 figure online selling empire! Billy Monnier is a coach with and one of our research experts who has uncovered multiple hot niche markets using our PPI ( system. 

As always, show notes can be found at!

Our PPP course

Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


Mar 16, 2017

Today Jim conducted a POWERFUL coaching call and with permission he recorded it for us!   This recording contains everything from specific strategies for Amazon success to email marketing strategies and even an emotionally inspirational success story!  This episode has everything! Inspiration, instruction and a success story that you'll be sharing with your friends later because it's so powerful! For show notes go to 

Raul Jr's book Amazon link

YouTube Video for book promo: YouTube video

The course Raul Jr. took to learn to publish kid's books

The publishing service Jim owns

Proven Private Inventory course

Our email list building course


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